Cancer Man in Bed: How to Turn Him On & Make Him Crazy?

Cancer Man in Bed: How to Turn Him On & Make Him Crazy?

Are you sexually attracted to a Cancer man and do you want to know how to seduce him in bed? What should you know about sex with a Cancer man? How to please the Cancer male sexually? What are his likes and dislikes during sex? Which Zodiac signs are sexually compatible with the Cancer man? If you want to know more about his sexuality and are wondering how to turn on a Cancer man in bed, here are a few tips that will come in handy!

Cancer man sexuality traits

The moon ruled Cancer man loves being touched and caressed. They love it when passion builds up slowly. The most sensitive area of his body is his chest and he will be turned on easily with the delicate touch of his partner.

He is moody and much of his initiatives depends on how needy he is of physical gestures on the part of his partner. He is possessive and breach of trust might cause him to withdraw forever.

He is very receptive to the needs of his lover. He is also willing to learn what makes her the happiest and sexually content. He wants to learn and if you exhibit patience he will spoil you.

What does the Cancer man like in bed?

He values the consent of his partner. He is respectful and will not force his whims on her. He will be patient while making love, carefully observing her reactions. Once trust is established he might blow your mind with his openness to explore unusual sexual postures.

They are great with oral sex. In case that excites you too, it would be stupid to not ask for it from the Cancer man. Their sexual fantasies are limitless but they do not prefer blurting that out to all and sundry until they are convinced of being trusted and valued.

His soft-core makes him a nurturer and his passion is heightened with equal reciprocity. Role plays might interest him and if complete surrender is to be had, he won’t give up unless you have had the best orgasms you could ever ask for. If you are in the mood to criticise a Cancer man, he might hold grudges for a long time.

Cancer man in bed with Scorpio woman

The Cancer man and Scorpio woman share an intense sexual compatibility as they connect well on an intuitive level. If a Scorpio woman is able to surrender to the Cancer man’s sensitivity, physical intimacy will never be dull. The woman born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign is wildly experimentative and this may become burdensome for the Cancer man in coping with her outrageous desires in the long run. However, because the Cancer man is understanding, the Scorpio woman will find a safe avenue to share her passions.

Cancer man in bed with Libra woman

This is a match that suffers from lack of emotional depth. While love may take some work, sex will be pleasurable to both these signs as they are givers. They will seek to satisfy their partners in bed. Libras are charmers and a Cancer man are warm in their gestures. Romance will usually form the strongest link of their connection, creativity the highlight of their bedroom activities. The downside of their sexual compatibility is the lack of time on behalf of the Libra woman for she is a socialite while the Cancer man a homebody.

Cancer man and Aries woman sexual compatibility

Aries women tend to be a bit too aggressive for the Cancer man. While the fiery Aries may be attractive to the sensitive Cancer superficially, problems might surface soon enough when they seek a common ground of understanding. The Cancer man may like it slow while the Aries woman craves rough sex. While the moon ruled Cancer man may look for warmth and compassion, the warrior Mars ruled Aries woman struggles to stay attached or cling. However, sex can be exciting when both learn to communicate and trust.

Cancer man in bed with Cancer woman

Both understand the importance of long foreplays before the actual act of lovemaking. It is a beautiful bond of emotional compatibility where feelings run deep. If they have known each other long enough, they will be able to trust each other without hurting each other’s sentiments. They are focused more on emotional bliss regardless of the perfection in their sexual performances or skills. Cancer man and Cancer woman are moody and they will always find a way to communicate their needs affectionately.

Cancer man and Aquarius woman

The water and air signs have difficulty understanding each other right at the onset. While the woman born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign is adventurous, the Cancer man feels the safest in his territory and scared of sexual experimentations on a scale the Aquarius woman does. While the Aquarius woman may be lured by the Cancer man’s care and sensitivity, his dependency may dampen her interest for she doesn’t handle restrictions or insecurities of her partner well. While she wants to conquer the world, he wants peace in the homefront. This affects their sex life wreaking havoc for a long term physical attraction to sustain.

Cancer man in bed with Gemini woman

The Gemini woman lives her life daringly. The Cancer man prefers staying guarded round the clock. Her intelligence might be tactful, her charm irresistible to a Cancer man. He does appear quite timid and shy to the Gemini woman and sexual attraction might be a bumpy ride. However, all their differences might lay the foundation of an inflammable sexual chemistry. They might display their power struggle in the bedroom aggressively finishing off brilliantly well to gratify and validate their repressed physical needs.

Cancer man and Sagittarius woman in bed

The Sagittarius woman is so adventurous both within and outside the bedroom. She loves the uncertainty of life unlike the Cancer man who craves for stability and security. The Sagittarius woman is a fierce person who hates to be tamed while the Cancer man is scared of letting her run wild. This is a connection that gives away more smoke than fire as the Sagittarius woman is hesitant to commit and attach herself. If it's a matter of infrequent sexual encounters with no strings attached, this might be a workable sexual relationship but a long term partnership may end up revealing their unresolvable differences.

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