10 Negative Personality Traits of Capricorn (Man & Woman)

10 Negative Personality Traits of Capricorn (Man & Woman)


The Capricorn is a mature sign in the zodiac, one who operates with sensibility and sensitivity. Represented by the sea-goat, they are headstrong, responsible and intelligent. One could say that they make ones of the best parents. But they also have a dark side and have a few flaws. What are the bad qualities of the Capricorn males and females? What negative personality traits of the Capricorn should you be aware of?

Let’s dive into the 10 negative personality traits of the Capricorn men and women!

1. Stubborn is the very first Capricorn's bad quality

The sea-goat is a tough creature. It endures much and breaks through what doesn't serve him with immense strength. The Capricorn Zodiac sign is a fixed sign, and the element of earth makes it quite unwavering when he makes a decision. He likes being in charge of his life. He trusts none but himself. A high sense of self-worth drives him but it could also act to his detriment when he fails to see the other side of the coin. The fixated character can be quite a challenge when it comes to his social life. He chooses people of his tribe with care and shuns those who don’t meet his expectations.

2. Capricorns have difficulties in letting go

If one has hurt a Capricorn, forgiveness won’t come easy. He is patient in life, never makes impulsive moves. But once he has had enough and walks away from someone, no amount of effort to influence him works. He takes perfect u-turns from messy situations because he likes to have his life quite drama-free. Ruled by Saturn, he likes things orderly and processes followed with due diligence. Anyone taking a different route not approved by them are traitors. Once faith is lost, it is hard to be restored with the Capricorn because he values his emotions even though the world sees him as cold and indifferent. He doesn’t gamble and if you pose a threat to his peace, there is no room for you ever in his life again.

3. They are quite critical of everyone

The Capricorn, whether male or female, is quite convinced that he is the best. He doesn't fear competition, knowing that nothing can defeat him if he really wants to achieve something. His tone can be condescending to ones who don't conform to his rule book. He is far from accepting his own set of weaknesses. This could give rise to an ego or pride that looks down upon people. It makes him appear outright snobbish and rude. The Capricorns are quite well-known in their circle for being knowledgeable. So, he may not exercise much control in jumping quickly to correct people or debating their heart out just to prove themselves superior.

4. The Capricorn natives are workaholic

The Capricorn natives may make you feel like you don’t do enough with their dedication to work. They slog too hard to earn their bread and make sure their family is well taken care of. Burning the midnight oil to make ends meet and then spiral upwards on the social ladder may be a common story of most Capricorns. While they are taking care of their bills, it might seem like they don’t value their partners enough. Their unavailability can be quite an interest-killer for many who value physical presence to be assured of someone’s seriousness in a relationship.

5. Act all-knowing is another negative trait of their personality

Capricorn is a very intelligent Zodiac sign. If they are interested in a subject, they would not hesitate to become an expert spending long hours to ace it. If accomplishments get to their head, they could live under the illusion that there is none better than them. They would push themselves and cross lapses successfully to excel at what they do. Highly driven and ambitious, you could expect a Capricorn man or woman to be at the top of their game. A little too obsessed about themselves, the Capricorn will not spare someone they couldn’t care less about, barely able to keep their sarcastic remarks to themselves.

6. They are not very accepting of change

The people born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign are quite traditional in their approach to everything in life. Their rigidity stems from their earthy natures that keep them rooted and averse to risks. They have a structured routine and when things follow a pattern, it makes them feel secure. The sense of safety is very important to the Capricorns and they would make sure their family is taken care of as well. Try taking a different route to the same destination where a Capricorn is headed too, there are chances he may not be very appreciative of it. Call him old- fashioned but the sea goat but he is very sensitive to change and also being taken for granted.

7. Also not expressive

Capricorns have a hard time expressing their emotions articulately. They do work very hard to bring their ideas to reality. Where they might not live up is the expectation to communicate their softer side effectively. This could work against them in their relationships with someone who values more transparency. They are usually focused on the end goals, getting their hands dirty in the process rather than using their emotions creatively to speak, read or write.

8. Both Capricorn men and women may act aloof and distant

Capricorns appear quite disinterested in most things on the exterior. While they are high-achievers of the zodiac, you won't find them being too loud or flashy about their accomplishments. They like to maintain a low- profile letting their actions speak for themselves. They build such strong walls around that being able to enjoy life is a major struggle for them. Their emotions run very deep though they may not show it. While they may be sensitive in the core, they do appear tough and unapproachable.

9. They have very strong opinions, maybe too strong...

It is almost impossible to win over an argument with a Capricorn if your facts aren’t checked. They are realists who prefer practicality in their endeavors. They have pretty strong opinions that add to their strong-willed characters and self-absorption. They usually undermine all other perspectives except for their personal understanding on a problem. One could sense a great level of mistrust operating on the inside when the Capricorn builds connections initially.

10. They have high expectations in life, love and relationships

As long as Capricorns have certain tangible outcomes to their goals, they will be deeply immersed caring less about what's happening around the world. They have high expectations of themselves and also the people they interact with. They cannot wrap their heads around how people could have a casual approach to work and life. The highest level of focus and discipline comes with a certain level of aloofness that wreaks havoc on their social life. Material success is a priority so attachment to worldly gains might make them less appreciative of an equally important spiritualist bent of life.


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