What is the Pisces Man's Ideal Woman?

What is the Pisces Man's Ideal Woman?


The Pisces man will be in search of a lover who can surrender and break free from her limiting beliefs to accept him with an open heart. What makes Pisces lucky in love? Why are Pisces so passionate and intense? What does a Pisces man search for in a relationship? What qualities of a woman are likeable or hated by the Pisces man? What type of woman do Pisces like or find attractive? Which Zodiac sign is compatible with the Pisces man?

Here is what a Pisces man wants in a woman as per astrology:

What does a Pisces Man Look for in a Woman?

The Pisces man wants a devoted partner. He needs a compassionate, loving and responsible lover who will stick through the hardest times. He needs to feel trusted and admired for who he is.

While the whole world calls him an escapist, he will look for a partner who patiently listens to him and shows solid support to his endeavors.

He needs someone graceful and passionate. He wants love that will last an eternity. When a Pisces man is in love, he will strive to make you happy. His love is pure and unconditional.

He is a hopeless romantic who will surprise you with sweet gestures.

As someone with deep sexual needs and wild fantasies, the Pisces guy needs an active mate who is creative, bold and always ready to experiment artistically.

Pisces man likes and dislikes in a woman

The Pisces man likes women who show strength and reliability. Someone open to learning, admire his creativity and love for things beyond what meets the eye. He won't settle for an average lover as his definition of love is surreal.

He wants someone lively, tolerant and accepting of differences. Someone who builds trust with him slowly and proves her love with integrity will always stand out as a great match for the Pisces man.

What a Pisces man dislikes in a woman is impulsiveness, short span of attention, excessive criticism, lack of emotional reciprocity and aggressive behavior.

What do Pisces men like in bed?

The Pisces man is soft, sweet, gentle, flirty and irresistibly charming in bed. The dreamy, imaginative and thoughtful Pisces man is all about giving and receiving satisfying organismic experiences.

They are empathetic and intuitive which helps them feel the moods of their partner, fine tuning their sexual advances to make the lover feel comfortable. The feet of a Pisces man is a sensitive, erogenous zone. He is sensual and romantic, loves foreplay and has no qualms about the road to madness.

He loves sex and doesn't mind constructive feedback from the person he worships in the bed. There is no morality or vulgarity attached to his sexual fantasies, his fetishes are weird and his lover's body is his territory.

What does a Pisces man like in women of different zodiac signs?

Pisces Man Compatibility with Aries Woman

This couple will have sudden troubles in paradise because of the volatile nature of the Aries woman. She is confident, passionate, energetic and on-the-move while the Pisces man can be a bit too slow and laid back. For him, love blossoms slowly. The Aries woman might feel discouraged to pursue a connection that doesn't cause electrifying chemistry and arouses passion right in the beginning.

Pisces Man Compatibility with Taurus Woman

There is a tender, passionate and romantic union between these individuals. These are pleasure seekers who get lost in the art of lovemaking and building a stable relationship. A Taurus woman's love is generous, kind and giving just the right measure of what the Pisces man seeks in his ideal match.

Pisces Man Compatibility with Gemini Woman

The impulsive Gemini woman can hardly hold the attention of the Pisces man who would escape at the sight of a Gemini woman's insecurity and inability to make enduring and firm decisions. Unless the love of a Pisces man is anchored in dependence, stability and security he would struggle to pursue a long term relationship.

Pisces Man Compatibility with Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman and Pisces man are a great match. There is a seamless bond that develops between these lovers as both value emotions and tenderness. The nurturing love and care that a Cancer woman showers on him keeps him content and satisfied. Cancer women aren't demanding or aggressive, which prevents a Pisces man from being scared off or distrusting.

Pisces Man Compatibility with Leo Woman

While Pisces and Leo make great partners they could never find the satisfaction when they pursue a love relationship together. The idealistic Pisces man can come across as weak and lacking strength for the Leo woman to seek support from. His impractical love fails to hit the right chord with the Leo woman who cannot reciprocate his love language with her proud disposition and mighty ego.

Pisces Man Compatibility with Virgo Woman

The meticulous Virgo woman is an impressive lover to a Pisces man. She is logical, stable, organized and giving. Honesty becomes the bedrock of this relationship and they'll constantly seek support from each other. The Pisces man's idealism is a moral boost for the Virgo woman who overworks herself and drains her emotional strength. In a life of routine and drudgery, the Pisces man is a beautiful escape for the Virgo woman.

Pisces Man Compatibility with Libra Woman

Sharing trust and building a solid foundation is a struggle for the Pisces man and Libra woman. The highly social and communicative Libra persona can conflict with the Pisces man's regard for solitude. On the other hand, the flirty Pisces man can be easily misunderstood as casual and disinterested by the flighty Libra woman who seeks unquestionable loyalty and warmth from her mate.

Pisces Man Compatibility with Scorpio Woman

This relationship between a Pisces man and a Scorpio woman has the potential for a fairy tale ending with concrete actions, open communication and a shared understanding of deep emotions. The sensitive Pisces man relates to the Scorpios need for uninhibited love and passion to brew with a partner they trust and confide in. If the Scorpio woman learns to let go of her tumultuous past and exercises more care while handling the Pisces man's softness and need for compassion, they'll be together for the longest.

Pisces Man Compatibility with Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is far too wild and liberal to settle down for someone. While both have common interests in spirituality and the knowledge of divinity, it won't be enough without dedicated efforts and the willingness to stay devoted. The lack of emotional reciprocity of the Sagittarius woman is enough to stifle all efforts of the Pisces man to live a real relationship beyond wild sexual encounters.

Pisces Man Compatibility with Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is a sheer delight for the Pisces man as she wins him over with her sense of discipline, determination, ambition and stability. She is responsible with his emotions and even though she might face difficulty emoting herself, the consistency in her actions is enough to ground the Pisces man. Her sexual strength is win-win for the Pisces man who craves for lasting sexual encounters with someone he trusts.

Pisces Man Compatibility with Aquarius Woman

The water bearer Aquarius woman does have the potential to understand a Pisces man but the airy element is too strong for any lasting relationship to build. A series of disappointments crop up to weaken the attachment when the Aquarius woman acts fickle or detached. Pisces men struggle with sudden changes that the Aquarius woman brings to the relationship which eventually breeds mistrust and insecurity.

Pisces Man Compatibility with Pisces Woman

As personalities with common traits it is easier for them to connect and build a lasting relationship. However, this is a relationship filled with over expectations and unnecessary imaginary whims that might cause ups and downs in a relationship. Pisces men and woman let go quickly and so the anchor might generally be missing if both continue their never ending hunt for the most satisfying relationship.


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