What to Do When a Cancer Woman Ignores You?

What to Do When a Cancer Woman Ignores You?


Caring, gentle, intuitive and compassionate is how the Cancer woman's core personality looks like. She is wary of change and is a desperate seeker of routine. What does it mean when a Cancer woman is ignoring you suddenly and being distant? What should I do? If you hurt her, will she forgive you? How to get the Cancer woman back?

Here is what it means when the Cancer woman ignores you, gives you the silent treatment, appears distant and last but not least how to make her come back to you:

My Cancer woman is ignoring me suddenly: What does it mean?

She is suspicious of you. A Cancer woman wants to keep herself safe from danger. She is protective and may seem a bit selfish as she maintains a distance from potential harm. It is hard to win over a Cancer woman unless you have proven your worth through your stability and dependability. She could easily mistrust you if your motives seem fishy or your actions don't convince her of your loyalty.

She is not interested in you. Quite simply, when someone as caring as the Cancer woman starts ignoring someone, she is sure of showing him the door out of her life. She may not see any potential in you or is perhaps sure that you are not a compatible match with the Cancer woman. She would therefore express her lack of involvement by severing all connections with you.

She has other priorities. The Cancer female is immensely concerned about her domestic life. She needs to be at peace in her comfort zone and hence, she works hard to ensure that all chaos is kept at bay. It could be so that your Cancer woman has an immediate engagement in the home front which cannot be ignored. It is good to be aware of the fact that when in a dilemma, your Cancer woman would always choose those she calls family.

She does not respect you. An irresponsible behavior will always annoy the Cancer woman and even turn her off for good. She expects a high moral standard and if her trust and patience is tested, she would not stay calm for long. She does not tolerate insensitivity or a casual handling of her emotions. So, if the Cancer woman has no admiration for you, she'll start growing cold.

She does not wish to confront you. The Cancer woman is delicate and empathetic. She wants to fill her life with love and light. She is highly intuitive and can sense danger from afar. As a sentimental persona, she would hate to be bluntly aggressive and tell you what hurt her. In that case, she'll also be scared to answer your questions and therefore, prefer remaining unavailable.

How to deal with a Cancer woman when she becomes distant?

Stop forcing her. Expecting the Cancer female to become a mute spectator to your dominating tendencies is foolish. While she may handle it calmly for a while, once done with it, she'll give you a cold shoulder. It is best to avoid expecting her to meet your unreasonable demands in case she has expressed her lack of interest in taking the relationship forward. An ideal action would be no action at all.

Give her some space. If the relationship has made her feel claustrophobic, she would desperately seek freedom. She needs her privacy and fresh air to feel alive and appreciated. She is a giver who nurtures those around her often to her own neglect. If you took her for granted, she may not feel anymore for you. It would be great to leave her to herself and wait till she returns when the misunderstanding clarifies.

Put efforts into the relationship. If you are in the mood to fool around with the Cancer woman, you might as well leave her to decide the course of the relationship. She needs a solid commitment. She wants to feel equally adored, admired and desired. If you paid no attention to her needs, give the relationship another chance by trying to win over her all over again with the guarantee of a healthy relationship.

My Cancer woman stopped texting me: What should I do?

Give her some time. The Cancer woman would need some time to bounce back to her lively self if she is angered or hurt in the relationship. A good step to comfort her is to allow her some time to relax and rejuvenate and see the relationship in a different light. Perhaps the monotony and lack of efforts has killed her drive to continue with you. So, let her be and respect the decision she comes up with.

Send her an apology. Always express your sincere apology if you fiddled with her honor or abused her loyalty. Bombarding her phone with repeated texts or calls would be a waste when she is in no mood to talk. While she may never trust you back, a genuinely apologetic behavior would show that you have the heart to accept your mistakes. If you try playing the blame game, she'll lose all hope to revive the relationship.

Be patient with her. A Cancer woman's ideal man is someone who can handle her frequent mood swings and patiently deal with her tantrums. There are times when she feels directionless and seeks extra love and support. Accusing her would only push her away from you. So, while you must allow her time to reflect and understand what she wants, be there for her if you feel she needs you despite the anger.

How do you know when a Cancer woman is done with you?

A woman born under the Cancer Zodiac sign is very conscious of how she projects herself to the outside world. She is guarded and territorial and wants to passionately dedicate herself to someone who values her feelings and impresses her with his firmness, resourcefulness and loyalty. She is particular about her choices and would only allow a man who is bold enough to dive deep into her ocean of emotions.

If a Cancer woman can no longer confide in you, she will seek an immediate exit. But if her attachment to you is strong, she will first try to make efforts to save the relationship. At these times, she may exhibit passive-aggressive behavior and emotional outbursts. She will give you chances but if you disappoint her repeatedly, she will leave you and go away forever.


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