How to Make a Cancer Woman Jealous?

How to Make a Cancer Woman Jealous?


Cancer women are prone to getting jealous quite frequently as they are pretty emotional and sensitive. However, she will only care if she truly loves you. What makes a Cancer woman possessive? What does a Cancer woman expect in a relationship? Do you want to make a Cancer woman jealous and trick her to get back to you after a breakup? How does the Cancer woman act when she is jealous?

Here is how to make a Cancer woman jealous and the ways they deal with jealousy:

Are Cancer women jealous and possessive?

The women born under the Cancer Zodiac sign are emotional. They have deep feelings which can be hurt if she is disregarded in her relationships. A Cancer woman's love is mother-like. So, she is willing to sacrifice everything for someone she holds close to her heart.

The Cancer native is very caring and patient with everyone even though she could be guilty of an unusual show of mood swings. When she trusts someone, she is quite forgiving. This often makes her blind in love. But she could be insecure when she finds her partner trying to get close to someone else.

There are phases of the Cancer woman where she becomes too needy. She needs a transparent relationship where she feels the emotional reciprocity. A one-sided love affair can make the Cancer woman too possessive and self-destructive.

What makes the Cancer woman jealous?

Her sensitivity causes her to showcase an emotional breakdown if she feels betrayed in love. She is overprotective and nurturing when she finds the “right” one. If she feels like she gives more than she receives in her relationship while her partner fantasizes about someone else, she will be devastated.

Excessively praising someone else will lead her to show her possessiveness. If you decide to support and be there for someone else, it will definitely cause some trigger in the mind of a Cancer woman. Also, try not convincing her to accept your flirtatious tendencies and this is unacceptable to the Cancer woman.

She doesn't want you to get emotionally or physically close to anyone. It would be a good idea to avoid talking about your exes or the achievements of other women in front of your Cancer woman.

If you starve a Cancer woman of your time and attention, she will be jealous. Give her enough time no matter how occupied you are or she would start thinking that you are not into her.

Make her chase you for a long time and she would eventually get suspicious of you. She needs to feel that you prioritize her and give her the attention that she needs. If you don't do enough, it will make her feel green with jealousy.

Make a Cancer woman feel that you can do without her, she will be jealous. She wants to be there for you and take care of your needs. Be reliant and show that you need her. Your detachment will lead her to believe that you have already replaced her.

As Cancer is an emotional sign, it is quite obvious that she will get jealous. She cares too much and therefore, when her expectations aren't met, she may start self-deprecating. So, it's best if you keep the urge to make her jealous.

How does the Cancer woman show jealousy?

As she has depressive tendencies, it will only push her into an anxious mode. It is difficult to handle a Cancer woman when she is agitated. She is quite delicate and fragile so making her insecure will only put your relationship in jeopardy.

Once a Cancer woman is hurt, it would not be easy to handle her. If you notice the cancer woman being less chatty and withdrawn, it is a major sign that something is bothering her. It is unusual for a Cancer woman to be less engaged with her partner unless he has caused her to be insecure and hurt. Unless she decides to share her deepest pain with someone, no one would know what caused her to act that way.

The Cancer woman will often continue suffering because she hates confronting her partner when she is sad. This silence is like slow poison which slowly affects her so much that she may decide to move on and never return. As tender as she is on the inside, she can also be hard and cold if she decides to be. It is an extreme case when she has no confidence left in the relationship.

Making a Cancer woman jealous after a breakup: Will it make her come back?

The Cancer woman does not give up easily on her partner. She would make all efforts to keep her relationships intact but if she is cheated on, she wouldn't be able to make peace with the backstab. Once she is gone, she will close down for good and never return. You'll certainly regret causing her so much pain later.

If you have already parted ways with the Cancer woman it is a good idea to leave her alone and allow her the time to heal. This will give her peace and help her cope with the loss of losing someone she loved so much. She will build high and impenetrable walls around herself to protect her heart. She might continue loving you and even stalk the current developments in your life but she will seek a companionship that fulfills her and gives her the love she deserves.


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