20 Best Birthday Gifts for a Libra Man

20 Best Birthday Gifts for a Libra Man


What do Libras like for gifts and presents? What can you offer a Libra man on a special occasion to make him happy? Libra men love it simple yet sophisticated. This Venusian sign is bound to look for luxury and comfort in their belongings. The element of air drives him to seek utility and thoughtfulness. If this sounds complex, here we are with a list of 20 unique gift ideas that will make your Libra man’s birthday special!

1. Gourmet Food gift basket


Librans are fond of fine food and dining. An assortment of gourmet items is sure to delight him like no other. Well packaged, it is a go-to gift for your Libra male on his birthday. Cheese spread, cookies, candies, nuts and more, you would hate to part with this surely! see the product

2. Thin, minimalist Men's watch


With an elegant, neat and simple design, this is the kind of gift he will not fail to thank you for. This is a practical gift but also a nice accessory to look more dressed up. The perfect combination between utility and luxury. He will love this! see the product

3. Best of Warner Bros 20 Film Collection


Movie lover? Planning to binge watch with him anytime soon? This is the right hint for your Libra man to plan a movie night with you. You can’t go wrong with this classic collection of movies released between 1929-1942. Delightfully vintage, it is Amazon’s choice for the best selling product in DVD collections. see the product

4. Kindle-Black


Book lover? Libra men are creative. They love to read. The All- new Kindle is light, its glare-free touchscreen display can hold thousands of books while you are on the move. This should mean a lot to him if he has been struggling to organize his books or carry his books when he is travelling. see the product

5. Herschel Duffle Bag


If your adventure freak Libra male needs a nudge to travel with you, this should do the job. It is a sleek-looking bag which will turn out to be his favorite every time he travels. Large in size to carry all essentials, he’ll be pleased with the aesthetics of it. see the product

6. Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Cookery Course


You cannot go wrong with Chef Gordon Ramsey’s cooking tips and tricks. Perfect to learn some masterchef culinary skills, turn your Libra guy into a homecook. This is an easy-to-follow class that’ll save his time and money. see the product

7. The Nightingale: A Novel


For a Libra man, a real book has a charm like no other. A Newyork times Bestseller, Wall Street Journal Best Book of the year set in the backdrop of The World War, this one is soon to be adapted into a movie. Thriller, the action-packed story is bound to take him to a haunting era of love and betrayal. see the product

8. Leather Bracelet with Secret Message


A truly meaningful gift for your Libra man, you can customize this leather belt with a secret hidden message. Simple and sophisticated, you can present a thoughtful message with this superior quality European design bracelet. Ships in a gift packaging too! see the product

9. Yeti Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug


Comes in a variety of colors, you will be spoilt for choice. Duracoat colors, it is fade-resistant and dishwasher safe. This is designed for maximum insulation, makes for a great outdoor travel mug and keeps safe from frost bites and hot liquids. Definitely the ideal present for your Libra man’s birthday. see the product

10. U.S. Polo Assn. Men’s Baseball Cap


If your Libra man is a cap lover, this imported, sophisticated and ultra-comfortable cap will make him happy. Its simplicity is what sets it apart and makes it meaningful. Now he can give away his old high school cap and add this one to his enviable collection. see the product

11. Accessories Travel Storage Pouch


This premium looking travel storage pouch is a must have for gadget lovers. The soft case keeps all cables neatly organized, it is designed for Macbook chargers and other small accessories. see the product

12. Nautica Voyage Eau De Toilette Spray


With its nice bottle, this fragrance cannot let you down as a birthday gift for your Libra man. Adds to his oomph, amazing for everyday casual wear, this one lasts long, really long! see the product

13. Compact Air Fryer


You will hate to part with this. Matte Black, temperature and time-controlled, dishwasher safe, this Air fryer will make your foodie Libra man squeal with joy. Hassle-free storage, it prepares healthy, oil-free and perfectly crispy food with little effort. see the product

14. Tommy Hilfiger Leather Wallet


This gift is a power choice for your Libra man. Undeniably! The black leather and the decent Tommy Hilfiger logo add to the aesthetics. With numerous slots to keep his cards safe, it perfectly merges utility with class. see the product

15. Viking Revolution Beard Care Kit


Love his beard and want to convey that to him? This beard care gift box guarantees a complete grooming experience. The kit comes in a travel friendly metal box. The brush, oil, comb, scissors and balm will keep his beard looking great all season. see the product

16. Wireless Charging Pad for iPhone


Truly convenient for charging his iPhone or Samsung Galaxy and buds, this case will please him greatly. Supports charging through cases, is compact and light-weight, built to make charging a faster experience. see the product

17. iPhone 11 Pro Max Case


If your Libra man has been neglecting his new phone for a while or keeps dropping it often, just give him this case. Minimalist design, wireless- charging compatible, extreme shock-proof, highly recommended for its sturdiness and durability. see the product

18. Non-Slip Hot Yoga Towel


Inspire him to take up a Yoga class. This light-weight exercise towel is a wonderful addition to his Yoga session. Slip-free, his health regime couldn’t get any easier with a light-weight and fuss-free option over a heavy Yoga mat. see the product

19. Bath and Body Works Shower Kit


Why not offer your Libra man a luxurious bathing experience on his birthday? This collection of 2 in 1 Hair and body wash is a heavenly combination. Make him smell delicious with this shower kit. see the product

20. JBL Waterproof portable Bluetooth Speaker


Now he can carry his music wherever he goes. Your music lover Libra man will love you for this one! Promise! Waterproof and portable, offers 12 hours of continuous playtime. The best part, it comes with a voice assistant as well. see the product


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