10 Best Birthday Gifts for an Aries Woman

10 Best Birthday Gifts for an Aries Woman

The Aries woman is known for her courage, energy, strength and optimism. Her fiery confidence fuels her seductive aura and gives her a killer appeal. Are you in search of the perfect gift for the Aries woman? What do Aries women like for gifts on their birthday? What is an ideal present an Aries woman would love to get? How can you surprise her with a meaningful gift?

Here is our gifting-guide with a list of 10 unique gift ideas for an Aries woman on her birthday to make her feel special!

1. Necklace with Aries Zodiac sign

Aries constellation necklace

A delicate neck piece with an inspirational message will make your Aries woman feel truly special on her birthday. The minimalist and dainty design is a thoughtful jewellery gift that's a reminder of how amazing they are as friends or lovers. This irresistible Zodiac constellation necklace is a good accessory for the Aries woman who likes to keep it chic, bold and yet fashionable.
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2. An Open Sky-Music CD For Meditation by Ryan Judd

music cd ryan judd

This beautiful music by Cello Artist Ryan Judd is quite a thoughtful birthday gift for the Aries woman. She would simply fall in love with this musical piece for her meditation sessions or simply to relax after a long day. Great for self-care and to de-stress, it will help your Aries woman unwind and connect to her soul as she retires from a vibrant public life everyday.
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3. Artists: Their Lives and Works

book artists lives works

A wonderful art book that includes thought-provoking biographies of artists of the bygone era and those living today along with the outstanding reproductions of their famous artworks. This is definitely a thoughtful birthday gift for the awesome Aries woman. Each chapter presents the historical art movements that inspired a generation of artists and not to forget the scandalous stories some associated themselves with. Quite a unique birthday gift for the curious Aries woman!
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4. French Lavender Candle by Urban Obsession

French Lavender Candle by Urban Obsession

With a zodiac sign that is associated with fire, the Aries woman loves everything that invokes her energy and passion. Candles make for excellent mood-setters on your date nights with the Aries woman who will start associating these wonderful fragrances with you. A treat for the sore muscles, it helps in relaxation during Yoga, bathing, massages or just whenever she likes to explore the zen energy that lies within.
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5. Murder on the Orient Express: Agatha Christie

book Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

If there is one woman you'll meet who thrives on action and adventure, it's surely got to be your Aries girl. Now, also a major motion picture, the spine-chilling narration has made this detective novel one of the most widely read books of all time. A murder-mystery that will keep her hooked till the end, Agatha Christie series needs no introduction for the suspense lovers like your Aries woman.
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6. Law of Attraction Life & Weekly Goal Planner

Law of Attraction Life Goal Planner

The Aries women means business. She is goal-oriented and most of the time, an overachiever. A twelve-month dream journal is one of its kinds that lets you visualize, focus, prioritize and act. This will help your Aries woman to achieve her life purpose and find her way through this planner that's tested to improve productivity and fix procrastination! This is a beautiful gift she will cherish!
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7. Porcelain Mug for Aries Women

Ceramic Mug for Aries Women

The celestial design porcelain mug set is an adorable gift for the Aries woman who needs the kick of caffeine. Smooth finish with minimal design, your Aries woman will love the aesthetics and utility of this fantastic product. A Constellation Mug, Lid, Gold Spoon and Black Coaster complete the set and let your birthday girl enjoy her liquids while admiring the beauty of its simplicity.
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8. ArtNaturals Bath Bombs Gift Set

artnaturals bath bombs gift set

Another gift she will really like and enjoy trying! Fun and easy to use, she will love the aromatherapy and ralaxing bath experience. This gift set includes six bath bombs: Energize, Zen, Wellness, Strength, Yoga and Cozy Night, all with natural ingredients, mineral salts, cocoa butters, sunflower seed oil, etc.
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9. Electronic Accessories Travel Pouch

Electronic Accessories Travel Pouch uppr

For the Aries woman who is always on-the-go, this portable accessories travel pouch is a life-saver. It lets you keep all your accessories in one place without hassle. If your Aries woman has ever complained of losing her personal belongings, this should massively come to her rescue. Made with premium fabric, this soft cover organizer is easy to carry and keeps your smartphone and cables secure.
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10. Guess Seductive Perfume

Guess Seductive for Women perfume

As is evident from its name, the earthy and delightfully floral notes of Seductive immediately envelop one in an explosively sensual olfactory experience. The Aries woman is unconventional, she lets her body speak in a mysteriously commanding way. A perfectly enticing fragrance that's extremely hot and sexy. This scent is sure to warm her heart and bring a smile to her face. See our recommendations to explore more perfumes for your Aries woman.
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