12 Ways to get a Gemini Woman to Chase you

12 Ways to get a Gemini Woman to Chase you


Gemini women are energetic, inquisitive and chatty. They need a terrific intellectual match to fall in love with someone. How do you attract a Gemini woman? How to conquer her heart and make her fall in love with you? What can astrology reveal about her personality and pychology?

If you want to woo a Gemini woman, here are a few tips you could use to make her fall for you, chase you and be obsessed about you!

1. Charm her with your conversation

The women born under the Gemini Zodiac sign are skillful conversationalists. They can articulate their true feelings without hesitation. Quite chatty and optimistic, they'll need a partner who can keep up with their thoughts or at least relate to their ideas. They'll open up your horizon if you are willing to listen and never take their knowledge for granted. Speak well without the random cheesiness and express your real knowledge without hiding it. She'll be more impressed by someone with brains than just an attractive physical appeal.

2. Stay ambitious

A growth mindset is what the Gemini woman is looking for in a partner. She likes men who can take charge of their lives and have the courage to progress. If your ideas do not inspire her to think big or if she senses stagnancy in your thought process, it could be a red flag to the Gemini woman. She wants to feel your intellectual heat and the drive to accept change to achieve your dreams. When a Gemini female notices your desire to reach great heights, she'll want your company so that it motivates her to push her limits.

3. Be responsible

As a childlike personality, the Gemini woman can be quite restless and hasty. She is aware of her nature and would look for someone who can shoulder the responsibility of leading her when she needs a helping hand. She'll be looking for a supportive partner who she could trust blindly. However, it's better to take a back seat rather than imposing yourself on the Gemini woman most of the time because she hates being told what to do when she hasn't asked for your advice. So, tow the line carefully if you want the Gemini woman to be serious about you...

4. Have experimental sex

Sex with a Gemini woman is fun and creative. Sex is far from an emotional heaviness with the Gemini woman. She likes to explore myriad ways of making love to someone she is wildly passionate about. When the Gemini woman is eyeing someone, she'll experiment with positions and places to make her sex life vibrant and full of surprises. What makes Gemini attractive is their ability to raise the heat meter in no time if she is turned on. So, make efforts to build the anticipation for a fantastic sexual encounter if you want to make her excited and go bananas over you.

5. Be ready for spontaneous travel plans

Gemini women are ruled by the element of air. They would need stimulation at every point of their life to feel joyous and happy. Gemini women will quickly make a travel itinerary and leave without an explanation. She loves her freedom and needs to feel trusted for the person that she is. If you want the Gemini woman to chase you, be a child with her and take breaks to explore new destinations. She will forever be young at heart and therefore, know that she will fall for you if you can infuse the thrill that she craves for.

6. Work on your social skills

Gemini women are social butterflies. They'll make friends wherever they go. It goes without saying that she would prefer someone who can get along with her circle and have fun interactions with them. Nonetheless, keep your eyes on her or she'll be annoyed. Being in high spirits when you engage with her buddies is a good tact for isolation would send her wrong ideas.

7. Help her learn

The Gemini woman is a forever learner. She is curious about life and people. She'll travel far and wide to enrich her knowledge and expand her horizon. Trying to control her or belittling her efforts will stifle her interest to woo you or take you seriously. She is eager to unravel information and try something new everyday. So, fuel her multiple passions and appreciate her versatility.

8. Be proactive in taking initiatives

Be there for her when she needs you for there may rarely be occasions when she may ask for help. She likes men who can understand her pulse and have an enterprising approach to solving problems. She is intellectual and therefore, she could be meticulously observing your behavior before she considers you worthy of her time and interest.

9. Project a warm nature

The Gemini native will enjoy the company of a man who is energetic and displays the warmth of his demeanor. Your care and kindness will help build a strong foundation with the Gemini woman for a steady relationship. She will have a lot of love for a man who is generous and expressive of his protectiveness.

10. Don't judge her

A good love match for the Gemini woman is a man who is open minded and accepting of change. She hates a parochial attitude and if she feels judged or criticized for everything that she does, she will be turned off. She hates being micromanaged. So, if you are in the habit of picking flaws you could just put that to rest to win over a Gemini woman.

11. Let her be her true self

Never see your Gemini woman as your competition because she hates feeling jealous and depressed. If you are willing to take a romantic leap with the Gemini woman, just adore her and appreciate her capabilities and skills. Let her tap into opportunities to become the best version of herself. She'll be chasing you harder when you care to let her be.

12. Keep her safe

Gemini women are blunt. They'll barely hide their feelings when they are into someone. So, if she likes the way you treat her and is secretly wishing to build a life with you, she'll express herself sooner or later. Show your affections and love her unconditionally. She wants to feel secure. She needs to feel like there is a safety net no matter how far she wanders. So, give her the space she demands but at the same time let her know that'll you;ll be there for her.


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