How to Know if an Aries Woman is Playing You? 10 Signs!

How to Know if an Aries Woman is Playing You? 10 Signs!

The Aries woman is hot-tempered and impulsive. She is her own boss, unwilling to do things against her will. So, when your Aries woman is in the mood to play with your heart, she'll be lethal. It's a war for her and she'll ensure she wins it at all costs. Is your How to know if an Aries woman is playing you or using you for sex? How to know if the Aries woman you are dating is not trustworthy? What are the signs that an Aries woman is taking advantage of you?

Here are 10 signs and red flags you should be able to notice when the Aries woman is faking her emotions and not genuinely interested in pursuing you:

1. Aries woman is playing games when she is cold

The Aries woman is jealous and straightforward. She would express her love upfront if she really wants to impress or court someone. But it's a telltale sign that an Aries woman is playing you when she behaves nonchalantly around you. She is playing with your mind until you realize that she is not interested in you. Expect her to behave selfishly or disregard your needs and expectations when is using you.

2. Aries woman will play hard to get when she is interested

Alternatively, when an Aries woman wants to make you a part of her life, she will also make you chase her to the end of this world. More, so if she feels she deserves to be won over. She wants a man to make some efforts even though she is strong and independent to do as she pleases. But sometimes, she would test a man to figure out if he is the one who is the right fit in her already chaotic lifestyle.

3. Aries woman is testing you when she keeps complaining

The Aries woman is child-like. She will switch from one thing to the other in a matter of seconds. Yes, she is quick and it's hard to keep pace with her, physically and mentally. When the Aries woman makes you feel like you don't matter, whatever you do is never enough, it could be a sign she is pushing you to initiate a breakup. She'll crib and nag about everything around her because she doesn't feel happy around you. She'll be blunt, mincing no words to turn you off.

4. Look for sudden bursts of anger to know if an Aries woman is cheating

When an Aries woman is already cheating on you, she will be doubly irritated. She may lash out when you inquire too much or ask her things that make her feel guilty. She is usually honest about her doings but when she is playing you she wouldn't mind being sneaky and mischievous. She doesn't like being hindered by anyone when she is involved in the pursuit of something she's had her eyes on. So, if you trigger her, she won't be happy. Be prepared to deal with her fiery temper.

5. Aries woman's disappearing act happens out of the blue

Take your Aries woman for granted and she'll start a silent war with you. While she may tame herself for maintaining some peace around but she'll quickly make an exit once she is done with you for good. She could ghost you and move on if she has been playing with your emotions all this while. She is a woman on extremes, the best or the worst. So, when she feels the need to cut you off and find something better for herself, she disappears like she was never there in the first place.

6. When an Aries woman stops caring, she'll hesitate to express her emotions

The Aries woman will pretend like she is unmoved by your gestures when she is using you for her selfish needs. If you've taken your Aries woman for granted it will make her insecure and push her to behave unexpectedly. She'll look for ways to make you realize your mistake. She'll torture you emotionally by starving you off her love. She'll lose her patience around you instantly and create a scene. You'll end up doing things for her but she won't be appreciative or satisfied.

7. Aries woman has side flings when she is disloyal

The Aries woman will take favors from you when she is involved in sneaky businesses behind your back. She could have multiple sexual partners to engage with and you will never be the only one when she is hellbent on giving you a hard time. She would never settle down or agree to a monogamous relationship when she is with you for personal gains. She'll retaliate when you ask her for a commitment because she isn't enthused about growing with you.

8. Aries woman will avoid confrontations if she is not into you

The Aries woman is not the average woman you'll come across. She makes her own rules and charts her own path. She believes in herself and her faith is firm. She can cause immense destruction and burn bridges if she is pushed to the brink of her patience. If she denies committing herself to something, she'll be stubborn. If you're weak, you'll barely be able to handle her energy. So, if you question her motives if she doesn't feel the same love for you could make her unleash her hostile side.

9. Aries woman doesn't care if she is done with you

Once an Aries woman is over you, she will be gone with the wind. Her intensity and passion know no bounds but if you risk upsetting her, she'll give you a bad time. If she is playing with you, she won't pay heed to you. But if your Aries woman is in the mood to settle scores with you, she'll ensure it is done. So, she could manipulate you and control your actions unless she is satisfied with the destruction she has caused in your life.

10. Aries woman is aggressive when she doesn't wish to pursue you

If the Aries woman is revengeful, she'll be downright cruel with you. She'll avoid you and keep things hidden from you. This is a strong sign that the Aries woman is unwilling to settle down with you. She'll also be extra impulsive around you, never offering her support or encouragement. If she is in for the long haul, she'll tame her temper, if she is not, even the slightest bit of annoyance can push her to release her anger and frustration.

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