Aquarius and Leo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Aquarius and Leo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?


What makes the friendship between the Leo and the Aquarius so exciting? Could Aquarius and Leo possibly be best friends? How is the friendship quotient between them? What do they like and dislike about each other's behaviors and personalities? Astrology has a lot to reveal about that! Read along to have an in-depth understanding of the friendship compatibility of Leo and Aquarius.

Are Aquarius and Leo good friends?

Aquarius and Leo are brimming with energy and it is so easy to notice the spotlight they receive when they are together. They are playful, seeking adventure and fun in their endeavors. Aquarius is the go-getter of the zodiac, always fighting for a bigger cause. The fire sign Leo exudes warmth and generosity.

Leo and Aquarius are visionaries and when both work in union, there are greater possibilities of accomplishing major goals. They share deep appreciation and care despite some conflicts brewing around. They could help balance each other out and provide much needed support when they fall on hard times. The energy around them is never stagnant and this ensures much needed relief from the monotony that both might get sucked into when away from each other.

They both value loyalty above everything else. When either of them are hurt, they withdraw and put on a pretentious mask to prove their indifference to the internal pain. They might also have trouble accepting the hard reality. They are perfectly capable of defending each other before a common enemy as they value their friendships and strive to improve the lives of others. If they can successfully keep the negativity at bay, it is a friendship that’s worth all the time and effort.

What does Leo like about Aquarius?

The innovativeness and courage to think out of the box is quite a fascinating trait of the Aquarius which impresses Leo quite easily. Air signs are generally packed with knowledge and their ability to stimulate someone mentally is a quality that’s hard to ignore. Leo is no exception to this. Leo sees through the intelligence of Aquarius and draws inspiration from their “big-picture attitude”.

As the Aquarius belongs to the air element, it fans the flames of the Leo to bring forth a perennial supply of energy and vigor in their ambitions. The originality of a thought that the Aquarius ideates add momentum to the dreams of Leo making them great team mates, if not leaders. Leo is floored by the intellect of Aquarius and their conversations never lack excitement. Aquarius likes to help their people and especially when they see potential.

The Aquarius can shut out negative emotions of jealousy and hence don't mind seeking their Leo friends shine. Leo values freedom and the space which Aquarius offers which helps them manage other priorities in life. Aquarius is outrightly blunt and Leo honors truth above all else. With a person who minces no words, it could build more transparency in their bond.

What does Aquarius like about Leo?

Leo personifies strength and confidence which are quite likeable personality traits to the Aquarius Zodiac sign. The friendliness of Leo is quite welcoming for the Aquarius to open up. The regality, charisma and power of a Leo is all so evident that the Aquarius might benefit immensely by using it to their advantage.

Leos can keep their promises and would never bail out when their friends need them. Leo is a generous soul and their ability to move to great lengths to see their loved ones happy makes them a force to reckon with. When Aquarius hits rock bottom, they wouldn't have difficulty in opening up to Leo who provides them a safe zone to vent out their emotions (while it remains hidden from the world).

The creativity of the Leo native never makes for a boring day and even amidst stagnation they have the ability to have fun. If a Leo is truly cared for, he will reflect the same back and perhaps more. This makes Aquarius happy because they crave the company of those who have their best interests.

Leo is a social animal and their company allows Aquarius to meet new people and discuss ideas and interests to expand themselves. Leo never fails to appreciate that which wins his heart and when Aquarius feels genuine respect, they cling to tight those dear friends.

Leo and Aquarius differences

This is a combination of zodiac signs that has more common characteristics than differences. However, the very nature of their differences can put them at loggerheads. Being at the opposite sides of the zodiac wheel, they see through each other quite well and if they work on the problems and prevent the scattering of their energies, it could birth a beautiful friendship. Arguments may be common given their need to stand out and prove themselves right. They will fight each other in order to establish their independence and individuality.

Both value the ideals of openness and freedom which could work to their detriment. The Leo man has a tendency of exercising his dark traits of control and suspicion that eat through the foundation of their connection. Aquarius could possibly display detachment and aloofness which is quite disturbing for Leo who fails to understand the disconnect.

The inability of Aquarius to bring their lofty ideals to fruition could be disappointing for Leo who is an action-oriented sign of the zodiac in astrology. On the other hand, the Aquarius may find the attention seeking need of the Leo to be quite problematic. Also, Aquarius would forcibly try and make mountains out of a molehill just so that they could stand out from the crowd. This does seem hypocritical to Leo who can smell sinister designs from a distance.

Leo needs to be pacified, showered with compliments and this stroking of a fragile ego is quite draining for Aquarius who has quite a lot going on mentally to accomplish. The latter couldn’t care less about the opinion of others. It is easy for Leo to come across as superficial and boastful to Aquarius. Building of trust could be a challenge if both fail to drop their pride. The emotional needs of Leo is quite difficult to satisfy for the Aquarius who is caught up in their rationality and an analytical bent of mind. The lack of emotional reciprocity and vulnerability of the Aquarius is a weakness in the eyes of Leo.

While they may instantly connect, when they are apart they do see through the weaknesses in the foundation of their friendship. No two companions are perfect and if they are determined enough to let go of what’s missing and focus on all the positives that exist, this friendship will shine through the darkest days.


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