How to Know if an Aries Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if an Aries Man is Playing You? 10 Signs!


Aries men are impulsive, quick-tempered and smart players. When an Aries man is playing you, he will make bold moves, keep his walls high and remain silent about his exit plans.

Are Aries men players?

What does it mean when an Aries man disappears and is acting distant? How to know if an Aries man is playing you or using you?

How to tell if he is not interested in a serious relationship with you and just playing mind games? Does your Aries guy only want to be friends with benefits?

Here are 10 signs you must notice when a Aries man is playing you and isn't ready to commit to you:

1. If you Aries man calls you only for sex, it's a sign he is using you

When an Aries man has decided to be casual, he will stay aloof.

He has a high libido. So, he would quickly want physical satisfaction if he is only attracted to your body.

He is also blunt. He won't mince his words when he asks you to satisfy him.

Being subtle is not his style.

If an Aries man is using you for a quick fix to his sexual needs, he will be straightforward and keep the niceties out of the picture.

2. He is aggressive and quickly angered

Aries men are angered pretty easily. They may lose their temper quickly.

So when they don't care about you, they will.impose their convenience on you.

They could be very selfish about their likes and dislikes while they give you a cold shoulder. It's a full-fledged war with an Aries man when they choose to treat you like a conquest.

When an Aries man plays you, he will seldom be patient with you. Disappoint him one bit and he may abandon you.

3. He is manipulative

Aries men have the reputation of being too bossy and controlling.

He may struggle to make a decision when he is in cross roads.

So, it is quite likely that the Aries guy will act immaturely when he is not in love with you. He may use his influence to get you to do what he wants.

As a born-leader he will take charge like it is nobody's business.

As much as they can influence someone to reach heights, they can also use their gifts to their advantage and satisfy their cravings.

4. He seeks validity from you

Aries men are opportunists.

Anything that glitters would grab their attention no matter how dangerous it might be.

They want a taste of everything that is seemingly appealing.

They'll be easily tempted to surround themselves with the opposite sex. They'll casually engage in flirty conversations or offer backhanded compliments to express their intense sexual character.

This is perceived as insensitive and disappointing to the partner who may not be comfortable or supporting his vibrant social life. But the Aries man won't care when he is not in love with you.

5. He will never make a compromise

The man born under the Aries Zodiac sign is doubly stubborn around those he is trying to fool.

He is a dominating personality.

It may stifle the efforts of his partner who wishes to do things according to her plans or exert her choices while making decisions that have a mutual impact.

He may expect his partner to be answerable to him and never shy away from being pushy around her.

Egoistic, if wounded, it could take a long time to win an Aries man back.

6. He may threaten to move on

The Aries guy would not hold himself back from finding someone who fits his bill.

He will be on the lookout for the ideal woman to spend the rest of his life with. He won't settle soon unless he has found the perfect person.

Until then he will have a casual approach to love, breaking many hearts on the way.

If he does not feel strongly for someone or falls out of love, he'll start searching for a better partner.

He is stubborn so once he has made up his mind to play you, it is difficult to make him compromise.

7. He never introduces you to his social circle

Across the zodiac, when you are being used by an Aries man, you will remain a secret.

If the Aries man has never made the effort to introduce you to his friends or plan a get together, it's a clear sign he is not into you.

He does not wish you to be a part of his gang because he can afford to let you go.

He is not serious about you so he won't bring you into his inner circle.

This is also a sign that he could be hiding some information from you and he cannot risk to let you meet people who know him well.

8. He throws temper tantrums

Cross your boundaries and the Aries man will fearlessly cut you off from his life.

He is quite bold and will quickly ignore you for good if you demand extra time or effort from his end.

When an Aries man does not feel a passionate urge to pursue you, he will be quick to react when you need him to make an effort.

If an Aries man throws tantrums, you'll have to run for cover because he won't care about your emotions.

He is defensive and uncaring when he is playing someone or cheating on them.

9. He makes you chase endlessly

The Aries man won't give in or be available for you when he is using you.

You will be clueless, forever guessing where you stand in their life.

When they wish to keep the emotions away, Arie men won't label the relationship they share with you.

You will be in doubt as to who you are to them. Your relationship with an Aries man will lack any real meaning when they are testing you.

10. He makes fun of you

He is a boastful guy.

He likes to beat his own drums as he craves attention.

The Aries man won't think twice before mocking someone he couldn't care less about.

He is charged up all the time. In case you hurt him or push his buttons, he won't spare you one bit.

He may not think twice before lashing out at someone if things don't move as per his expectations. It's always his way or the highway.


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