How to Make a Leo Man Feel Guilty?

How to Make a Leo Man Feel Guilty?


Leo man is ruled by the sun. Radiating a tall ego and supremely proud of what they stand for, they'll seldom apologize quickly or make peace once they've been ticked off. So, how to make a Leo man regret hurting you? What hurts a Leo man the most? How long can he stay mad?

If a Leo man has done you wrong, here is how astrology can help you to make a Leo man feel guilty and apologize to you:

How to make a Leo man say sorry?

It is difficult to make a Leo man apologize because he likes to be at the helm of affairs, proud and self-obsessed. Leo men are cold and guarded when they wish to maintain a distance from someone. He'll actually behave like he was never mistaken in the first place even when he has committed a ruthless crime. Even if he is guilty, you'll need to handle him with much tact if you want to make him apologize. But that won't happen when he is triggered.

Let him cool off a bit and then communicate in clear terms what hurt him without playing the blame game. But soft and gentle, yet assertive when you speak to the Leo guy. Even when you push him to feel bad for what he did, supply some support in between your conversations and also acknowledge the good in him. Balance out the whole conversation if you want him to stay calm and collected with you. It is easier to deal with a Leo man when you choose you words with care and communicate with the intention to solve problems rather than fuel them for an explosion.

How to make a Leo man apologize?

If you're wondering how Leos apologize, it would be useful to know right away that he could be loud and mean when he bursts out at you. When he is hurt, a Leo man will cut you with you sharp words, those that could leave a scar in your mind for the longest time. But they'll also cool off easily if their ego is stroked and they are handled with care and love.

As grand as their meanness is, Leos will also apologize similarly. They could shower you with some compliments, buy you gifts or treat you to something special. When Leos are fond of someone, they tend to expect much. And because they bother, they'll also feel entitled to showcase their domination. So, once the heat in the headspace subsides, they'll tender an apology because more often than not Leos don't mean it when they say something hurtful.

Making a Leo man apologize is definitely not easy though. They only beg or apologize when something or someone means the world to them. In fact, since their egos and moods rule their actions, they'll do so only when their heart nudges them to. A fixed zodiac sign, Leos cannot be coerced to do something they don't fancy. So, they'll ask for forgiveness at an opportune time, when they feel an intrinsic motivation to do so.

How to upset a Leo man?

The best way to upset a Leo man is to play with his trust. Leos are super sensitive about their words and promises and expect others also to stand by their promises. So, if you waste a Leo man's time, treat them casually or make them seem insignificant, they'll be mad at you.

How to make a Leo man regret hurting you?

To make a Leo man regret hurting you, you'll need to give him a taste of his own medicine. This is to imply that he needs to be made to realize that what he did has hurt you or caused to loss of faith in him.

Stay occupied with your commitments to make it known to him that you have a life of your own and if wants to be back, he'll need to make solid efforts to get back your love and trust.

If you've already broken up, then get social. Meet new people and trigger their jealousy. Post pictures with your friends and dates. This is sure to irk the Leo man and make him realize what a mistake it was that he let go you.


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