Scorpio and Gemini Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?

Scorpio and Gemini Friendship: Do They Get Along Well?


The friendship between a Scorpio and Gemini cannot be a smooth one but this has the potential to get better with time. Can Gemini and Scorpio become good friends? Are Gemini and Scorpio soulmates? What is the Gemini Scorpio friendship compatibility score? Why do Scorpios and Geminis sometimes not get along well?

Here is what astrology tells us about the friendship between Scorpios and Geminis and if they are meant to last:

Are Gemini and Scorpio good friends?

Geminis and Scorpios can have an extreme bond. The best of friends or the worst of enemies. What this friendship may lack is stability and a real emotional investment that allows all friendships to go deep. However, this companionship will be nothing short of exciting and adventuresome.

Scorpio and Gemini share a superficial relationship. They could become one of those friends who meet and share a few drinks and random conversations. It is hard for Scorpios to take their guards down before a changeable Gemini who loves to gossip and doesn't seem trustworthy to a serious Scorpio. Scorpios are great observers. They are quiet and analytical. So, much before the airy Gemini makes a move, Scorpios may have already gauged what's to come with their brilliant understanding of human psychology.

Geminis, on the other hand, consider Scorpios too controlling and emotional, both of these traits can make a Gemini lose their mind. Geminis are free spirited and energetic, quick and charming and all of this seems flaky to a Scorpio who values stability over everything else. On the dark side, Geminis are immature and lack patience. The problem is their basic compatibility runs into trouble the moment a commitment is expected in this friendship. Hence, a harmonious bond may not ever happen owing to the difference in their aspirations in life.

What does Gemini like about Scorpio?

Scorpios can be pretty aloof and detached if they wish to be. They are respectful of people's time and space and have skyrocketing ambitions. They are tactful and like to live life on their own terms.

Research-oriented, Scorpios like to get to the bottom of things before they draw a conclusion. Intelligent as they are, they do not have difficulty relating to people as they can pick body language signs and interact with people accordingly.

Scorpios are devoted, loyal and passionate about things and people they love. The life of a Scorpio is full of struggles but their bounce back game is pretty strong that often inspires the inexperienced Gemini.

With a life pattern so uncertain, they are fearless Martians who fight till the finish uncompromising on their ideals. Scorpios are unpredictable, aggressively protective and mysterious. It is never easy to understand their moves and therefore, friends and family could never call them boring or uninteresting. Their secretive nature makes them appealing to everyone and a Gemini too is no exception to the rule.

What does Scorpio like about Gemini?

Geminis are cheerful, light-hearted and child-like. They are ever curious, dangerously attracted to risky activities which imparts an element of fun and excitement to their routine. Geminis love change and would never be found in a stagnant spot for long. They want to learn and grow by drawing on their own experiences, good or bad. They love to experiment and explore people and places. So, they make amazing friends who amuse people with their witty communication skills.

Scorpios do appreciate a Gemini's happy-go-lucky demeanor which brings in positivity wherever they go. Their friendly nature and ability to adapt makes them quite likeable to people of all age groups or those with diverse opinions or belief systems. This fluidity of Gemini is an asset, a strength that they use to their advantage in all circumstances. Geminis are quite fascinating in their wide understanding of the world around them which enables them to have a huge network of friends.

Gemini and Scorpio differences

Scorpios may struggle to satisfy an inquisitive Gemini. Geminis are reckless and often love playing with the fire to their detriment. Scorpios are critical of those trying to project themselves as heroes without a cause.

Geminis may also seem childish, restless and inexperienced to a Scorpio. They are inconsistent, unstable and this translates to unreliability for a Scorpio. Geminis love to gossip and may have a habit of exaggerating stories for the sake of proving themselves right. Their gullibility and often their adaptability makes them fake and untruthful.

Scorpios will have their guards up in no time the moment they sense danger around a Gemini who seldom is successful keeping secrets. As they divert their attention and get distracted easily, Scorpios may have difficulty relying on them for real information.

Scorpios are too closed off and resistant to new connections. They would rather be on their own than in the company of those they don't trust. This imparts a cynical nature to the Scorpio which is exhausting for the fun-loving Gemini.

Scorpios are control-freaks, can be manipulative and difficult to understand. Their extreme emotional sensitivity and revengeful nature makes them stiff, standoffish and often rude. Hard to impress and never predictable, the sudden transformative changes can be pretty much shocking for even an airy Gemini who is known for their changeable nature.

They are possessive and can become easily jealous and defensive amidst competition. As their needs are different and their modes of operation, the relationship can often ho through the highest highs and lowest lows if both confront their differences.


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