Gemini and Virgo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Gemini and Virgo Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Geminis and Virgos might not seem like an easy connection but they do share some remarkable traits owing to their mercurial nature that allows them to become good friends. Can Gemini and Virgo be best friends? How is their friendship quotient? What do they like and dislike about each other's behaviors and personalities? How do they differ from each other?

Here is what astrology tells us about Gemini and Virgo friendship compatibility and if they will last a lifetime together:

Are Gemini and Virgo good friends?

The Gemini and Virgo friendship is pretty much an unusual one as it's a combination of polar opposites, weirdly connected as they share an intense intellectual compatibility. Both these signs are driven by an insatiable quest for knowledge, seldom allowing themselves to stagnate mentally.

Gemini and Virgo are driven by ideas, thoughts and beliefs. Latest trends, news and information is food for their soul. At the same time, lack of emotional sensitivity keeps massive expectations at bay allowing them to be friends for the longest without feeling heartbroken.

Technology excites these signs and they will often be found discussing the latest gadgets: the pros and cons. They have a lot to learn from each other being governed by different elements, air (Gemini) and earth (Virgo). The curiosity that both these signs share allows them to grow and seek experience.

While Virgos may seem pretty stagnant and cautious to many, with a Gemini they may explore a light-hearted side of their personality that they weren't aware of before. With a Virgo, Gemini learns to stabilize and take more calculated moves, all for its betterment.

What does Gemini like about Virgo?

Virgo is a planner, a perfectionist and an action-oriented sign that's all about order and organization. They are great financial planners and believe in the idea of service and help to mankind. As a mercurial sign, Virgos never have difficulty expressing what they feel which makes them quite transparent and hence, trustworthy in their friendships.

A no-nonsense personality, Virgos are over-thinkers who like to dot their i's and cross their t's. Cleanliness freaks, Virgos are talented and have an eye for detail. With a sharp analytical bent of mind, they are great problem solvers for their friends and loved ones which makes them a good company. A variety of interests makes them incredibly talented, often a master of a few languages and crafts. No matter how challenging their times are, they will always find a way out with their optimism and a happy-go-lucky attitude. Their ability to stay emotionally detached often allows them to make decisions objectively without personal biases.

What does Virgo like about Gemini?

Geminis are full of surprises, energetic, smart and witty. One will seldom experience a dull moment with a Gemini who loves change. The child-like character of a Gemini is so refreshing and vibrant that they almost always win hearts wherever they go. They love adventures, short travels and communicating about everything under the sun.

Geminis lend a patient hearing to their friends who'll often call them when faced with sufferings or disappointments. The quick thinker Gemini always has solutions up their sleeves which cements an amicable relationship with those who they know. They are fun to hang out with, especially after a tiring day as their sense of humor is utterly delightful to everyone around.

The twins have a dual nature that allows them to be flexible and adapt to situations no matter how difficult it is. They are never quick to judge, fluid and welcoming as long as an intellectual match is found. Great ideators, Geminis seem to have endless thoughts sparking their minds. Adventurous and fearless, Geminis love to explore and learn through their experiences. They are amazing friends to have and usually leave a great impression in their wide social circles.

Gemini and Virgo differences

Gemini and Virgos have their own share of issues that can cause problems in their friendship. Gemini seems forever charged up to hop on to new plans. They love change and are indulgent in reckless adventures. Virgo on the other hand is relatively stable, cautious and dependable. They are shy, standoffish and will take a long time to open up and let their guards down.Therefore, trust may never develop and hence, the foundation of this friendship between a Gemini and Virgo remains prone to cracks.

Virgos and Gemini are both communicative but unlike a Gemini Virgo will think through before they speak. Gemini may seem chaotic to the organized Virgo native who focuses on details and would pick the littlest hints of anomalies. This also imparts a sense of superiority and controlling tendencies which a Gemini abhors as a freedom lover. The split-personality traits of a Gemini makes them earn the name of being double-faced and hence, unworthy of the earthy Virgo's time and energy.

Gemini is a wild child, never at a single place for long. They invite unnecessary troubles and often act without thinking. Virgos love reliability and certainty in their friendships. Fickle, gossip-mongers and socially active Gemini might seem fake to an introverted Virgo who believes in actions over words. Virgo might try chaperoning a Gemini which the latter detests and runs away from.

To a bright and lively Gemini, Virgo seems dull and boring because of their calculated and risk-avert nature. The inherent difficulty in understanding each other's feelings blocks chances of a deep connection to build. So, when things do not work out between a Gemini and Virgo, chances are, they might cut each other off easily and move on.

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