How to Make a Capricorn Woman Jealous?

How to Make a Capricorn Woman Jealous?


Capricorn women take a long time to open up to protect their emotions. They are stubborn, hardworking and practical individuals whose self-control prevents them from acting on impulse. Does a Capricorn woman get jealous easily? Is she possessive or controlling? How does a Capricorn woman express her jealousy? Why do Capricorns never play detective with their partners?

Here is what astrology can reveal us and what you should know about a Capricorn woman's behavior and emotions when she is in love:

Are Capricorn women jealous and possessive?

There are certain things a Capricon woman dislikes in a man. Her ideal mate is reliable and responsible. The headstrong Capricorn woman is difficult to mess with. She is mature when in love. She may take a while to fall for someone but once she does, she is all in. She sets boundaries pretty straight when she decides to commit to someone.

It is not normal for a Capricorn woman to act kiddish and get jealous frequently. She is an empowered woman and unless she trusts a man with all her heart, she is unlikely to even start a relationship with him. She is fully aware of what it takes to run a relationship smoothly.

Experienced woman that she is, her man would usually have to work doubly hard to expect a negative reaction like jealousy from her. Thus, jealousy is not a dominant trait of a Capricorn woman.

What makes the Capricorn woman jealous?

While it is true that Capricorn women don't get jealous easily, there could be some instances where she may get suspicious and start mistrusting her partner.

If you are mean to your Capricorn woman and make it quite obvious to her that someone else is better than her or she is replaceable, she will be annoyed. She is generally good at her job and super ambitious. So, if you decide to make her feel like she doesn't matter to you, she will start feeling that you are avoidant and disinterested. This will trigger some jealousy.

You hang out with those who are more successful than your Capricorn woman. The women born under the Capricorn Zodiac sign have great ambitions and goals in life. They could feel worthless and devalued if she is criticized. If you start making her feel that you pay more attention to those more accomplished than her, she will go green with jealousy.

You are more attentive to other women and flirt with them whenever you get a chance. In such a scenario, the Capricorn woman will be highly disappointed. She may not express her jealousy outright but she will ensure that you know by giving you a cold shoulder.

How does the Capricorn woman show jealousy?

It takes great work to be in the good books of a Capricorn lover. She does not handle sneaky behavior very well and could be the least forgiving of all. When hurt, the Capricorn woman will start being aloof and acting distant when she is suspicious. She may not be the warmest sign you will come across when she is in love.

She could go silent, planning to leave you without much confrontation and chaos because she cannot afford the idea of getting emotionally entangled. She will appear standoffish and even rude after some point of enduring a frustrating relationship. So, once they start suspecting you of cheating on them, they may have already planned their exit game.

She will never tolerate a cheating partner. The Capricorn woman is fine suffering a little instead of craving a relationship that does not make her happy. She has bigger agendas to take care of being highly goal-driven.

Dishonesty and lies makes her sick. She cannot tolerate the idea of living a painful life with someone who makes her feel any lesser. When the Capricorn woman is struggling with their emotions, they may use sarcasm to deal with the confusion. Their sense of humor can catch anyone off-guard and leave people a sour impression.

The Capricorn woman wants someone who is balanced and has well-meaning intentions for her. She wants to grow with her man and build an empire. When a Capricorn woman decides to fall for someone it is usually with the idea of getting married to that person. So, when that dream breaks it could take her a very long time to believe in love again or move on.

Making a Capricorn woman jealous after a breakup: Will it make her come back?

A Capricorn woman is logical and reserved. They will ensure they have the facts before they attack someone with questions or demand the truth.

Once a Capricorn woman is convinced that you are not "the one" for her, she won't pursue you any longer. They work hard and never wish to feel used. As a woman with elegance and integrity, she can handle her emotions and look forward to a better future. She may mourn her breakup with you in silence, never letting anyone know what truly happened. So, if you decide to play mind games and expect a response, she will give you none. When the Capricorn woman is done with you, she will be full of negativity.

Capricorn women are mentally stable and strong. They do not fear obstacles and can take on challenges with courage. If she is aware of the fact that you have moved on, she won't beg you to come back. It is a good idea to leave a Capricorn woman instead of causing her wounds she will struggle to get over. It is hard to make them laugh. She doesn't display vulgarity of any sort so, no matter how hurt your Capricorn woman is, she will keep her head high and move on. In short, once your Capricorn woman has left, she is unlikely to stalk you, let alone keeping a check on who your current muse is.


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