When a Leo Man Wants to Marry You!

When a Leo Man Wants to Marry You!


If the Leo man, the king of the jungle, has proposed marriage to you, then congratulations! What more could you ask for? Well, now that I think about it, you can. You can ask for a marriage where you don’t have to be perfect all the time. Or keep smiling all the time. Or sit in whatever way you want. But... if you are trying to win the King’s heart, you have to know certain rules. It isn’t easy marrying a Leo man. But the hard work surely is rewarding.

Want to know the secrets to the Leo male’s hearts? Are you eager to walk down the aisle and to your coronation? Here’s all you need to know about marrying a Leo man, his personality as a husband and a few more things about a marriage with the man born under this zodiac sign!

How Do You Know When a Leo Man is Falling in Love with You?

It isn't often when a Leo guy marries someone he doesn't love. But at the off chance, it does happen the results can be devastating. So, it is important for you to know if he's into you or not. Here are a few signs a Leo man is falling in love with you.

The Leo man doesn’t shy away from Public Display of Affection when in love. He is too "royal" to go around showing affection in public. But when he's in love, nothing can stop him. Does he often wrap his arm around you? Hugs you when you are with friends. Maybe even plants a kiss on your forehead or cheeks.

Has he grown jealous and possessive? Usually, the Leo male couldn't care less about who is trying to flirt with whom. But when he's serious about someone, that's all he cares about. Does he act possessively when you are surrounded by men? Does he often come across as the jealous type? There's nothing wrong with him, it's just how he behaves in love.

He is fiercely loyal to you. The Leo man in love is extremely loyal to his lady love. You will see in his behaviour how much you mean to him. The man who loved to flirt is now not only talking to other women unless it's necessary.

The Leo man is extremely protective of the woman he loves. He’s the man who would give you his jacket even if he has to freeze to death. He will leave you home when even if you don’t ask. He will always be there to help you out when you need him.

Leo Man in Marriage: Is He a Good Husband?

There’s a simple rule to a good life with a Leo husband: treat him like a King and he’ll bring you the stars. The ego of the Leo zodiac sign cannot be talked about enough. He knows that he is royalty and deserves to be treated like one. You do that and he will treat you like a queen.

He asks for adoration and appreciation. You cannot just expect him to know that you love him. You will have to show your devotion as much as you can. In this way, the Leo male is a lot like the Aries man. Shower him with compliments whenever you can.

He is needy and demanding. The Leo husband will never stop asking for more. Even when you have children you will have to make sure you give him enough attention. He can easily get jealous of his own children. He’s a lion, they are known to eat their kids in the wild.

His sex drive doesn’t slow down. You will always have to take out time for him. I know that balancing marriage and a career or a household can be tough. So, make sure you organise your day wisely. An unsatisfied Leo husband can grow is prone to infidelity.

Always stand by him, even when he’s wrong. The Leo man expects unconditional support from you. especially when you are out in public. You will have to develop mechanisms to communicate criticism with him. You cannot be blunt.

He will be a one-of-a-kind father. Your kids will be the most sophisticated children on the block. He will raise them like royalty with all the right manners.

How to Get a Leo Man to Marry You?

Is he your perfect man? Does he seem like your soulmate? Well, then don’t wait. Make your move. But you will have to start by prepping him for what’s to come.

Be everything he wants you to be. It won’t be very difficult to figure that out. He keeps leaving clues all the time. If you know how to attract the Leo man, you won’t have a problem being the woman of his dreams.

Plant the idea in his head. If he hasn’t proposed to you already then that means that it isn’t on his mind. So, do that! Leave bridal magazines in the toilet. Get excited about your friends that are getting married. Take him to weddings. Create some hype around it. But you can never let it seem like you have sown the seeds of this idea.

He has to believe that it was his idea to get married. So, be very subtle with everything that you do. Be the one who guides him in the right direction. Play his subconscious mind. A lot of your marriage is going to be you playing his subconscious mind.

No matter what you do, NEVER EVER BE THE ONE TO PROPOSE! While his zodiac predecessor, the Cancer man, would love this. it would wound the Leo male’s pride and he will most probably say no. Give him the space to make up his mind about this and plan a proposal.

But you can always convey your wishes to get married. Show an interest in getting married. Let him know that it is a future that you see for yourself. But do not give him an ultimatum. If he’s not ready then he would much rather just break up.

Who are Leos Most Likely to Marry?

You never know who you will end up marrying. All astrology can do is help predict who you might be most compatible with. But love has mysterious ways of working. So, no matter what you see, don’t give up.

The Leo men are thought to be most compatible with the Aries woman. On the surface, it would seem like they can never get along. Each has an ego greater than the other. Yet, the two complete one another. They are what the other needs and this makes them the perfect couple.

The Leo male is also compatible with the Sagittarius female. Their exploratory nature makes them a great duo. The Leo-Sagittarius couple rarely has any children. They are so focused on their individual lives that they don't shackle themselves to children. Other than these two, the Leo man is compatible with Leo, Libra and Gemini woman too.

The signs that the Leo male is considered least compatible with is Taurus woman. Their most basic needs from a relationship remain unfulfilled with each other. They have difficulty understanding one another. which often creates a gap which is difficult to fill. But don’t close yourself to a possibility of happiness with the Leo man if you are Taurus. A little effort will help you go a long way.


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