How to Make a Leo Woman Jealous?

How to Make a Leo Woman Jealous?


The royal Leo woman has a fiery passion burning within her which leaves a trail wherever she goes. She loves to be at the helm of affairs and makes claims over those she loves. She is boastful of her accomplishments and when in a partnership, she would want her presence acknowledged. What makes a Leo woman possessive? How does a Leo woman act and behave when she gets jealous? How to win the heart of a Leo woman back after a breakup?

If you are pondering over these questions, here is all you need to know to make a Leo woman jealous:

Are Leo women jealous and possessive?

Leo women are prone to be egotistical. They may want things to take shape exactly the way they desire. What they deem to be theirs, they want supreme authority over it. They love to express their ownership over anything they like. In case they find themselves in a position where their belongings are threatened, they will express their dissent and if required wage a war to acquire it back. Notwithstanding the fact that Leo women are kind, generous and big-hearted, they do reserve their rights exclusively over those they are fond of. Thus, they are territorial about their partners or their families and even the career that they have so passionately spent a long time building.

Ruled by the Sun, they usually exercise their domination, for they secretly harbor the fear of being abandoned or celebrated. What you need to understand here is the Leo native is concerned about their dignity in public. They would never wish to be in a position of compromise or loss for that would impact their social standing. If they feel a lack of care or attention from their other half, they will get jealous and even lash out at them depending on the other planetary positions in their birth charts.

What makes the Leo woman jealous?

Leo women are fragile personalities who always need someone to make them feel good about themselves. They need to be someone's center of the universe.

While we do not make any claims over the comprehensiveness of the following list, here are a number of possible scenarios that will make a Leo woman jealous considering her basic traits: If you lie and leave them out in the cold regarding your whereabouts, if you are indecisive and make frequent change of plans leaving them confused and suspicious about other women in your life, If you defend someone over her, if you claim to have greater happiness in the company of others than her, If you flirt openly with no regard for her sentiments, If you fail to prioritize her over everyone else, if you graciously accept someone's gifts or grants without seeking her help first.

Therefore, unless a Leo woman feels truly desired and admired, she is prone to harboring negative emotions against the man she loves. Leo women are very romantic and love to assume the role of a giver in a relationship. If she is denied the privilege of taking happiness in being there or her partner, it doesn't augur well for the partnership. She needs to be treated right and without prejudices.

How does the Leo woman show jealousy?

While the Leo woman may act valorous and strong on the outside, she may actually be quite the opposite on the inside. With a kingly personality, they feel entitled to have the best they desire. They want to be noticed and cheered for all that they do (or don't). In short, they are fishing for compliments in every sphere of their lives.

You may find a Leo woman exercising her powers ruthlessly over someone who challenges them or hurts their ego. She may surpass all her limitations and try to make you jealous through her actions. Yes, the Leo woman believes that everything is fair in love and war. And when she is hurt or betrayed, even her love life turns into a battlefield. She may erase all her emotions and become 'heartless' while making sure you feel the same pain that she did.

She may assume the role of a tyrant, capable of crushing her enemies any moment. The hard realization of having lost control over a situation drives them angry and this does reflect in their desire to avenge themselves. You may often find a jealous Leo woman taking recourse to escapism. She may not wish to confront and express her weaknesses in the fear that she may never be able to gain back her voice in the relationship. Any instance of feeling powerless cannot be her way of life. Hence, she would either crush her enemies with an iron hand or cut off all contacts for good.

Making a Leo woman jealous after a breakup: Will it make her come back?

"A tit for tat makes the world blind". It is important to take a careful approach while dealing with the matters of the heart, regardless of the sun signs the opposite sex belongs to. Often jealousy stems from an unhealed past. Dealing with the pain of having lost someone dear will vary from person to person. In the case of a Leo who would make mountains move to preserve his honor and dignity, it is advisable that you don't fan the flames of her jealousy by intentionally targeting her weakness in gaining an advantage over her. She is too confident of herself to be scared of facing a challenge from someone you wish to use as a bait against her. This is also disrespectful towards the third party you would want to involve in this game of the cat and mouse.

If you make a Leo woman jealous, she may think of numerous other possibilities or circumstances that perhaps are unreal. If you wish that the Leo woman comes back to you, the best way forward is to speak to her openly about the issues in the relationship and solve the matter tailoring it to her specific needs and expectations in the relationship. After all, if you desire a healthy relationship it is crucial to build a foundation based on trust and understanding. Once you break her faith, you will leave a greater space for future problems to crop up.


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