7 Things to know to make an Aries Man go crazy about you!

7 Things to know to make an Aries Man go crazy about you!


If you want to get the guy, you’ve got to play the game. The Aries man doesn’t have a lot of trouble finding admirers. And if you have a crush on him, you will face some tough competition. So, how do you stand out and make him fall in love with you? You do that by knowing the right things to do. You take the help of the knowledge that Astrology has given us about this zodiac sign, his personality and the secrets of his heart, and you put it to work.

Here is everything you need to make an Aries man go crazy about you! And some secret tips to win his heart and keep him hooked.

How to make an Aries man addicted to you?

Rising above the crowd is the key to attract the Aries man and conquer his heart. You need to know how to make an Aries man obsessed with you! Here are some tips that will help you get there.

When trying to get this man, drop the damsel in distress act. Sure, he likes to be your knight in shining armor. But it has no appeal to him if you are always in trouble. What makes him proud of helping his lady love out is that she never asks for help. When she does, he’s the one she thinks of.

Always be ready for his adventures. He is a man who likes to explore new things. He will always be planning a new adventure. If he invites you to join them, do not refuse. If he hasn’t invited you yet, show him that you share his interests. Chances are that he rarely finds people who share his enthusiasm. Which is why he will thank the Gods for you.

Flirt with him. You know he is a flirt and likes the game of seduction. And he doesn't just do it to impress women. He loves flirting. And he wouldn't be able to resist a girl who knows how to do it right. Even when you feel like you've got him, never stop flirting now and then.

Keep him intrigued, don’t be an open book. Don’t confuse this with keeping things from him and confusing him with double meaning dialogues. Just make sure that every day that you meet him, he discovers something new. Something that makes him want more.

How to keep an Aries man interested?

If you’ve got him, you need to know how to keep him interested. You know, it is very easy to lose the interest of an Aries man. And that inevitably leads to a breakup. So, how do you make sure that doesn’t happen to your relationship?

Handle conflicts maturely. Well, I could tell you to avoid fights, but fights are inevitable. You are with the man whose ruling planet is Mars, the God of War. The difference between a happy and a bad relationship is how you handle the conflicts. Don’t jump into the shouting contest. Stay calm, and when he gets heated up, just stay quiet. Trust me, that will hurt him more.

Don’t try to get back at him, be direct about any issues. I know some of us to think that our men should learn the lesson on their own. Rather than us telling them what's wrong. It won't work with him. So, whenever you have to say something say it.

Never let the sex life suffer. Aries is one of the most virile zodiac signs. Making love is extremely important to a healthy relationship with him. And if you deny him that just to show your displeasure, it will affect your relationship.

Don’t try to encroach upon his life as an individual. You don't have to be joined by the hip if you are in love. Let him enjoy his time alone with his friends. And that allows you to have your own life too.

How to make an Aries man miss you like crazy?

You don’t have to break up with him to make him miss you. If he misses you, chances are he will desire you even more and be really hooked. And if you are trying to get your ex-boyfriend back, here’s how to get your Aries guy to send the “I miss you and want you back” text message.

Look your A-game all the time. This man loves a woman who is always ready to slay the world. It isn’t just about looking great on the outside but also feeling great on the inside. Let me share a secret tip with you girls.

Save your special look for special occasions. I know that we live under the impression that we have to look our best all the time. but here is the thing, if you are always looking great then there is no difference when you are trying to dress to impress. So, while you should look smart all the time, save that extra sexiness for those rare occasions when you can send his heart racing.

Have a life of your own. Remember that talk about making him miss you even if you are still together? You need to know how to make an Aries man crave you. Having your own life will keep him interested in knowing more about what you do when he’s not around.

Never force him to do what he doesn’t want to. The Aries male hates to be forced into anything. When an Aries man misses you, he will himself propose to do things that you want to.

How to get an Aries man to commit?

Aries is a very loyal Zodiac sign. However, they are the babies of the karmic zodiac cycle. And much like an infant, it is very easy to lose his interest. So, how do you get him to commit to you? Knowing how to make an Aries man to commit is the same as asking what an Aries man likes in a woman.

He likes women who are strong and independent. Sure, he likes it that you are dependent on him. But he doesn't want a damsel in distress. He needs you to be capable to hold your own. He doesn't like weakness in anyone around him.

But at the same time, be kind and compassionate. I have met some pathetic and horrible Aries. However, none of them has ever turned away from helping someone less fortunate than them. And we Aries expect the same kind of compassion from the people we love.

Believe in him, always. Sure, he needs to be made aware of the reality some times. But behind that tough exterior is an insecure man, who depends on you for his strength. He should know that no matter what the world thinks, you will always believe in him. Always have his back. Again, you can let him know that you disagree with him in private. But when facing the world, you must always have his back. Always!

What an Aries man wants to hear?

Saying the right things is just as important as doing the right thing. A lot of what he loves to hear has to do with praise. But he also needs to hear reassurances of your love for him.

“We can do what you want to!” He will love you to the moon for this. Now Aries don’t usually like things that others do. They all have some interests that they keep to themselves. If you learn to enjoy those, he will always be grateful.

“Hey! I’m going out with my friends this weekend. What are your plans?” He sure needs some time off with his friends too. But he can't do that if you want to go out with him. So, now and then, give him the freedom to do whatever he wants to.

“What would I have done without you?” And make sure it is genuine admiration. The Aries guy loves being the savior for his lady love. So, whenever he does something for you, make sure you let him know how thankful you are. Maybe throw a kiss in for good measure.

Confessions of love won’t hurt. Remind him of how much you love him. The regular “I love you” can lose their passion after a while. Find new ways to express your love for him.

Texts to send an Aries man

Finally, let's look at how you can seduce him via texting. First, we should address the most important question. “Should I text an Aries man first?” Well, in matters like these, I follow the 3:1 rule.

For every three times that he texts you first, you should text him the fourth time. This doesn’t make you seem desperate and also shows that you are interested in him.

During conversations, send witty remarks. He loves a woman who can make him smile with her wits. But don’t confuse this with cockiness and sass.

Talk to him about what you are passionate about. Whether it’s a career goal or world peace, let him know that your life has a purpose. Let him know that there is something in your life that drives you.

Don’t forget to flirt. This man loves a woman who can match his flirting abilities. But keep it to him only. If he sees you going around flirting with everyone, you will lose your charm.

Don’t go overboard. More than enough of anything is bad. If you expect to send a barrage of texts to him all the time, he will lose it. Keep them rare and keep them golden.

Compatibility with the Aries man

The Sagittarius woman and Leo woman are the most compatible with this man. The Aries man gets along best with women of the other Fire signs. They have the same kind of passion and expectations form life. Sure, there will be some friction when fire meets fire. But they always find the warmth of their passion to be more overpowering.

The Gemini woman is another zodiac sign who gets along surprisingly well with him. They are both passionate about the same things. Both are the life and soul of a social gathering. Both love each other passionately.

However, the Cancer, Libra and Virgo woman will have the most difficulty getting along with this man. Sure, true love can overcome all obstacles. However, it will take a lot of work.


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