What to do When a Libra Man is Mad at You?

What to do When a Libra Man is Mad at You?


Libra men wish to avoid all conflicts to maintain peace and harmony in their lives. When they are mad at you, they might just stop communicating with you or show no display of affection whatsoever. Is your Libra guy holding you at a distance? How do you know that a Libra man is angry? What does it mean when he is pushing you away or suddenly goes cold?

If your Libra man has been acting distant and you have the feeling that he is upset and mad at you, here is how you could win his heart or pacify him:

What happens when a Libra man is upset?

He is passive aggressive

A Libra man will avoid any confrontation after a fight or learning about your wrongdoings. He likes to maintain his cool, manage his temper by diverting his attention to creative spaces. If the Libra man is hurt or upset, he will give you silent treatment. He would be indifferent to you and act like your existence does not matter. Once they turn away, you could win them back the same way again. That is why loving a Libra man could come at a cost as they are balanced and prefer a relationship that keeps them stable.

He is judgemental

Libra men are smart and quite the intellectual lot you would ever come across. They love the company of friends and you will notice how brilliantly they can intermingle with new people and expand their network. However, there will always be an element of deep scrutiny in the way they analyze people and derive conclusions about them. They are quick at pointing out flaws and commenting about others' weaknesses. This will especially be on full display when they are over someone or they do not wish to continue a relationship anymore.

He will ignore you

He may act as if you never really mattered if he has no feelings for you anymore. As an air sign, he has too much on his plate to brood over what's lost. That is why no matter how involved they seem in relationships, they'll always leave enough buffer to protect their hearts. They'll be detached and evaluate the relationship logically from time to time to ensure that his needs are fulfilled and his partner lives up to his expectations. Thus, he can easily remain indifferent and pretend to be unaffected.

How do you know when a Libra man has lost interest?

He leaves without a warning

He is swift and hates talking about things below his dignity. He maintains a high sense of self-esteem and therefore, will never put himself in a position where he feels disregarded or neglected. If you are sentimental and he does not wish to handle any drama anymore, he will choose to leave unexpectedly, often ghosting you and perhaps never returning back if his interest has diminished. While this is no excuse to leave you out in the cold, he needs to escape from the suffocation of the relationship and channel his emotions into creative activities.

He is pursuing someone else

Libra men hate a monotonous routine. He hates feeling left out or taken advantage of. As a Venus ruled sign, he is good looking, charming and extremely talented. There is a sense of knowingness that he would always find someone better. That is why he would choose to move out of the relationship and move on with other opportunities that fill his life with hopes and dreams. When the Libra man is no longer in love with you, or is angered by your conduct, he will go after someone interesting who meets his high standards of beauty and presentability.

He avoids your company

If a Libra man misses you, he would travel great distances just to see you. He is a diehard romantic. When he is in the mood to make love to you, he'll surprise you and treat you like a queen. He loves the idea of love. So, in case you notice drastic changes in the way he expresses his attraction towards you, or avoids being close to you, he is not convinced about pursuing you anymore. He is pissed off and there may not be enough chances to be had with the indecisive Libra man who is hard to keep pace with when he has made a decision.

How to win a Libra man's heart back?

Call it a Libra man's strength or weakness but his admiration for aesthetics is mind boggling. So, express your apology with gifts. They love luxury. They want to bask in pleasure almost all the time. Throw away your ego and make a compromise with the Libra man if you want him to make peace with you. If you continue bringing up the past stories and blaming him for all that went wrong, he will never be impressed.

Washing your dirty linen in public will only make things worse. Show no aggression while venting out your frustration because he'll be turned off immediately. Be courteous and sincerely accept your mistakes. Leave the drama behind and speak to him objectively so that sees enough merits to consider your perspective and reach out to you.

It is a bad idea to force a Libra man to conform and do things at your pace. He is a free bird and loves making his own choices. Do away with your negative thoughts as he would hate indulging with someone who drains his energy. So, be excited when you see him and try to begin with a light-hearted conversation. Just sometimes a bit of humor could bring a smile to his face and cheer him up.

Ask for time to prove your love to him because a Libra man is always judging the best mate to settle with. So, he'll do everything to ensure he does not toy with his emotions and respect his individuality. Love and sex are both important to the Venusian Libra man. Show him how much you desire him and this means that your passion should reflect in words and actions or else he would not be moved by your gestures or forgive you easily.


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