10 Bad, Negative Personality Traits of Aries (Man & Woman)

10 Bad, Negative Personality Traits of Aries (Man & Woman)


Aries has a fiery spirit of the martial character. They are super active, charged up and ready to take up newer projects. When an Aries is mad at you, you should take cover or else they'll lash out at you. What happens when you ignore an Aries man or an Aries woman? Do Aries forgive easily? How do they behave when they are angry or upset? What are the worst traits of Aries which make them hard to love or bad at relationships?

Here is the list of the top 10 bad, negative traits of the Aries man and woman according to astrology:

1. Aries are impatient

Aries can be extremely restless when they want to initiate or excite a task. They are quick initiators but barely able to finish the tasks they take up with finesse. Such haste often makes them take wrong decisions which backfires in their professional as well as personal spaces. They'll often disregard the noble advice of their loved ones and take a leap of faith to achieve their desired outcomes. This impulsive tendency more often than not puts them in deep trouble than they anticipate.

2. Aries are controlling

As a fire sign, Aries men and women are extremely energetic and driven to make it big in life. They'll barely mull too much over the outcomes of their actions. It is always their way or the highway else they could throw a fit of rage. Such a warrior personality could make them pretty much aloof as they continue being indifferent to the impact of their behavior on those closest to them. Being under the close watch of an Aries can be a scary deal especially for someone delicate and highly emotional.

3. Aries are attention seekers

Aries women and especially Aries men like being the life of a party. They are wild and have no hesitation showing off their social skills. They'll charm you with their high-spirited conversations and ideas. They'll fish for compliments and deliberately make their presence known with their charisma. You dare not ignore them or they'll be pissed off. They may not be the best people to handle rejection, especially those of their partners, bosses or loved ones. Thus, they demand being catered to at their beck and call reflecting a toxic personality of the Aries man or woman.

4. Aries are stubborn

The egoistic Aries natives have a desperate desire to be right always. They'll never accept defeat, sometimes going to the extent of betting their lives to prove themselves true. They'll flare up if you throw up an open challenge to make them jealous or to break their morale. This competitive drive can attract enemies with the potential to cause irreparable harm to the Aries native. The weakness of an Aries male or female is his combative nature that does not give up where it's necessary. A life of compromise and building a peaceful environment is never their motivation in life.

5. Aries are insensitive

Engagements with Aries individuals are intense and quite exhausting. They'll need you to keep up with their energy and barely leave you time to unwind or relax. As they are hyper active individuals, they demand people around them to be lively and excited or they could just express their disappointment immediately. Laziness or procrastination will turn them off even if that is a necessity for relaxation of the mind and physical body. Such insensitivity to their moods or emotions of others can drive people away or make them dislikeable.

6. Aries are arrogant

A toxic, dark personality trait of the Aries man or woman is their meanness or rude behavior. They are built to be tough and hence, subconsciously project a cold nature. You'll hate yourself for crossing boundaries with the Aries man or woman, for they do not spare people or forgive easily when they are hurt. They'll be cruel and have no soft corner for someone who has upset him or her and therefore, Aries is known for being merciless towards their enemies.

7. Aries are terrible team workers

Aries individuals are born leaders. Being courageous and extremely bold, they have the heart to stand up for themselves and others. They like to take charge and lead the group to glory. If you consider Aries a doormat who'll take orders without putting their mind to the impact it has on their self-esteem, you are wrong. As a Mars ruled native, the aggressive Aries will only follow or pay heed to the guidance of someone with sun-like qualities. Otherwise they are self-directed people who like to independently chalk their own paths and become trailblazers.

8. Aries can be manipulative

The men and women born under the Aries Zodiac sign are known to be pushy. They like directing their high stamina to productive activities. They are also forceful and can get the job done through tact and manipulation. They go by their own life maps and take no advice until it satisfies them. They understand the value of bringing all together to accomplish a complex deal, Hence, they use their intellect to execute their plans, sometimes to the extent of deliberate manipulation to the right people on board.

9. Aries have a bad temper

It is difficult to contain the violent burst of anger of the Aries male or female. They need to stay informed and in control. They have a destructive energy that could frustrate those around them quite easily. They need a space to vent out their pain or it could end up into a self-destructive activity they'll indulge in. They are ready to deceive and often exploit other's weaknesses to manage their own exalted sense of self.

10. Aries are revengeful

As a war God ruled persona, the Aries man or woman will seek justice to the wrongs done to them or those they care about. They'll struggle to forgive or forget their enemies and avenge the misdoings. They do not care if their judgement is wrong. To calm down an Aries it takes great efforts and patience. You'll have to acquire a thick skin to their tantrums and violent outbursts and have a big heart to accept their apology when they cool off and go on a guilt-trip.


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