Dating a Leo Woman: 7 Tips to Conquer her Heart!

Dating a Leo Woman: 7 Tips to Conquer her Heart!


As a Zodiac sign represented by the Lion, regality is at the center of the Leo woman’s persona. This is a sign that loves being in love. Simply put, the warmth of their aura would make anyone fall in love with this big-hearted cat. How to conquer the heart of a Leo woman? What attracts her and makes her fall in love with a man? What kind of a man does she look for? Understanding a Leo woman in love isn’t too complex, provided you read these lines carefully.

Here is everything you should know when you are dating a Leo woman and a few tips from astrology to win over this woman.

1. Pay attention to her

If you have been around a Leo woman for quite some time now, you must know how distinctly she stands out from the crowd. It is never too difficult to notice this feline gives her desperate need to be seen and paid undivided attention to. Be affectionate and playful with her. Stroke her ego as often as you can. Every movement of the Leo woman depicts her royalty. She loves romance and a man who never fails to show his belief in her abilities. In order to be in her good books when you date her, make sure you supply high doses of your love and care, for she needs to be pampered and placed on a high pedestal in order to reciprocate your interest and your love.

2. Admire her

If you want a Leo woman to fancy you, be prepared to worship that queen that she is. She believes she is one and that everything must revolve around her just like all planets revolve around the sun. Her zest for life, grandiose, spontaneity and out-of-the-world gestures for the man of her dreams is overwhelming. She is a born leader who wishes for a mutually respectful partnership that is built on the foundations of equality and justice. With a Leo girl, you will always need to be eager to fan her pride. Observe the star qualities and never forget to compliment her for all the good that you see.

3. Be energetic

The Leo woman is seldom lonely unless she has a project in hand that demands her focus. She is adventurous and wants a mate who is ready to explore and experiment. This feline is hard to be tamed for her free-spirit is forever in search of change. Have conversations with her that stimulate her mind and make her open up to you with trust. It doesn’t go without saying that life with a Leo woman isn’t free from drama. She is fierce with her emotions which lurks in the backdrop of every move of hers. The ever-burning fire in her fuels all her passions whether in the bedroom or outside in the public eye. Lovemaking with a Leo woman is all about anticipation building, dirty-talking, reciprocity, never-ending foreplays, roleplays and unbelievably wild and passionate encounters.

4. Take the backseat

A Leo woman loves to take charge. She never wants to settle for less. Her independence knows no limitations and she loves to make her presence felt wherever she goes. There is rarely anything monotonous in the usual life of this female. The Leo female doesn’t mind making the boss moves even at the cost of being disliked or hated for it. Her ambitions are big and her self-esteem too high to accept defeat. While she doesn’t need a pushover in life, she does expect someone who doesn’t mind sharing the limelight with her or letting her take it all. If you are her partner, she sees you as a teammate. She needs an equal who is humble enough to switch roles for the attainment of the big picture that she sees for them.

5. Have a generous heart

When you have a Leo woman in life, be prepared to bask in all the luxuries that she will spoil you with. Such is her royalty that she will go beyond her means to make you happy. Similarly, she is looking for a kind man who has the heart to keep her needs to the fore and make sure her comfort is taken care of. She has a built-in set of insecurities even though she hides it in the best possible way from the whole world. When her dark side takes over, she will be seething with rage unless justice has been served. Make her feel like the star that shines the brightest in your life, be her muse and support her even when she doesn’t ask for it.

6. Stay loyal to your Leo woman

Stay true to your Leo woman if you have committed to her. Never make her question your sincerity towards the relationship. Rubbing the Leo female the wrong way is an expensive affair for she is too sensitive to any reckless behavior, insult or betrayal. She is extremely possessive of her man. She wouldn’t hesitate to roar when her love is questioned or threatened. The mighty queen is mindfully protective of her territory. She knows how to draw the boundaries and transgressions aren’t forgiven. Be her cheerleader and express your pride to have her in your arms. The fire sign is capable of causing burns if she is belittled, subjected to criticism or mishandled.

7. Have ambitions

The woman born under the Leo Zodiac sign is goal-oriented, often to the point of being branded selfish. To the Lioness, the sky is the limit and there is nothing that will hinder her progress if she is determined. She will strive fearlessly to fulfill her dreams without shedding tears about lost opportunities. She has an amazing ability to turn any negative situation into a positive one with the potential of unlimited possibilities.

In a man, she wants someone who understands and walks beside her as she propers. Have your own goals and nurture them without being too critical about what could be. Have an open mind and the desire to learn without giving up. She is a sucker for a man with integrity and dreams. Clarity of thoughts goes a long way in conquering the heart of this Lioness. Have your opinions and never forget to voice them out for a Leo woman has a deep need to be around a man who knows what he says and can also substantiate it.


Sylvia Maloney

Sylvia Maloney

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