Libra Man and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility?

Libra Man and Cancer Woman: Love Compatibility?


Love and Relationship between the Libra man and the Cancer woman is a journey with quite a few road bumps along the way. However, astrologers describe this relationship as an extraordinary one. So, despite the hiccups, the lovebirds remain compatible zodiac signs nonetheless. If you are an astrology bug and need answers to the compatibility quotient between a Libra man and a Cancer woman, we have answered the most common questions on compatibility that will give you amazing insights into how they form a unique bond together among the other Zodiac signs.

Libra man and Cancer woman initial attraction

Opposites attract. A Libra man and a Cancer woman will fall easily in love too quickly. But this is sure to fizz out before they could even figure out the why’s and how’s. To keep the positivity in the relationship alive, they will need to adapt and compromise wherever the need arises. A Libra man is a true charmer with high energy and social skills that are sure to impress the shy Cancer woman. The charisma and tactfulness of a Libra man could sweep a Cancer woman off her feet.

This is a perfect relationship where the Zodiac signs are two poles apart. But this love relationship could work wonders if they choose to fill the lacuna and take the chances to keep up with the uncertainties and challenges of the unique personalities of each other.

Libra man and Cancer woman in bed

Are the Libra man and the Cancer woman sexually compatible? A Cancer woman needs an emotional connection to be sexual. A Libra man is not the kind of man to go in for random hookups or one-night stands.

They are highly emotional people. And thus value deeper bonds before they lay their bodies naked in front of someone. Once, the care and compassion towards a mate is established, a Cancer woman will bare it all with nothing to hide. A Cancer woman being intuitive and extremely sensitive to the needs of people, will understand all of the games that a Libra man plays and catch him off guard with sweet surprises.

A Libra man and a Cancer woman live in a fantasy land. The creative Libra man and the imaginative Cancerian can tease ease other much before the sexual act starts. So, foreplays are something both will look forward to because the anticipation will always build up. This is fuelled by their natural ability to weave fun- filled thoughts in each other’s minds.

A Libra man loves being spoilt. The man born under the Libra Zodiac sign craves attention in bed like no other. A Cancer woman might reach the point of believing she would have to mollycoddle him all the time. However, if she specifically demands so, a Libra man wouldn’t hesitate to touch her at the right places and display his desire for her.

A Libra man adores being admired and appreciated while the Cancer is a giver. So, when a Cancer woman notices something nice being done for her in bed, she will return it back with the right set of efforts and equal vigour. Cancers being super compassionate will deliver beyond expectations to make her Libra man satisfied in bed. It is always in extremes for a Cancer woman when she decides to engage on a sexual level with a potential mate.

Relationship problems between the Cancer woman and the Libra man

Both the sun signs will be on different pages on the same issue. A Cancer woman has a hard time putting all her faith and trust in someone. They are ever careful while opening up to someone. And a Libra man being an air sign is impulsive and ever changing. A Libra man may lack consistency that a Cancer female expects from a stable relationship.

While a Libra man is practical, a Cancer woman is sensitive and emotional. The love a Cancer woman is capable of giving is abundant. However, the ever- free Libra man might find it suffocating to reciprocate with the same level of emotional indulgence as that of a Cancer woman. This might end up being a matter of irritation for the latter who would feel left out or unappreciated for the efforts undertaken by her. An Emotionally sensitive Cancer woman is sure to slowly find a Libra man’s approach to life a bit too fake or casual.

The relationship will not be a bed of roses. There will be difficulties lurking in the background almost forever because of the poor decision making abilities of the Libra man. A Cancer woman may be driven to the point of feeling insecure and dissatisfied with a more rational Libra mate who might overlook her needs or expectations. The Cancer woman will fail to keep up with the whims and fancies of a Libra man. Though not a cake walk, this relationship won’t be a disaster if there is an understanding to make things work.

Is a wedding between a Libra man and a Cancer woman a good idea?

A wedding plan for a Cancer woman and a Libra man can end up being a great decision because what they would learn from each other will be a lifelong event.

If they are open to learning, a Libra man could teach a Cancer woman to be more in tune with their rational and logical side. A Libra man will be talkative, a repository of knowledge and a lover of intellectual conversations. On the other hand, a Cancer woman could teach a Libra man to become more stable, decisive, and compassionate.

A Cancer woman will be quick to adjust in every situation. A Libra man is under better control of his temper than a Cancerian who might be triggered comparatively faster than a Cancer woman. A Libra man would avoid conflicts as much as possible. Hence, he is highly capable to sustaining the relationship long-term when situations go downhill. Assure a Cancer woman of a home and she would give up everything to keep a Libra man happy.

However, it will take immense effort to build the comfort around each other. A Libra man tends to be a social butterfly, flirty and quite engaging with everyone they meet. He loves going out and meeting new people all the time. A Cancer woman on the other hand is reserved, loves living in her comfort zone, rarely the go-getter, taking up adventures as they come. She loves the security and the safety of her chartered territory.

A Libra man is untameable. The end goal in a relationship for him will not necessarily be marriage because this sign is always looking for unrestrained freedom. Also, the Libra man might find it hard to win the trust of a Cancer woman. This might just drain or bore him sooner. This ends up being the most contentious issue in a wedlock between a Libra man and a Cancer woman.

They can also be fiercely loyal when they decide to give their heart to someone, as they are ruled by the planet Venus who is the epitome of beauty and love. What’s common is their need for a relationship at the end of the day. While they share a fair bunch of dissimilarities, this relationship is definitely workable.


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