What to Do When a Leo Man Ignores You?

What to Do When a Leo Man Ignores You?


Leo men are egotistical and sensitive. They can be very demanding of their partners in a relationship. So, when a Leo guy pulls away suddenly, it could be disturbing. Has he stopped responding to your messages or your calls? Has he blocked you on Facebook or WhatsApp? What does it mean and how to react when a Leo man is being cold and acting distant all of a sudden?

Let's see what astrology can reveal us about his personality and what you can do when a Leo man ignores you or gets distant.

My Leo man is ignoring me suddenly: What does it mean?

He just needs space

If you have known the Leo man for quite a while now, you should be aware that he likes to keep himself occupied, either at work or in a social gathering. Someone who exudes king-like characteristics, he does harbor peculiar whims and fancies for which he is answerable to none. Ignoring you might just be an escape mechanism from serious responsibilities for a while.

You hurt his ego

If you have failed to hail your Leo male, his ego might be trampled. In that case, his self-esteem needs to recover. He is only mulling over the issue and whether the matter is reconcilable. In such a scenario, he will seek the company of his most trusted pals to feel better before he gets back to you.

You broke his trust

Leos are known for their possessiveness. If you make him jealous, are overly friendly with those of the opposite sex or dilly dally with those he dislikes, he is painfully wounded. He takes relationships very seriously with the capability to take bullets for the one he loves. He may be suffering a jolt and needs time off to stabilize before he gathers the courage to stand tall again.

You don’t interest him anymore

The men born under the Leo Zodiac sign are picky. They would only like a woman who reflects the true aura of a queen worthy of his love. If you have lost your charm, pushed him away with your arrogance, tried to steal his thunder, failed to keep the passion burning or simply dashed his faith in you; he has lost interest. He is only looking for an opportune moment to break up with you.

How to deal with a Leo man when he becomes distant?

Pay attention to him

He needs oodles of praise from his lover to feel sunny and bright. He needs his love to be reciprocated in full intensity and strength. He seeks validity and acceptance and when that is denied or missing in the relationship, he suffers from self-doubt. If your Leo guy refuses to confront you and leaves you out in the cold, he is fighting his negative thoughts. Direct your heart towards him and warm him up. Drop compliments generously in a way that seems natural.

Soften your disposition

This is not to say that you should dim your shine. Just take the backseat and let him run the show. Show him that you trust his guidance so that he feels in charge. The Leo man hates feeling emasculated. Make no efforts to compete with him for he detests being anything less than the number one.

Make time for self-assessment

Let him be. Meanwhile, ponder over the course of your relationship and what has changed. Neutrally analyze if you have distanced yourself away or stopped making efforts to keep the relationship vibrant. Have your lost track of your own dreams? Understand that Leo men do like ambitious women, they love the variety and strength she brings to the table. If your life has stagnated it may have pushed him away.

My Leo man stopped texting me: What should I do?

Be patient

Leo men set pretty high standards. Keep your cool while dealing with his rage. It is quite natural to lose your mind for some time when your Leo man is avoiding you and treats your messages carelessly. Drop him sincere texts explaining your side of the story but leave him when they go unanswered for days. You’ll hurt him more if you act rashly and take recourse to aggression or unkind words. Avoid giving him a reason to feel his ignorance is justified.

Simply express your love

You must never stop telling a Leo man how much you love him. He is known for his big-hearted nature. If his emotion is true, he may stray for a while but will be back for sure. Just wait on him unless he has clearly stated his disinterest or unwillingness to carry the relationship forward. Be ever loving and kind so that he knows you won’t give up no matter how rough the times are.

Get busy with your life

You can only nudge him to an extent. The Leo male can be stubborn and narcissistic. If you bombard him with questions and cling to him for life may be you only end up doing injustice to yourself. Leo men don’t accept their mistakes easily. Express your apology without fail if you are guilty. Whether or not he has been wronged, you should make peace with the situation and give it a pass. Learn the lessons and work on your strengths. Keep yourself occupied.

How do you know when a Leo man is done with you?

He does not make you feel special

When Leo men win, they display their trophy with pride. This goes for relationships too. If he is smitten by you, he’ll virtually bring you the sun, moon and the stars. Once his interest wanes, he fails to acknowledge your presence. He turns a blind eye towards you as if you never existed in his life. His eyes are all over the place because he is already eyeing his next muse. If you can identify with these personality traits in his behavior, it's a clear sign your Leo man wants a breakup.

His responses are cold

While the Leo man may not be the most talkative of all signs, he is definitely communicative and charming when he is in love. He is playful, creative and alluring. He’ll make time for you amidst his busy schedule and plan surprises. He’ll melt your heart with his care and warmth. If he has cut off contact, gives you curt responses, disrespects you with rude statements or simply shuns you away; you should be alarmed.

He isn’t interested in second chances

Leo men are known for being gentlemen of the first order. He may choose to be nice despite the fact that he no longer feels the same about you. However, if he dampens all your efforts to revive the relationship, it bluntly means he is over you. They cut people off quite easily and won’t raise any hopes of a reconciliation in the future. The fact of the matter is, you’ll simply know when a overwhelmingly gracious presence is gone for good.


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