10 Ways to Make an Aquarius Man Miss You After Breakup

10 Ways to Make an Aquarius Man Miss You After Breakup


Aquarius men are extremely passionate individuals when they find the perfect one for themselves. They know what they want and aren't willing to compromise or settle for something average. How to make an Aquarius man obsessed with you? How to get an Aquarius man to miss you? How to keep him hooked and interested in You? How to win over an Aquarius man in love?

Here's what you should do to make an Aquarius man feel intensely attracted to you:

1. Leave the Aquarius man alone after a fight

The man born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign loves his space. As an air sign, they like to be on their own as they love their own company. They hate confronting but if they have to they're the most logical people you'll come across. So, when involved in a difficult situation with them, the Aquarius man would prefer calming down by themselves instead of being pushed to be fine. Leave them alone and they'll feel the vacuum you left.

2. To make the Aquarius man miss you after breakup, share special posts online

The Aquarius guy is tech-savvy. This means that you will find them hooked on to the internet for a long time throughout the day. If they've not blocked you yet after a fight, it would be a good idea to send them some special posts with them, share some couple images and tag them and they'll think of you. While you may not be able to live the moment of the cherished past, these little reminders can have a major impact on them.

3. Send romantic messages to make him miss you over text

If you want the Aquarius man to be lost in your thoughts, send him sweet romantic messages in the day and before you sleep. This will help him understand that you miss him so much no matter where you are or what you're involved in. Some examples of these messages are as follows:

"Hey Love! I want you to know that you mean the most to me! I can't thank the universe enough for bringing you into my life!"
"You're the most precious in my life. I can't think of a day without you."
"The day I met you was the best day of my life. I love you to the moon and back!"

4. To make him regret losing you, start meeting new people

While Aquarius is a broad-minded zodiac, they certainly have a jealous streak in them. When someone they love begins to spend time with others more than them, Aquarius men will feel unhappy. They may not showcase their irritation right away but on the inside, they could be frustrated. So, if you want to get them annoyed and make them regret taking you for granted, go out and have some fun with new people, expand your social circle. They'll react to it with coldness and wish they are exclusively committed to you.

5. To keep an Aquarius man interested, keep the sex life spicy

For an Aquarius man, it is important to have a good sex life. So, if they do not feel physically attracted or close to someone they are in a relationship with, they could be irritated. They are particular about having fun, experimenting, and engaging in wild sexual adventures. It is critical for Aquarius men to feel the passion, even after years of being in a relationship. So, if you want to make the Aquarius man crave for you and desire you intensely, you'll need to work on your physical intimacy and ensure it's enjoyable to both.

6. Be flexible with your needs with the Aquarius man

If you're serious about the Aquarius man in your life, it's important to be assertive about their needs but at the same time, stay flexible with them. They don't like dealing with controlling or aggressive partners, so handling them should be done with some tact. Ask them what you need by being compassionate and gentle. Aquarius men work on extremes. So, if you need to have your desires fulfilled and be in the good books of the Aquarius man, invest extra care in being gentle when you confront them.

7. To turn on an Aquarius man, be an asset to them

Aquarius men are quite sincere when they are in love. They take relationships seriously. So, stick up for them and defend them when circumstances demand. Be independent because Aquarius males are suckers for strong and self-made women. Such women turn them on. So, make them realize that they can be independent too and don't have to babysit you. Have a strong career and create a niche for yourself. You'll be irreplaceable to the Aquarius man if you're focused and have a life of your own.

8. Be nice to his friends and family to make the Aquarius man fall for you

The men born under the Aquarius Zodiac sign are protective of their friends and family. They are open-minded and love to maintain good social circles, large ones with some truly trusted and dependable. So, when you meet those he cares so deeply about, be nice to them. Treat them well and they are sure to put out a good word in your favor. The Aquarius native rolls well with his confidantes. So, if you want to impress him, win the hearts of those he feels close to.

9. Help the Aquarius man sort his life to impress him

It is quite common for Aquarius men to have a challenging life. They usually grow up in difficult circumstances, especially because Saturn is the ruler of this zodiac sign. So, when you enter his life, make a conscious effort to help ease their burden in whatever way you can. Keep the complexities away and streamline priorities by speaking about things that should truly matter. Talk about things that make him feel like you are serious about him like discussions on wealth management, family, and future endeavors are sure to make him feel that you are valuable.

10. Stay busy with your pursuits to make your Aquarius man value you

It's common to put the Aquarius man on a pedestal given their charisma. But doing so will make you look a lot less attractive. Have a life of your own, have hobbies and goals that you're passionate about. The busier you are, the more likely it is for the Aquarius man to want you closer to them.


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