Aries and Virgo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Aries and Virgo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?


If you see Aries and Virgo as friends, it looks like they are friends for the sake of something because they have nothing in common. Aries is impulsive, impatient, and they do things without much thinking. On the other hand, Virgo is shy, thoughtful, and do things very silently without making any noise. Their natures and personalities make them different. So, can they get along well?

Here is what astrology can reveal us about the Aries and Virgo friendship compatibility!

Are Aries and Virgo good friends?

Aries is a fire sign and Virgo's element is Earth. They have different personalities and approaches to life. But these differences can be a bridge between them and form a good friendship if they take care of a few things given below. Find out if they can be good friends?

Acceptance is the key. For sure, there are differences between them and if they learn to accept those, a very strong friendship can be formed. But this all is bound to begin with finding faults in each other’s nature because they are different. Aries might find Virgo a little shy and Virgo will criticize Aries for being too open. But once the spark of understanding lights up, nobody can stop them from being good friends. If they realize what they can teach others, they will start loving each other’s company.

Realizing what they can learn from each other. This is all about accepting each other’s nature and characteristics. The Aries can make Virgo’s life fun whereas Virgo can teach Aries about how patience and thoughtfulness are necessary. This realization is enough for them to be best buddies.

The combination of shyness and mystery. Aries is full of energy and aura, of which the Virgo may get terrified of before making a move for friendship. Virgo is shy and full of mystery and this may make Aries curious about Virgo. If they work on what they are feeling and at least one of them take a step further, they can be good friends.

Irrespective of the differences, Virgo and Aries like a few things about each other. Let’s see what those are.

What does Virgo like about Aries?

Virgo, being thoughtful and shy admires following things of Aries and somehow longs to learn from them. Virgo being an adaptive Zodiac sign doesn’t mind following Aries in what they do. Virgo likes to be dependable.

Have a look at the following things which Virgo likes about Aries.

Always ready to do things. Aries is a sign of fire and they can make your life fun. The Aries natives are ready to do things without giving it a thought. They like experiencing new adventures.

Loyal. No matter how extrovert or fun-loving they are, but they always stick to the people who are close to them. They are fiercely loyal. Even if they are talkative, they never spill the secrets out. Well, that’s what a Virgo wants.

Entertaining. Another thing that Virgo likes about Aries is, they are entertaining. They never let their friends get bored as they always have something to entertain with. Virgo is shy but enjoys this entertaining nature of the Aries Zodiac sign.

Positivity. The people born under the Aries Zodiac sign are positive and there is no doubt in that. Virgo being thoughtful always admire positivity. Most Aries men and women have a very optimistic attitude and they also encourage their friends, which Virgo likes a lot.

What does Aries like about Virgo?

Virgo is considerate and shy but along with this, they have many characteristics which Aries likes a lot.

Know when to react. Virgos are good at hiding their emotions and it makes them look strong. Even if they feel something, they will know when to react and when not to. This quality of Virgo is liked by Aries.

Perfectionists. Virgos take their decisions by analyzing everything. They always settle for the best and want the perfect out of everything. It may be anything, personal or professional, they want it to be perfect.

Sensitive. The men and women born under the Virgo Zodiac sign are sensitive. They care a lot about even the smallest things. Emotional drama is something they can never tolerate. They always try to be away from hatred, betrayals, and all the negativity. As Aries is positive, they like this attitude and quality of Virgo.

Passionate and loyal. Loyalty is one thing that is common between Virgo and Aries. Virgo shows all the loyalty and love to their friends without any second thought. They have that emotional quotient.

Virgo and Aries differences

Aries is a fire sign and Virgo is an earth sign in astrology. They have many differences. We have listed down the major ones below.

Decision Making. Aries is more inclined towards their likes and dislikes while doing things whereas Virgo always plans things keeping overall view in mind. Virgo tries to consider everyone and everything that may get affected by the decision.

Adventures or not? Aries is always free-spirited and ready to take chances and new adventures but that’s not the case with Virgo. They are a little shy and conservative when it comes to taking chances.

Reality Check. Virgo is practical, they always check for what’s practical and step ahead according to the same. On the other hand, Aries just go ahead with whatever knows their head.

Dominance. Virgo is an adaptive sign. They find it okay to get adapted to someone’s ideas. Aries can do anything to do what they want to do by their dominating nature.

Opposites attract each other is true for all kinds of relationships. The friendship between Virgo and Aries based on their differences and how they accept each other. It may start with criticizing each other but if they realize that they can learn a lot from each other and have fun irrespective of the differences, they can get along and be good friends.


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