Aries Man in Bed: How to Turn Him On & Make Him Crazy?

Aries Man in Bed: How to Turn Him On & Make Him Crazy?


The Aries man loves confident women who aren't afraid to speak their minds. They have dark fantasies and when they fall for you, they could find it difficult to keep their hands off you.

So, what is an Aries man attracted to? How to seduce and please an Aries man in bed? Which zodiac signs are sexually compatible with the Aries man?

Here are few things which will help you attract an Aries man in bed, turn him on and drive him crazy!

Aries man sexuality traits

Aries is passionate, energetic and competitive. If your Aries man likes you, you'll feel an intense sexual energy around him from the first night. They like to take charge and accomplish their goals. This is a sign that is a bit aggressive and impulsive. They may also throw a fit of rage if they are disrespected or disregarded in their relationship.

An Aries man does not mind experimenting with their sex life. The men born under the Aries Zodiac sign are indeed insanely curious individuals. They dislike a monotonous routine for a spicy sex life is what they desire from their partner. As soon as boredom creeps in, the Aries man will rush out to greener pastures.

Aries men have the capacity to give their partners a great sexual experience. It does not matter whether this is a fling or a serious relationship. They are givers and enjoy being on the top when they make love. Sex is important for the Aries natives.

Aries males need to feel the excitement in their relationships or they could be turned off quickly. They want to accomplish a lot in little time and hence, they could act hastily. Aries men love to leave an impression on their mates each time they get intimate.

What does the Aries man like in bed?

Aries is one of the kinkiest signs of the Zodiac.

They will easily give up if they have to deal with a boring partner between the sheets. Give them "vanilla" sex and they will bail out.

They do have the potential to be promiscuous if they are dissatisfied. But once they are deeply committed to their partners, they may crave for more excitement and change in bed rather than changing partners frequently.

Aries men seek instant satisfaction of their sexual needs. They will love some BDSM and seek satisfaction from some unusual kinks. Aries can talk dirty fluently in and outside the bedroom. Intimate conversations turn him on. Seduce them and they will lure you to the bed in no time. Once they have their eyes on you, they'll treat you like a conquest they have to win at all costs.

They need a submissive partner who allows them to explore and experiment without inhibitions. However, whether they are in it for the long haul is a different matter altogether.

Now let's see what is the best sexual compatibility of the Aries man. Know that they are most sexually compatible with air and fire signs and least with water signs.

Aries man in bed with Cancer woman

Aries man tends to be a bit too aggressive for the Cancer woman.

While the fiery Aries may be attractive to the sensitive Cancer superficially, problems might surface soon enough when they seek a common ground of understanding.

The Cancer woman may like it slow while the Aries man craves rough sex. Cancer woman may look for warmth and compassion but the warrior Mars-ruled Aries man struggles to stay attached or cling.

However, sex can be exciting when both learn to communicate and trust.

Aries man in bed with Leo woman

The Leo woman and Aries man have great potential to be the best sexual partners given similar preferences and level of passion they have for each other.

There is high energy in these fire signs that is waiting to surface in their sexual encounters. The need for sexual intimacy is so primal to these signs that a sexless life is a ticket to boredom and disappointment in their relationship.

Aries man in bed with Scorpio woman

If this couple learns the art of staying calm, stable and at peace with themselves, sex could be an exhilarating experience.

Burning with passion and energy, what they truly miss is the tenderness of emotions when they make love to each other.

While Scorpio women are revengeful, aggressive, mysterious and passionate, they could end up stonewalling themselves around the reckless and impulsive Aries man.

Aries man in bed with Libra woman

An intense sexual relationship develops between these zodiac signs.

They could find themselves almost completing each other as they get closer. When they engage with utmost sincerity, respect for space and emotions, their sexual compatibility intensifies manifold.

Libra fills the fiery Aries man with tenderness and emotions while Aries reciprocates his passion with vigor.

Aries man and Aquarius woman in bed

The Aquarius woman is unpredictable and wild. She loves her freedom and adventurous spirit. Both share an intense passion that culminates into an active and fulfilling sex life.

However, if Aries tries to dominate the Aquarius woman and the latter puts on a cold face, they will move away from each other in no time.

Aries man and Sagittarius woman in bed

Sagittarius women love the fiery and passionate instinct of an Aries man.

Both these signs are wild and adventurous. They love to experiment with new sexual positions. The first night with the Aries man will be a very special moment for the Sagittarius woman.

His sexy charm works its magic on her the moment they lock eyes. As they love rough sex, their intimate moments will leave then gasping for breath. They will talk dirty to each other and engage regularly in passionate encounters.

Bold and uninhibited, Sagittarius women will get along really well with an Aries man between the sheets for his stamina is worth all the praise.

Aries man and Pisces woman in bed

The couple will have trouble connecting truly on an emotional level which will affect the physical intimacy between them.

Pisces women are more comfortable being alone than with someone who rushes sex and does not infuse art into lovemaking.

The Aries man is far too aggressive and rash to slow down and reciprocate in a soft and tender fashion when their mind is occupied with important priorities.


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