How to Make a Taurus Man Feel Guilty?

How to Make a Taurus Man Feel Guilty?


I do not know what the issue is. But it is really hard for men to see that they are wrong.

They are not as emotionally evolved as women are. But come on! How under evolved are they exactly?

And even if by some stroke of luck, they can see their fault, you can bet they will feel no remorse at all!

Now, I'm not a sadist who likes to see people in despair.

But an important part of learning from your mistakes is to understand the impact it has. Feeling guilty about your actions is a huge part of the journey of not repeating your mistakes.

So, if you want to make sure that your Taurus man realizes what he did and feels guilty about his mistakes, read carefully what follows.

Let me share with you some secrets from astrology to make a Taurus man feel guilty!

How to make a Taurus man say sorry?

Some idiot in some corner of the world thought one day that accepting you are wrong is not manly.

For some reason, this idiotic notion spread around the world and men started to associate arrogance with masculinity.

So, I'm not surprised if it is hard for your Taurus man to admit he's made a mistake and apologize for it.

I'm also not saying that he isn't apologizing because he thinks it will hurt his masculinity.

But he grew up in a society where men aren't always taught the importance of saying sorry.

So, how do you break this habit of his?

It is important to show your disappointment right away. You cannot be mad at him at a later time. Let him know that his actions or words have upset you, the moment it happens.

Tell him what hurt you exactly. It might be tough for him to see how his actions have impacted you.

So, you must explain things to him in a clear manner. It can be difficult for some of us to express our hurt. If you struggle with it, take some time to gather your thoughts and then talk to him.

Convey that you are looking for an apology.

I know, I know. He should know that he has to apologize for wrongdoing. But there can be situations where it might not be clear as to what the end objective is.

In such a case, it is best to let him know that you are looking for a genuine apology, in the form of words or actions.

More importantly, don't get aggressive.

It would be much easier to convey hurt to your Taurus guy emotionally than fighting it. The moment the conversation becomes hostile is the moment you will lose him.

How does a Taurus man apologize?

If you want him to apologize, you also need to recognize how he apologizes.

The man born under the Taurus Zodiac sign will never admit that he was wrong. It's not that he doesn't know he is wrong. He just does not know how to admit it.

This does not mean that he does not care for you. It's just that it is physically impossible for him to admit he was in the wrong, figuratively speaking of course.

However, there is a situation in which he would apologize.

He will apologize when he loses control. Taurus men are known for their calm and control. Many people will go through their life never seeing the Taurus lose their cool.

But once, maybe twice in their lifetime, the rage of the bull will take over this man. When that happens, once the dust is settled, Taurus will be filled with rage and he will apologize.

But in other cases, the Taurus will sweep the situation under the rug.

So, when he realizes he is wrong, he would try to avoid the situation as much as possible.

When he sees something that has the potential to explode, he will not try to diffuse it. He will throw it away from the situation where no one can see it.

His way of apologizing is not through words but through expressing love.

When he knows he is wrong, he will try to broker peace by showering you with affection. Hugs, kisses, and doing things for you to calm you down and diffuse the situation.

So, when he starts to get extra cute, know that he is trying to apologize.

How to hurt a Taurus man?

If you want to know what hurts a Taurus man, I should warn you not to try this at home. Use this as a guide on things not to do.

The Taurus male does not do well with criticism.

It's not that he thinks he is perfect. There is just a shame for him that comes with hearing his faults from someone else.

You will have to figure out a very foolproof approach to tell him his drawbacks if you ever need to. Or things can get really out of hand.

He needs truth to be sugar-coated.

Sure, he wants to hear the truth. But his tolerance for it might vary depending on the impact the truth has.

So, whenever you are trying to broach a controversial topic, make sure you choose the right words.

This brings us to the next thing that hurts a Taurus man: Lies.

It takes the Taurus male a long time to trust someone. This trust is built on a foundation of truth. Lies and falsehoods can damage your relationship with the Taurus man.

So, don't try to spare his feelings by lying to him. Trust him to be able to deal with the truth.

How to make a Taurus man regret hurting you?

Tears always go a long way.

Well, I'm not one for fake tears. But if you are feeling emotional, let it out.

Don't think that your tears will push him away. He might pull away for a while, but that's only because he's taking stock of his actions.

Tell him how you feel and then give him space.

It won't do you any good if you stay on his tail with the issues all the time. He needs to take some time to process his faults. Only when he reflects on it will he be able to truly understand.

Don't grow cold and distant.

I know that when you are angry the best way to deal with it is to not communicate for some time.

However, pulling away from him and not talking till he apologizes is also not going to get you results. You have to show him that you are hurting but don't become authoritative.


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