10 Qualities a Libra Man looks for in a Woman

10 Qualities a Libra Man looks for in a Woman


Libra men are charming and sensual. They are fickle yet diplomatic and peace-loving. In an ideal mate, the Libra man will be seeking balance and strength. So, what qualities does a Libra man look for in a woman? What kind of a woman does the Libra man like and want to spend the rest of his life with? What is the Libra man's best love match? What does his ideal woman look like?

Here are 10 things a Libra man will look out for in his best love match:

1. A woman who is smart

Libra being an airy sign is quite smart and intellectual. He values quick-witted people and those who can be logical. A fine communicator, the Libra guy wants a woman who can leave him awestruck and spellbound with her sharp mind and articulation. He could easily get bored and move on if the woman fails to hold his attention and keep him attracted. So, the Libra guy will be in search of someone who can intrigue him with her confidence, opinions, and intellect.

2. A woman who trusts him

He needs a woman who can understand him and show her faith in him. He wants to feel trusted because all his life the Libra guy could be struggling to find the right people who believe in him. So, he will want his love to shower him with her admiration, affection, and trust. He is sensitive and quite delicate on the inside. So, he'll want to experience the complete support and love of his muse.

3. A woman who is sensitive and caring

The Libra guy is delicate. He avoids situations that demand confrontations. He likes to be in places that are calm and serene. At all costs, he wants to avoid drama and complications. So, when in search of his ideal partner, the Libra male would seek a woman who is kind, compassionate, and selfless in the relationship, not just with him but those around him as well.

4. A woman with an open mind

The Libra man is quite liberal and generous. He wants to help people as he widens his network circle and meets new people. He is an outgoing guy who is extroverted and sometimes, manipulative. He is creative and loves to try new things and gain from his own experiences. He doesn't like being controlled or dominated. He is a free soul who does what makes him happy. As he embarks on a wild journey through life, if he were to have a partner in crime the Libra guy would choose someone who can keep up with him and stay non-judgemental.

5. A woman who can build trust

The Libra man can often have difficulty trusting people. While they might have an incessant need to be all over the place as they want to maintain a healthy social life. Libra men thrive in the company of people so they would look for someone who can balance them and win them over by building trust. It might take time with the Libra guy but jr expects her to be patient with him and understand him.

6. A woman who is elegantly dressed

The Libra man admires and appreciates well-dressed women. He is quite artsy and fashionable himself. Blessed with a keen eye to judge fashion faux pas, the Libra guy would expect his partner to be elegant and gracefully clothed. It may not always be about good looks but it's true, a poised and well-groomed woman will easily attract a Libra man.

7. A woman who is well-balanced

The Libra guy is forever engrossed in an effort to strike the right balance in his life. He is struggling to stay away from extremes and live a life that's the best of both worlds. A diplomat of sorts, he wants to establish peace everywhere he goes and keeps his cool as he deals with dualities everywhere. Therefore, he needs a woman who can center him and guide him to channelize his strengths into something productive. Someone who can follow the middle way and help him find his path is perhaps the best love match for the Libra man.

8. A woman who can ground him

The Libra man has air elements that cause him to move places and become quite indecisive. This can often slow him down physically or cause him to overindulge and splurge in an effort to win over others. A bit of a show-off, the Libra guy tends to become lax and lose out on his patience and consistency in pursuing his goals. This means that he could be on the lookout for an ideal mate who fills the vacuum in his life and makes him compliments.

9. A woman who can inspire and appreciate him

The man born under the Libra Zodiac sign dreams big. Libra men love living a luxurious life and would not mind spoiling the love of their life with things money can buy. So, he needs someone who can inspire and be there for him. He wants to feel motivated and driven to do big things for himself and her if he finds "the one" he is in search of. He loves being the centre of attention and is admired for who he is or what he does. So, unless a woman is capable of making him feel powerful and celebrates him, he may not fall for her.

10. A woman who is romantic and passionate

The Libra man is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. He is good-looking and charming, so much that he can easily make a woman go weak in her knees. In the same line, the Libra man will look for a woman who is sensual, expresses loving gestures to win his heart, and doesnt mind getting flirty or dirty with him. The Libra native is very good in bed and so hot. Being physical with a Libra man is an experience that's worth it. He holds no bars in his private scenes so he would naturally gravitate towards a woman who is creative and experimentative while expressing her emotions and passions.


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