Cancer Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?

Cancer Woman in Bed: How to Seduce and Please her?

Highly feminine, caring, intuitive and sentimental, the woman born under the Cancer Zodiac sign would easily attract any man. But the question is: How can a man sexually attract a Cancer woman? What does she want in bed? What are her expectations during lovemaking? Who is the Cancer woman sexually compatible with? Is a Cancer female sexually active?

Fortunately, astrology has a few secrets to reveal about this woman. If you are wondering how to seduce and sexually please a Cancer woman in bed, here is what you need to know about her sexuality!

Cancer woman sexuality traits

She is conservative. The Cancer woman is a homebody. She loves the confines of her home. Her sinful indulgences would preferably be in and around a place she feels the most comfortable in. Don’t fret if you find her approaching you quite like a mother, trying to ensure everything is safe and protected. Not the kinds to seek wild adventures out in the open or extravagantly experimenting with sex, she is typically shy in her sexual approaches.

She is emotional. There is an intense need to seek emotional satisfaction in lovemaking with a mate.  She would want to be spoilt with compliments during the act. She is a passionate lover too, and much like the moon there are phases to her openness. Her moodiness can be hard to predict but a truly understanding partner who is grounded and patient can ensure that she feels safe in his arms.

She is picky. The Cancer woman does have trust issues. She needs to be intensely attracted to someone to think of surrendering to him. She is sensitive and her pickiness stems from her desire to protect herself from any harm. If she is really drawn to someone, the sexual act is nothing short of ecstasy. In case the Cancer woman is turned off by your aggressiveness, she will never end up in your bed.

What does the Cancer woman like in bed?

Long foreplays and oral sex are her thing. She loves the act of kissing. So, sexual tension may build up pretty slow but that only means you need to let the deliciousness of her seduction unfold on its own. She loves a dominant mate for she is ever ready to submit to a man who she could trust with all her heart. The intuitive Cancer woman needs the sense of home in the presence and touch of her man. She is a giver, making sure her partner is pleased and satisfied.

To seduce her, make sure you focus on the details of what happens outside the bedroom. Take care of her needs and make her feel special with the kindest gestures. Avoid rushing her or portraying a sense of detachment from her emotions. Be compassionate with her for that is a prelude to receiving a blissful sexual experience with the Cancer woman. Lovemaking is a meaningful exercise for her and if she feels threatened or disrespected, she would distance herself from you.

Let's have a closer look at the sexual compatibility of the Cancer woman with other zodiac signs.

Cancer woman and Taurus man in bed

The Cancer and Taurus have deep respect for and trust in each other. Taurus provides the Cancer woman with a sense of stability that makes it easy for her to open up. He helps her fight out her insecurities by standing strong with her. He follows up and flows through his promises which makes it all so easy to confide in. This relationship is meant to last if the Taurus man learns to loosen up a bit and the Cancer woman puts all her fears in the backseat.

Cancer woman and Virgo man in bed

The Virgo man is a provider. He is self sufficient and focuses on the details of all that excites him. Sex life is based upon a beautiful merger of the heart and the mind for this couple. While the Virgo man may fail to express himself emotionally, the Cancer woman helps him get in touch with his compassionate side. He takes life seriously and is meticulous in his execution of all actions. This forms a solid ground for the Cancer woman’s willingness to explore a magical sex life together that is founded upon love and support.

Cancer woman and Capricorn man in bed

The Capricorn man is reliable and protective of those who he calls family. He is intelligent and responsible in his actions and words. Always trying to be at the top of his game, he instils a sense of security in the Cancer woman. She takes care and makes his house a peaceful home. This makes her receptive to his needs and mutual reciprocity of desires makes for a satisfying sex life.

Cancer woman and Leo man in bed

Sexual compatibility could be hard to come by for these two Zodiac signs who fail to find a common ground for experiencing deep carnal satisfaction. The Leo man is flashy and this does make the Cancer woman uncomfortable. His grandiose might scare her away and doom their relationship. The Leo mate is attractive and his friendliness and aura is magnetic. This is difficult for a Cancer woman to adjust with for she fails to comprehend his desperate need for attention everywhere he goes.

Cancer woman and Sagittarius man in bed

The Cancer woman will never successfully understand the ever-changing character of the fiery Sagittarius. It is hard for the Sagittarius man to be confined to a space while the Cancer woman finds comfort in her home. Mutual trust is difficult to achieve as both of them have polar opposite expectations from life in general. In this background, sexual satisfaction could only remain a distant dream.

Cancer woman and Gemini man in bed

The Gemini man has peculiar desires for quick getaways to uncharted territories that the Cancer woman eschews. While the Gemini man is explorative, he finds the Cancer woman extremely timid and shy. The socialite Gemini man can instantly form connections and bonds with people quite easily. It is quite impossible for a Cancer woman to make sense of his superficiality. This is irritating for the Cancer female, turning her off instantly to form any sexual bond further.

Cancer woman and Aquarius man in bed

This couple will struggle with a strange tension as they oppose each other in all areas. He might come across as extremely aggressive and rough to the soft Cancer woman who fears sudden changes in her routine unlike the Aquarius man. There is an urgency in all actions or efforts that the Aquarius man initiates to woo the Cancer woman. This drives home fear and resentment. Only if the Aquarius man tones down his energy and the Cancer woman decides to avoid spilling her emotions too soon, they could possibly enjoy their sexual union.

Cancer woman and Scorpio man in bed

Both these water signs being intensely emotional, sex is ever more exciting and fun-filled. Sex is fulfilling when the Scorpio man effortlessly satisfies her and both share feelings that are honest and soulful. Lovemaking will know no limits when the Cancer woman allows herself to open up and follow the Scorpio man’s lead as he takes her to unimaginable places with his seductive skills. He is a seasoned lover and the Cancer woman would find in him a protected space to fearlessly open her heart to.

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