Cancer Man and Libra Woman: Love Compatibility?

Cancer Man and Libra Woman: Love Compatibility?


Cancer man and the Libra woman can have a harmonious relationship if they work on building trust, respect, and mutual understanding. But can a Cancer man and a Libra woman marry? Are the Cancer man and the Libra woman sexually compatible? Why are Cancerians so attracted to Librans? Are Cancer and Libra soulmates?

Here is what you need to know about the Cancer man and Libra woman's compatibility in love to understand if they make a good couple and have a relationship that can last!

Connection, Initial attraction, and Chemistry

The moon ruled Cancer man can be quite sensitive, moody but nonetheless caring and passionate when they fall in love. With the Venus-ruled Libra woman though, a romantic relationship could be a difficult ride.

Despite the sensual interactions and romantic love exchanges, these lovers could encounter quite a few bumpy roads along the way. Yes, they'll fall in love. Quite possibly, love at first sight but this could also fade as they slowly get to know each other, and mistrust brews when either of them has difficulty with keeping up and living up to expectations.

This is a connection of intense emotions which could either bring them too close or move them so far, that they may never see each other again.

The Libra woman will make a Cancer man's heart flutter with her beauty, charm, and grace, especially in vibrant social settings (see 10 Libra woman's personality traits you didn't know). The Cancer man is moody but calm and enjoys their personal space with high walls around themselves. It could be a challenge for these love birds to catch pace with each other but with some compromises and adjustments, they could manage to keep their attraction from fading away too quickly.

Is it love at first sight between the Cancer man and Libra woman?

Love, at first sight, is a major possibility between the Cancer man and Libra woman.

They live in fantasy bubbles and as soon as they find someone that ticks off the majority of their expectations, they are quick to hop in. While the Cancer man is cautious, he will find the Libra woman too attractive and sensual to say no.

This couple will tease each other and build much anticipation for what's to come. With their creative talents, they are adept at creating a la-la land in their heads and living there until the harder reality strikes and they end up disappointed.

Yes, there is a tinge of impractical behavior and thought process associated with these signs but love, at first sight, can catch them off guard when they were least expecting it.

How is the Cancer man testing the Libra woman?

The Cancer man wants a partner who is patient and reliable. They are homebodies who find happiness in their comfort zones. If they decide on pursuing the Libra woman, Cancer men would want to ensure that they are trustworthy and dependable (Also read: How to make a Cancer man chase you?).

So, they might accompany them to public places and also interact with their friends and family before they make a leap of faith and jump into a relationship with them.

Libra women are notorious for being flirtatious and reckless. So, if these traits scare off the Cancer man, he may not be keen on chasing her.

However, it's important to note that Libra being an air sign, the Libra female is pretty quick at observing and making its moves. So, trying to outsmart them could be counterintuitive if the Cancer man doesn't have a well-laid-out plan already.

In fact, if he goes behind her back to prove his point or judge her reliability, she might take offense and give up on him for good.

Cancer man and Libra woman in bed

Are the Cancer man and the Libra woman sexually compatible?

The Cancer man might take some time to get physically close to the Libra woman. While the women born under the Libra Zodiac sign can indulge in one-night stands and reckless sexual adventures (see Why are Libras so hot and so good in bed), Cancer men like it privately. Yes, he will shower her with a lot of affection and care and pamper her but he will have to win his tryst before he spoils her in the bedroom too. The beautiful Libra woman is irresistibly attractive. Blessed with soft features and a beautiful body, she will have a hypnotic effect on the Cancer guy.

The Cancer man is no less manipulative. He can easily lure someone into bed despite the fact that he may seem shy and introverted on the outside. He is generally attracted to a woman's bosoms and with a Libra woman too he'll be hooked on to her well-endowed breasts. He is a giver and generally less demanding in the bedroom. But the Libra woman needs to stop intimidating him with her wild fantasies. Cancer men like passion brewing slowly. They are sensitive and emotional so unless they sense a deep bond, they might struggle to perform their best between the sheets.

Cancer man and Libra woman relationship problems

This relationship will encounter issues on many levels.

Firstly, their trust issues could seem insurmountable. They may also struggle to reconcile and make adjustments if they fear being taken advantage of played with. The Libra woman wants to balance her life but ironically, she could have difficulty in managing her emotions and those of the Cancer male.

While Libra natives like wide social networks and possibly gala parties, where they can socialize and meet new people, the Cancer man might take offense if they notice her getting too close to those of the opposite sex.

Yes, a sense of insecurity can infest this relationship that eats into the foundation of their romance and general understanding.

Marriage compatibility: Is a wedding between a Cancer man and a Libra woman a good idea?

A wedding is a lifelong commitment and unless the Cancer man and Libra woman have spent a considerable amount of time in each other's company, it could be a wrong idea to jump the gun and settle down.

It's important to understand their compatibility quotients and only if they are open to learning and figuring out solutions patiently, marriage can work. As water and air signs, they are quick at making decisions and burning bridges. Thus, they should exercise some care before they decide to settle down.

That said, as long as they patiently nurture and work through their seemingly evident problems, the Cancer man and Libra woman can end up being in a fulfilling relationship.


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