Ignoring a Leo Man after Break Up: Does it Work?

Ignoring a Leo Man after Break Up: Does it Work?


Leo men are supremely royal and have a mighty ego. When they are hurt, they'll be wounded for a long time. So, if you choose to ignore a Leo man, it could backfire. It could go either way: they'll pursue you harder or burn bridges like you never existed in the first place. So, how do Leos act when ignored? Will ignoring a Leo man hurt him and cause him to distance himself from you? How do you make a Leo man regret losing you and make him pay attention to you? Will he chase you or come back?

Here is what you need to consider before you decide to ignore your Leo guy:

What happens when you ignore a Leo man?

In the beginning, a Leo man would find it hard to deal with your coldness. It kills him to find out that the person he admires or is passionately into has taken him for granted. The sun-ruled Leo man is the king of the zodiac. When you stop paying attention to him, you hurt his ego. And, the wounded Lion isn't to be messed with.

He may be very upset. If he feels rejected and especially if this happens after a terrible fight, he would want to end things with you immediately. His ego is exalted so his fragile sense of self cannot handle being insulted or humiliated.

If you him, he could get critical of you. When a Leo man is done with you, he'll stop seeing you. It's easy to have misunderstandings with a Leo man because he can take things personally. His pride and self-esteem is too huge to make intentional efforts to get back to you, especially if you've caused some irreparable damage to his emotions. He'll literally roar at you and ensure that he cuts ties with you for good, never looking back or giving you another chance at the relationship.

It doesn't matter if you ignore your Leo guy after you've cheated on him. Loyalty is the first and foremost quality he expects in the ideal partner and if his trust in you is broken, he will move on.

When a Leo man cares, he cares with all his heart but if he is betrayed or lied to, he does not forgive easily. He'll be convinced that you aren't worth his time and energy and he would rather get busy with something creative and productive than waste any time on you.

If you ignore a Leo man, will he come back?

It all depends on the circumstances in which the parting of ways happened. Was he mistaken for you?

If you used him and chose someone else over him, chances are he'll forget about you. He could either cheat on you if you cheated on him first. Or your Leo guy could block you on calls and never respond to your texts. He might be curious to know what's happening in your life, so he could also resort to stalking your social media profiles.

He could also try to get you back. If you trigger his competitive spirit by avoiding him or giving him the silent treatment, he may try to win back your affection. He could buy you gifts or make grand efforts to make you happy.

The Leo male has a natural leadership instinct. So, he will not accept defeat without at least giving it a try. If he still considers you an asset in his life, he will try to melt your heart with his grand gestures. So, he might plan a strategy to get you back and give you more attention. He doesn't want to lose someone he considers a prize.

If he made a blunder, he'll make amends and chase you harder. It's hard for a Leo man to be content with the fact that he has to give up on someone he had cherished. He is an intensely passionate person so forgetting those beautiful memories may not be possible for him, at least immediately.

If you try making the Leo man feel bad by acting like he doesn't exist for you, it could drive him crazy. He'll want to talk to you and understand what went wrong. While the Leo man is haughty and full of pride, he understands the value of relationships. So, he won't immediately break away from you without closure.

How to get a Leo man interested again?

To get a Leo man interested in you again, apologize genuinely if you broke his heart. Playing with his emotions usually backfires and they aren't quite well-known for getting back to a traitor again. To a Leo man, his ego is the greatest and someone who fails to respect him is as good as his enemy. So, accept your mistake and let him know that you are sorry for what you did.

If you've broken up with a Leo man and want him back again. Make it known to him that you are available for him, exclusively. Make him feel that he still matters to you.

Get busy with you life. The best way to gain the attention of a Leo man is to show him that you have a life of your own. Yes, you are there for him but having a life of your own makes him feel that you are self-made. You do take your life seriously and want to build one that you will be proud of. It makes you appear independent and strong which is sexy and attractive to the Leo man.

The Leo man is one of the warmest and most passionate signs of the zodiac. And ignoring him is damaging the bond forever. Being indecisive or flighty about your emotions for him will only push him further away from you. Trying to act pricey and mean around him will trigger him to unleash Leo's dark side.


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