10 Best Birthday Gifts for a Leo Woman

10 Best Birthday Gifts for a Leo Woman


Selecting the perfect gift for the Leo woman is quite a task. Think of some glitz and glamour to whatever you purchase for this bold and beautiful woman. She has an expensive taste but also appreciates the warmth of emotions when someone selects a humble present for her.

The Leo woman will prefer something thoughtfully selected rather than a host of mundane gifts. What do Leos like for gifts and presents? What birthday gift will make a Leo woman happy? What can you gift a Leo woman on a special occasion like her birthday, Christmas or Valentine's day?

Here is our gifting-guide with a list of 10 unique gift ideas for a Leo woman.

1. Sephora Collection Bronzer Powder


When you are shopping for the woman born under the Leo Zodiac sign, how can you forget about some makeup to begin with? A Leo woman loves the sparkle and the color of molten gold. There is nothing better like this perfect shimmer bronzer powder for the Leo woman. The perfect tan and healthy glow that this bronzer imparts on the skin will add a royal tinge to her sultry persona. The Leo goddess is sure to turn some eyeballs with this addition to her makeup kit. (see the product)

2. Leo Zodiac Glass Jar Candle


Graced by the Sun, the Leo woman may have a natural tendency to be attracted to fire. The Leo sign on the jar adds a personal touch to the birthday gift. This scented Jar candle will slowly calm her senses and relax her at the end of a hard day. If you are aware of the aroma she is most drawn to, select the same rather than wildly experimental with scents. The fire is sure to energize and amplify the passionate streak of the romantic Leo woman. A cute addition to her bedside table, she could use it to set the right mood for sex with her partner. (see the product)

3. Inspirational Motivational Celebrity Quote Poster


The Leo sign will almost always seem fired up. They are super positive people who want to motivate everyone they meet. They are great leaders themselves. Seldom would you find a Leo breaking down in the midst of a storm. Rather she takes the bull by the horns and fights hard to emerge a winner. A great way to express your admiration would be to give the Leo woman a poster like this on her birthday. It is an ideal present, a safe, fail-proof gift for any Leo woman. Trust me, she would definitely feel honored and overwhelmed. (see the product)

4. Selfie Ring Light for Smartphone Camera


Count on a Leo female to take the best selfies! Truly obsessed and conscious about her public image, she loves to fill in countless memory cards clicking herself. The Leo sign also symbolized by the Crown explicitly denotes her innate attachment to regality. This Selfish Ring Light makes objects look flawless with the perfect combination of lights. This fits on all smartphones and gives the ease of clicking professional pictures without a photographer. Your Leo woman is going to thank you endlessly! (see the product)

5. Popsocket in Rose Gold for Phones and Tablets


The natural leaders are also quite the people in demand. The Leo woman loves to chat! She is resourceful and loves the company of people who ‘worship’ her. That is truly who the Leo woman projects herself to be. The beautifully designed popsocket offers a secure grip for a hands-free experience on calls. Along with utility, its rich rose gold color quite fulfills the gifting criteria of what appeals to the eyes of the Leo girl. (see the product)

6. Aqua Dinnerware set


Did you forget how much the Leo woman loves food, rich food? As much as she loves to eat, she loves to invite people home and feed them too! The finely crafted and detailed work on this unique set of ceramic plates is sure to attract the Leo woman who has a fine taste in dining. Perfect for all occasions, it is a true delight. Also, a lavish piece to add to the tablescape, it is microwave and dishwasher safe. Though basically utilitarian, it is a beautiful and unique gift for the Leo woman. (see the product)

7. Moroccan Style Glass Lantern


The beautiful piece will infuse a touch of regality to the Leo woman’s room. An obsession with status is one of the Leo woman's most prominent traits. This Glass lantern invokes a global exotic character to her home. Present her with this exquisite piece, she will be excited to show it off to everyone who visits her. For the complete experience, you could also purchase a set of fairy string lights along with this. (see the product)

8. Boss Lady Coffee Mug


Want to impress your lady Leo Boss? A lovely mug won’t disappoint. The Boss Lady coffee mug is too stunning to ignore. It is perfectly in tune with her lust for power. A wonderful gift idea to make her think of you every time she sips her routine coffee, you will successfully make her feel special. The best part, it comes in a perfectly packaged box with a golden spoon. What better than adding fuel to a Leo woman’s already exalted ego? (see the product)

9. Swarovski Zirconia gold-plated Ring


The Leo woman desires for luxurious items. No amount of jewels could satisfy her appetite for material pleasures. This exquisite piece of gold plated ring with a brilliantly cut centerpiece Swarovski Zirconia will surely garner some attention. It is designed to retain its lustrous shine with the flexibility of replating it at your local jeweller’s. Imported, the high quality is synchronous with the royal taste of the Leo woman. (see the product)

10. Romantic fiction “A Walk To Remember”


If your Leo woman is a bookworm, this book is a safe bet. An all-time favorite romantic novel comes from Nicholas Sparks is a New York Times bestseller which has been adapted into a movie too. The high-school story weaves a beautiful picture of everlasting love, exactly what a Leo woman desires for eternity. (see the product)

Leos love being admired and flattered. They need to be the center of attention. All lights on the Leo female while everyone else fades in the background. She wants to run the show and hence, she wouldn’t hesitate to make her presence felt with her magnanimous roar. Despite the importance that they demand from others, it is equally difficult to not love them. Their light does not fail to shine on anyone they meet. So, shopping for presents for a Leo woman adds an element of joy because their reactions or gestures towards those who care for them are as much grand.


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