Ignoring a Virgo Man after Break Up: Does it Work?

Ignoring a Virgo Man after Break Up: Does it Work?


If you plan to act distant from your Virgo man to make him miss you or pay greater attention to you, you could either ignite his love for you or cause him to back off. So, how do Virgos act when ignored? Will ignoring a Virgo man hurt him and cause him to distance himself from you? How do you make a Virgo man regret losing you and make him pay attention to you? Will he chase you or come back?

Here is what you need to consider before you decide to ignore your Virgo guy:

What happens when you ignore a Virgo man?

While you may want to make your Virgo man chase you and leave him guessing to keep the mystery alive, going overboard with this tactic will only backfire as Virgo men are simple and like to keep their life organized and sorted. If you act pricey or too hard to get, he will interpret that as a loss of interest and may give up on you.

On the lighter side, he might miss you. He might think about you a lot if you decide to take a break and make him realize his true emotions for you. Your Virgo man may regret his actions if he has taken you for granted. If your Virgo guy has been delaying the idea of confessing his true feelings for you and fighting his love for you hard, he might end up reflecting whether he really wants to build a future with you or dump you.

When you ignore a Virgo man he is likely to withdraw and avoid interactions. He could display his anger by pretending to be busy and unmindful. He might crib and nag but being vengeful and aggressive is not a Virgo man's style. However, expect some curt statements when you break their heart. They maintain their grace and hit back with facts that surely cause some burns on the person who treats them casually.

The Virgo man is naturally curious. If you go missing all of a sudden, he might call or text you to find the reasons for the uncalled behavior. He will play the scenario in his head over and over again to understand what went wrong. He could be scared at the thought of losing you if he loves you. So, he would give it a real shot to find out why you behaved odd and left him high and dry.

If you ignore a Virgo man, will he come back?

Virgo men hate playing the cat and mouse game when they are in love. If ignoring him is part of a dirty mind game, he could be irritated and disappointed. Virgo men are high on self esteem. If you crush their confidence, they will stop pursuing you. If you neglect their needs they may become cold or detached. If you ignore them and make them feel unimportant, they might see it as a signal that you are not interested. Virgo men don't like pushing hard in dating.

They fear being rejected as it puts them in a negative loop of self doubt. However, if you have consistently been around your Virgo man and shared a deep bond, he might try and reconcile to latch up with you. This is because Virgo men take a long time to get over someone they love so they'll make efforts to solve the problem and find solutions to get back to you. It's hard for a Virgo man to let go in love. But if he feels that he is being played and fed lies, he would rationalize and cut himself off to protect his emotions.

How to get a Virgo man interested again?

Stay patient with your Virgo guy. When your Virgo man is hurt, he would take some time to deal with his emotional turbulence. He may have trouble accepting your betrayal or unkind behavior towards him. Being a thinker he would keep playing the negative situation in his head over and over again. Let the anger and frustration settle down without being pushy.

Give him some space. Give him some room to come to terms with the present situation that you are dealing with. Take a break and let him miss you. If your Virgo guy loves you, he won't part ways so quickly. But if he is done, he could act stubbornly. So, let him decide if he still wants back the relationship without blackmailing or guilt-tripping him into taking you back.

Write him a letter. If you Virgo man is cold and detached, you might be smart to consider sharing your thoughts with him over text or mail. Do make the effort to tell him your part of the story so you don't feel misunderstood and promise to change or rectify your mistake. Express your sincerest apologies to your Virgo man in case you have wronged him. If you project your arrogance and ego, he would be turned off for good.

Be kind and graceful. Hold on to your integrity throughout the rough patch that you have to deal with. Virgo men are poised and appreciate a dignified woman as their ideal mate. Using mean words or being insensitive will backfire. So, maintain some grace and put forward your thoughts in a coherent manner so that he finds some merit in your appeal.

Never play the blame game. The Virgo man is perhaps the most analytical signs of the zodiac. He can rationalize and draw intelligent conclusions to the most complex discussions. As much as he is critical of your wrongdoing, he is also aware of his mistakes. It would serve you best to accept your fallout and trust his sense of fair play.


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