20 Best Birthday Gifts for a Libra Woman

20 Best Birthday Gifts for a Libra Woman


Choosing a gift for the Venus ruled Libra woman is perhaps the easiest. Their love for everything that amplifies comfort, pleasure, luxury and beauty leaves us with a gamut of options you can safely opt for. Never forget to add some thoughtfulness to your gifts no matter how materialistic her choice seems. Here is a list of 20 unique birthday presents and gift ideas that is bound to make a Libra woman skip a heartbeat!

1. Bath & Body Works Signature Collection


Smells delicious, the Bath & Body works “Dark Kiss” Signature collection is the perfect gift to pamper your Libra woman. They usually have a rich taste in luxurious products. This product should give them all the more excuses to bathe often, leaving that beautiful skin soft and fresh.
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2. Fossil silver-tone watch


Silver toned, water-resistant, sleek bracelet watch, this collection from Fossil is perfect for an all-occasion wear. This makes for a great gift for your Libra woman who loves to hoard an exquisite collection of premium watches.
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3. Victoria’s Secret Seduction Body Mist


Purely seductive, this fruity body mist from Victoria’s Secret is a mood lifter. The Libra woman loves being the centre of attention. The scent lingers for a long, long time leaving a trace of their presence wherever they go.
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4. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead


This international bestseller by Sheryl Sandberg has left a legacy in questioning the status quo and challenging gender roles in the modern world. Libra women are born intellectuals. They have a sharp bent of mind, that loves discussing ideas. A Libra woman with a feminine streak will appreciate your choice of this book.
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5. Coco Chanel Home Decor Poster Set


The Libra women are among the most fashionable of all zodiac signs. This set of Coco Chanel posters is a stunner in home decoration, a perfectly modern element to revamp her home. It is a great way to appreciate their beauty, sense of art and balance.
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6. Table Topics: Great Conversation Starters


Libra women are great conversationalists. They love their social life. To add to their gregarious nature, the conversation starter kit is sure to add the fun to their dates and unplanned events. Purely for adults, you’ll make her an even better hostess with this present.
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7. Contigo Vacuum Insulated Travel Mug


The business Libra woman is almost always on the move. A true utility gift, keeping in mind her busy schedule, she will adore you for your care and thoughtfulness. BPA free, the vacuum insulation keeps liquids hot for 7 hours and cold up to 20!
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8. Sterling Silver Birthstone Pendant - Blue Sapphire


If your Libra woman loves astrology, this one will not disappoint. Blue Sapphire stone set in high polished sterling silver, is pretty much worth the envy.
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9. Pink Macbook Sleeve


Whether your Libra woman is a geek or not, this lightweight MacBook sleeve is an ideal cover case that imparts a fashionable look to her device. Perfectly usable for business, university or outdoor travel, it will not fail to impress.
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10. Soy Wax Scented Candles


Portable Aromatherapy travel tin containers with scented soy wax candles, they are convenient to carry and great for relaxation. Libra women don’t shy away from expressing their sexuality. This gift is a lovely addition to their foreplay sessions for setting the perfect ambience for pleasure.
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11. Friendship Sculpted Keepsake Box


Librans value friendships. They love reminiscing about old memories. This friendship keepsake box with a personal touch of the painter herself, is an ode to your long cherished bond. It also includes a beautiful message inside “Forever True, Forever Friends”.
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12. Vintage Writing Journal


This leather vintage planner is a daily use gift to remind your Libra woman of your admiration for her work. It comes with a printed cover of the “tree of life”. The organiser is the best gift idea for a Libra girl or a young writer, student Libra woman.
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13. Printed Scarf


This soft scarf will make your Libra woman feel comfortable and stylish at the same time. It can be worn around the neck, as a shawl or head wrap. Apt for chilly days or in air-conditioned environments, it is a perfect way to lift up any basic outfit in no time.
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14. Jessica Simpson House Slipper


This relaxing fur slipper will leave your Libra woman feeling like the queen that she is. Libra women love the finer things in life, and their obsession for everything that screams luxury. Gift this to your Libra woman for an all-day comfort wear.
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15. Michael Kors Red Leather Wallet


Libra women will never shy away from indulging in splurge worthy items. With multiple compartments and enough space for cards, money, phone and keys, this one is a wallet deserving of all your Libra woman’s attention and love.
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16. Funny Drink Coasters


A complete set of table decor with hilarious sayings, this drink coaster collection will instantly turn her bar into a fun-filled hangout area. Libras are usually not great at policing their friends. This will help them drive home a subtle message with some laughter and fun.
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17. Hey Girl Immune Boosting Tea


This Venusian sign has an inclination towards maintaining a healthy balance in her dietary routine. Great for all seasons, to keep flu at bay, this immunity boosting herbal tea will tell your Libra woman how much you care, leaving them feeling simply happy.
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18. Adult Coloring Book


If your Libra woman is bogged by her stringent schedule, the adult coloring book is a novelty gift for her to unwind and relax. Beautiful illustrations that celebrate one’s love for wine, each page has a thoughtful message nudging her to unleash her creative inner spirit.
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19. Bottle Opener Gift Idea for Boss or Coworker


“I survived another meeting that should have been an email”: If your Libra woman is a dear colleague, they are sure to laugh every time they read this on the keychain cum opener. An excellent gift for your boss Libra woman too, this one makes for a creative and funny birthday gift idea.
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20. Starbucks Gift Card


Too confused about what to offer a Libra woman who has everything? A gift card is your savior. Also, if the only things that you do know about the birthday girl is her love for coffee, you cannot say ‘no’ to the Starbucks gift card option. Just top up an amount of your choice and mail this to her, she’ll thank you endlessly!
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