Aries Man and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility?

Aries Man and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility?


If you follow astrology, and I'm assuming you do, you know that the Ram and the Crab have a hard time getting along. On the surface, they might seem like the perfect couple. Each has what the other wants. Yet, it is when what they both have clashed, that the cracks surface. But then this would mean that there are no Aries-Cancer couples in the world. We know that isn't true. Because what helps them cover the distance is the love they have for one another. Love, which is stronger than all differences.

Ready to know more about the love compatibility between the Aries man and the Cancer Woman? Find out everything astrology has to reveal about this couple!

Love and Relationship between the Aries man and the Cancer woman

Let’s get over with the bad news first. The Aries-Cancer couple is influenced by a 4-10 vibrational pattern.

Their personalities need to be leveled and harmonized. A task which is not just hard but extremely long. Which is why few people choose to go through the struggle.

However, if the Sun-Moon aspects of their natal chart are harmonious, they will have a financially successful and emotionally compatible relationship. On the other hand, if a negative Luminary or Ascendant aspect exists, there will be a lot of ups and downs.

For this relationship to work, they will need a lot of compromises. Let's just look at one example. Aries needs to lead. While the Cancer doesn’t have such a need, they are leaders too. Therefore, this becomes a matter of conflict between them.

Yet, their determination to accomplish what they set their minds too is what gives hope for this couple. If they are both equally determined to stay together, nothing can separate them. Not even they, themselves.

Cancer woman and Aries man initial attraction

Initially, the Aries man is attracted to her personality and what he perceives to be a girl in distress. A woman who needs his protection to get through life. And the Aries male loves nothing more than being a knight in shining armor. And anyone who knows an Aries guy is aware of his irresistible charm.

He is the man that the Cancer female was dreaming of. A strong, chivalrous knight who would sweep her off of her feet. The man who will earn her the jealousy of all her female friends.

She gives him her flattering and undivided attention which appeals greatly to the Aries ego. When you think of the Aries zodiac sign, think of an infant. Can an infant, who doesn’t get the attention and affection he requires, survive? Same is true for the Aries.

As her tenacious and strong personality comes out, he will come to love that too. He might prefer her fragile image sometimes. But in the long run, he needs a woman who is capable of independent existence.

Aries man and Cancer woman in bed

Are the Cancer woman and the Aries man sexually compatible? If there is one thing that will always be in favor of this couple, it is indeed their sexual compatibility. The Aries male and Cancer female are extremely compatible in bed, 9 out of 10 times.

Her imagination sparks the flame of his sexuality. His enthusiastic, idealistic lovemaking can pull her out of her shyness. And when they both unite; it is as if angels have been sent down from heaven to bless them. This high level of compatibility is also a reason for them to stick together. They know that they have something worth working for.

He will bring out her desires she had hidden away or didn’t even know existed. His innocent approach to love-making gives her the confidence to explore. To go beyond what she knows of herself and let him see the depth.

Her fears and worries might hamper their sexual union which can become divine. She might bring them up at the worst possible time. The Aries man cannot get over the experience of bad intercourse.

Relationship problems between Aries and Cancer

Let’s start with the one problem that all lovers of the Cancer female face.

Her love and affection can soon turn into a smothering feeling for the Aries male. When he sees his freedom being threatened, he will run away. She enjoys taking care of him and showering him with love and affection. But when the jealousy, clinginess and possessiveness set in, that’s where he draws the line.

Money is the biggest issue of contention between them. He is a spendthrift. She is a saver. Both of them recognize the need for money and work hard to earn it. However, their philosophies differ greatly when it comes to spending the same.

Her moodiness will hamper his spirits, despite being himself extremely moody too. But then again, her mood swings are more severe than his. His are like a breeze. Hers are like a storm.

The unpredictability of her moods will always be a serious problem between them. He cannot handle what he doesn’t understand. The emotional distress that such an environment causes can be too much for him to take.

She is very sensitive and gets hurt pretty easily. In this case, the Aries man is the least fit human to take care of her.

He barely thinks twice about the consequences of his actions. That is a common personality trait of the men born under the Aries Zodiac sign. And they can sometimes hurt the feelings of others, especially of the women they are in relationship with. As you can tell, that is a deadly combination.

Is a wedding between an Aries man and a Cancer woman a good idea?

I know, I know. When the challenges are this severe, why risk this relationship? If this is how they act before marriage, what will happen after? Here is why even the fights can be positive for this couple.

He likes challenges. He will even enjoy the small fights that she puts up with him. He likes to be right all the time. But left unquestioned and he starts to wonder if you are a good stand to judge by. He needs to feel like he has earned his victory now and then.

More importantly, the thing that will keep them together is her unwavering devotion and his need for it. She is the kind of woman he wants to come home to. And making up with her is fun too. She gives him the kind of admiration he always thought he deserves. And he is her knight in shining armor.

In the presence of a trine, sextile or conjunction between his Sun and her Moon, they are capable of building a very happy and successful life together. Nothing can explain this better than this quote by the Astrologer Linda Goodman, "Her combination of creative flights of fancy and a common-sense attitude about cash coupled with his audacity and Mars determination, will usually give this Sun sign couple immunity from the need to apply for Government Welfare”.

He needs to give her all the security she needs. Social, emotional and financial. Both of them are equally eager about parenthood, once life becomes stable. He will be a bossy father but believes in raising independent kids. She, on the other hand, is very involved in all their day-to-day needs.

They will need to compromise when it comes to raising their children. Or this might become a reason for their separation. So long as he feels like the stronger one in the relationship, he will give her boundless love.

The best way to keep this man under control is to always let him feel like he is the best. When he cannot find an explanation for her tears, he should comfort her the best he can. Storming out and letting her figure things out herself is not the solution.


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