How to Attract a Cancer Woman? My secret tips!

How to Attract a Cancer Woman? My secret tips!

Are you in love with a Cancer woman? The kindness and loving nature of this zodiac attracts people magnetically to the women of this zodiac. Here are some tips and advice from Astrology to help you seduce and attract a Cancer woman and get the chance to win her heart!

What are the personality traits of a Cancer woman?

Known for her moodiness, the women born under this zodiac sign can fluctuate between moods.

A Cancer woman is maternal and extremely protective of those she loves deeply. Represented by the crab as her zodiac sign, she has a tough exterior self. She is extremely responsible and is a loyal individual. The zodiac is also known for overreacting at times and keeping grudges is one of their traits.

Cancer women are a little sensitive when it comes to facing criticism. From time to time, they might dwell on their past and become a bit nostalgic. They are gifted with a strong intuition and are ‘heart over the head’ persons.

The Cancer female decides intuitively and keeps her feelings on a higher pedestal than her thoughts. Cancer women are usually not outgoing, they prefer returning back to their home, from a hectic day. Her idea of unwinding and relaxing is synonymous with spending a day at home.

She transforms into a fighter when challenged or faced with threat. Women of this zodiac sign are extremely loving and giving. As a water sign, the motions of Cancer women run really deep. Goodness and winning people’s hearts- are her virtues. She is extremely devoted and supportive.

What traits does a Cancer woman find attractive in a man?

Honesty and openness is what a Cancer woman likes in a man. If you are sensual and affectionate, she will be truly charmed.

A Cancer woman looks for a man who is as affectionate as she is and who is observant of small gestures. A nonchalant attitude is a huge turnoff for a Cancer female. She would find you attractive as long as you show her that you care. A Cancer’s ideal man checklist has the quality of togetherness on the top of the list.

She is an in and out romantic and her ideals of a perfect man are set as per that. Chivalry is an extremely important trait as per her. She wants to be treated like a princess. She finds a good sense of humour irresistible and courteous men are what attracts her. She loves children and is sure to like men who share the same interest. She likes men who are well- mannered. Braggers and loud-mouthed men will only earn her displeasure.

How to flirt with a Cancer woman through text?

A Cancer’s style of flirting over text is entertaining and charismatic. Make a few jokes to break the ice. Let the Cancer woman identify your humour.

Cancer women are initially shy, so in order to make them comfortable, first establish a textual chemistry. You can do this by identifying their interests and talking about that. A Cancer is a huge fan of art and aesthetics. You may flirt with them over text, using dialogues from their favourite films or quotes from a book they like. Compliments on text are what a Cancer finds interesting.

How to tell if a Cancer woman is interested in you?

Here are the signs that will tell you if a Cancer woman has feelings for you and wants more than friendship:

  1. One of the most obvious signs to tell that a Cancer woman likes you, is her way of taking care of you. She will begin to look after you as if you are close to her. She will be sympathetic towards your problems and will wish the best for you.
  2. She will find ways of catching up with you and find reasons to spend time with you. She might adjust her schedule as well to go out with you.
  3. She will talk to you or text you at least once every day. This way she will be in touch with you. She likes you and hence reminds you of her presence in your life.
  4. If she knows cooking, she will cook for you. She might invite you to a dinner at her place or she might bring you a surprise meal.
  5. If she is interested in you she will appreciate your humour and laugh heartily at your jokes.
  6. One of her ways of exhibiting her like is being clumsy around the people she adores.
  7. If she discusses a lot about you with her friends and family, she truly adores you and cannot stop thinking about you.
  8. If she likes you, even distance cannot hold her affection for you. She will find ways of contacting you or reaching out to you. She will keep you updated with what she is doing and where she is and will ask about your whereabouts as well.

Things you should know before dating a Cancer woman

Patience is one of the virtues you will require the most when you want to date and seduce a Cancer woman. She can be extremely moody at times and belongs to one of the most guarded signs, hence patience is the key.

Cancer women are fond of their family and close friends, hence keeping up with her family members and being friendly with her pals, is an important concern. Do not rush her into any romantic commitment. A Cancer woman hates being rushed to make decisions, she is slow but her love is one of a kind.

Women of this zodiac love flowers and have a soft corner for sentimental gifts. She looks for the gesture and the effort in the gift and not the price. Open declarations of love is what she totally loves.

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