What Happens When You Hurt a Gemini Woman?

What Happens When You Hurt a Gemini Woman?


Gemini women hide their emotions but when they are pained or betrayed, they will never be the same again. If your Gemini woman is hurt, she forgives but never forgets. So, how does a Gemini woman behave when she is angry and losing interest? What does it mean when a Gemini woman ignores you and how to get her attention back? What causes a Gemini woman to be mad at you or upset?

Here is what happens when you hurt a Gemini woman.

How does a Gemini woman act when she is hurt?

The Gemini woman is an air sign. She is smart and intelligent but dealing with emotions is not her forte. It's quite difficult to affect the Gemini woman's feelings negatively but if you manage to trigger her, it may not die down soon. She'll try to process your actions logically, struggling to understand what caused you to break her heart in the first place. She will have a million different reasons bombarding her head. This means that your Gemini woman will not be at rest.

As the woman born under the Gemini Zodiac sign is detached and free from emotional ties, she won't be instantly reactive. But when she is provoked time and again, she won't spare anyone her temper. She'll flare up as quickly as she'll cool down.

She'll seek some space from you. She'll look for the right words to express herself or she could crush you with her mean words. As articulate as a Gemini woman is about worldly happenings and an intelligent outlook, she is equally adept at speaking curtly when she has been harmed or humiliated.

Do Geminis hold grudges?

Gemini women are blessed with a sharp mind. Forgetting the matter isn't a possibility for the Gemini woman. While she may not hold on to the pain she felt when you hurt her, the Gemini woman wouldn't forget the events and the circumstances that lead to the torturesome event.

If she is aware of the fact that she was the problem, the Gemini woman will look for solutions and make necessary amends. She has an analytical approach to everything. So, she'll figure out a feasible answer to the issue if she is mistaken.

How do you apologize to a Gemini woman?

To apologize to a Gemini woman, leave her alone for a while. Let her process her emotions and make a decision as to how she would want to handle it.

As the Gemini woman has difficulty confronting someone in the matters of the heart, she may not wish to speak to you. However, if she hasn't yet blocked you on the phone, you could try initiating a conversation over text. Avoid being too pushy or asking her to take you back. It may not happen and she may get irritated.

The Gemini female isn't egoistic but if she has been rubbed the wrong way and has already decided to let you go, winning her heart could be a tough battle. Let her anger cool off if you want her to speak with sufficient logic.

An important thing to understand about a Gemini woman's personality is that she is tender, child-like and friendly. So, she may be on good terms with you but if your Gemini woman is over you, she'll be detached, unaffected by your romantic gestures.

Do Geminis move on quickly?

Gemini women do have emotions and being unable to express themselves isn't proof that they would move on in a jiffy. The Gemini woman will obviously look for ways to numb her pain, meet new people and probably party their heart out.

She'll look for avenues to vent the thoughts that bother her and perhaps seek some advice from well-meaning friends. They'll pretend like nothing ever happened but deep down they'll be suppressing their emotions from overflowing. They don't wish to be perceived as weak and incapable. So, they are low-key about her feelings to avoid losing her temper. The Gemini woman doesn't shy away from standing up for herself if she has been wronged. So, if you caused her irreparable damage, she'll unleash her fury.

When a Gemini woman is done with you for good, she'll make a swift move without a loud show. She'll find a sweet spot where she feels valued and respected. And even before you've figured out her moves she will have already decided to pursue a relationship with someone else or live a jolly good single life on her own terms.

How do you know when a Gemini woman is over you and how does she break up?

When a Gemini woman is over you, she get busy with her life. She'll barely have enough time to spend with you. You won't be part of her inner circles and she'll avoid any romantic conversation with you.

In most cases, the Gemini woman is straightforward. That's especially true when she is not into you anymore. However, if the breakup has the potential to be messy, she could ghost you. Or the breakup may happen over the phone, through a text or a call. Yes, that's a possibility with a Gemini woman because she has a brilliant ability to let go easily without letting the pain cause some severe destruction.

But being a social person, she may not be comfortable with the idea of breaking up. She'll lose a friend and someone she thought she could lean on for life. She is able to adapt quickly to changes in her life.


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