How to Attract a Taurus Woman? My secret tips!

How to Attract a Taurus Woman? My secret tips!


A Taurus woman is a genuine and loyal human but she may also be stubborn and impossible to understand in a go. What does a Taurus woman look for in a man? How to impress, attract and seduce her? How to make her fall in love with you? Discover all her secrets! What can astrology reveal us about the woman born under the Taurus Zodiac sign?

If you want to know more about her psychology and personality, here are a few secret tips and surefire ways to attract a Taurus woman and make her fall in love with you!

What are the personality traits of a Taurus woman?

rn2. Emotionally Strong. Name a challenge and a Taurus female is ready to face it. No matter how much stress she has, she can easily pass through that phase. Her fierce attitude helps her be ready for any kind of task. She will never complain or be upset about the amount of stress she is handling. She does it in her way but if you push her, she will react angrily and then it becomes tough to calm her. 4. Independent. A Taurus woman knows what’s good for her and what’s not. She is self-governing and needs no help to take any kind of decisions in her life. She is independent and know how to lead her life, all by herself. 6. Friendly. The mail trait of this woman is her friendly and pleasant nature. People like her a lot because she is a loyal friend and knows how to and when to help people. If you are a friend of any Taurus woman, she will expect you to be loyal to her. 8. Art-loving. A Taurus woman loves being busy with artistic things. Not only indoor art interests her, but also natural views which are photogenic. She takes interest in making art in her free time. 10. Keen with her finances. As mentioned earlier, she is an independent, hence she manages her finances on her own. She is good with handling her money and standards of living. Her ideas of savings may be unusual, but she knows what she is doing. This woman loves luxurious life and she makes sure to get it. But she will never her financial independence for anyone. 12. Doesn’t like fake people. You need to take this as a warning that a Taurus woman does not like the people who fake their personality, their behavior, their feelings or anything else. If you want to be in her good books, be true and loyal to her. She is a person who will forgive your mistake but not something like artificial feelings for her, etc. 14. Remembers everything. She keeps track of all the past mistakes of people, their behavior and moods. If you do anything wrong to her in the past, she may bring that out anytime if you try to test her limits.

What traits does a Taurus woman look for in a man?

A Taurus woman is sexy, funny and always looks for the smart and real partner. There are some personality traits that she likes in a man.

Traditional and loyal. She values a person who is loyal to her as she will never entertain someone who fakes their personality. She looks for stability hence try to find a man with values and traditional outlook. As she strongly believes in stability, she looks for a man who gives importance to their relationship.

Financially secure. A Taurus woman herself is very keen with finances and enjoys managing in her own. She looks for a man who is financially stable and secure and uses money sensibly. She thinks, it’s for the best of the both.

She wants to enjoy life and meet people. Friendliness is one of the most important personality traits of a Taurus woman and she loves to meet people and make new friends. She expects her man to accompany in such events and activities.

Open minded. As she is independent and loves to manage herself on her own, she doesn’t need someone who will constantly instruct her on what to do and what not.

How to impress and woo a Taurus woman?

A woman born under the Taurus Zodiac sign is pretty much inclined towards a luxurious life and loyal partner. Her career is important for her and she loves to be financially secure, but she also wants her man to be independent. So, if you want to impress her, make sure you have learnt to be on your own.

She loves when her partner treats her like a queen and behaves in a good way. Always remember to pamper her and show her that you take care of her. If you are very harsh and loud, she will never be yours. She will repel you like anything.

If you are trying to impress her, take her out for adventures. She loves adventures and outdoor activities but remember that she also like luxurious and grand events.

Talk to her with all your heart because she loves talking. Tell her what you are doing, what are you up to. Ask her about her day. If you converse well with her, she will get attracted.
A Taurus female is tough but not impossible to understand. If you make a little extra effort and she is all yours.

How to tell if a Taurus woman is interested in you?

Though a Taurus woman is an outdoor type person, she is very private about her personal life. She is very selective about telling about her love life and interests. So, you see, it is tough to know if that woman is interested in you or not. But there must be some signs, right? There are signs and we have listed them below.

Takes time out for you. A Taurus woman is known for her consistency. She has a routine to keep up with the things in her life but if she is interested in you, she will take time out for you, to talk to you. When she sacrifices her routine for you, take that as a first sign.

Wants to spend quality time with you. If she is interested in you, she will not hesitate to let you know that she wants to spend time with you. She may or may not tell you this directly, but she will give signs like inviting you over dinner. Don’t get surprised if she talks about general things because she likes to know people’s opinion. And this is a sign that she wants to know about you.

She will let you know her likes and dislikes. Another sign is that she will start sharing her likes and dislikes with you. Maybe a movie, book or a show. She may insist on watching one together.

Possessive. If you observe, you will notice her being possessive if she likes you. If you give more time to other female friends, co-workers, she may feel furious. There are chances that she will come and join in the talk so that she doesn’t feel left out. Yes, that’s how she is.

A Taurus woman is slow but very passionate and possessive about her relationship.

So, overall - A Taurus woman is very tough to understand but she has interesting characteristics. She is determined, fun loving and independent. If you are loyal and comforting, it is very easy to win over her. Take care of her and she will never leave you.


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