The Dark Side of a Pisces Man in a Relationship

The Dark Side of a Pisces Man in a Relationship


Pisces men are known to have a big heart but they also secretly do have toxic traits that make relationships a challenge for them. Why makes Pisces men so difficult in relationships? What are the bad, negative personality traits of Pisces? What is the dark side of the Pisces man in a relationship? Why are Pisces men so unreliable in love and in relationships?

Here is a list of 10 ugly truths about Pisces men which make them hard to keep in romantic relationships:

1. Pisces man's extreme sensitivity them difficult to love

A discomforting fact about a Pisces man in a relationship is his ultra sensitivity. He could take things very personally and hold grudges against some he loves for a long time or forever. He hesitates to communicate about his problems and this creates confusion in the mind of his loved ones. One might need to mollycoddle them which demands a great effort and time.

2. Pessimism makes them bad in relationships

As an intuitive persona, the Pisces male senses the negativity really quickly. Pisces are different and are often confused about a course of action..They could start thinking about the worst possible scenario first and drown themselves worrying about what could go wrong. Such a negative outlook does not bode well in a relationship especially when their partner is incapable of handling anxiousness and depressive tendencies.

3. Indecisiveness is the worst trait of a Pisces man

Pisces men have a hard time making a firm decision. They are torn between the right and the wrong. They listen to their heart and follow a path which is directed by their intuition. In a relationship one is expected to make solid decisions so that their partner isn't affected by an inability to solve problems responsibly. Pisces man may not be able to deliver their promises which is a red flag in relationships.

4. Pisces men are detached in relationships

As spiritual beings, Pisces may appear cold and have trouble being actively social. Their aloofness might make them seem standoffish. They are empathetic and could feel overwhelmed in crowded spaces. This causes them to choose their comfort zone to protect their peace and sanity. Easily misunderstood and sometimes callous about how they are perceived in the public eye, they withdraw or close off without a warning.

5. Escapism makes them so annoying

They could easily ghost someone when trust is compromised. Their pessimism makes them mistrust everyone around them which irritates a partner who is trying to win their heart. Imaginative as they are, Pisces men may not pay attention when a partner shares matters that concern them and the relationship. They demand their space and may be unavailable without an explanation. Such activities may create disappointments and insecurities.

6. A Pisces man's negative trait is the lack of a strong will power

The men born under the Pisces Zodiac sign lack discipline and the determination to convert dreams to reality. They are innovative thinkers and charming to woo someone right away. However, when words don't convert to real action, a partner may start to question their dedication and stability. Trust is the bedrock of a relationship and an unambiguous partner may be a turn off in the long run.

7. Self-indulgence causes Pisces man to end up alone

They demand me-time, perhaps more than anyone other sign of the zodiac. They like to be on their own imagining the what-if's rather than focusing on what is. Pisces men are deep thinkers, focused on their spiritual advancements. They are compassionate people who care about their loved ones but the tendency of getting lost in thoughts might make them complacent in love matters.

8. Laziness is a Pisces man's weakness

A demotivated Pisces man is annoying to a partner. The loss of discipline and a heavy orientation towards comforts can make them lose the drive to achieve and make it big. Such a trait translates to an avoidance of responsibilities and delaying their plans to settle down and lead a nomadic life, at least in their head. Someone who wants a firm commitment and the promise of a long-term relationship could misunderstand this as their expression of disinterest.

9. Pisces live in a secretive life

It's hard to get a hold of what a Pisces man truly wants. He has dark fantasies especially when it comes to their sex lives. There will be plenty of skeletons in the closet that no one knows or would know about. A Pisces man's heart is an ocean of secrets, buried deep are stories and experiences that leave them with heavy baggage and not so good memories of the past. These raise their ugly heads time and again in the relationship until a lover loses trust and builds high walls.

10. Pisces men lack rationalism

As Pisces men live in a make-believe world, they fail to absorb information or explain their understandings of a situation in a logical fashion. They are more about the feelings and less about the facts. As their emotions drive them they are needy at times and overworked about the problems. They will self-doubt and drain their energy focusing on relativity rather than accepting the objective reality.


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