Why is my Scorpio Man Hot and Cold and How to Deal with it?

Why is my Scorpio Man Hot and Cold and How to Deal with it?


Scorpio men can be pretty hard to understand as they are skilled at hiding their feelings and staying low-key. They hate giving their power away and would take a long time confiding in someone blindly. So, if your Scorpio man is acting hot and cold and keeps you at a distance, it is something to be cautious of. Has your Scorpio man stopped texting you or is he ignoring you recently? Why is your Scorpio guy behaving distant and cold all of a sudden? Is he still interested in you and wants to pursue you?

Here is what you need to know about his distant behavior and how to deal with a Scorpio man when he withdraws from you or wants a break:

He doesn't wish to communicate with you

The Scorpio male is extremely sensitive and emotional though he wears a cold exterior that scares most people off. He is too kind and caring about the one he loves and adores. If he is hurt, he could be equally vengeful and cut off ties without communicating at all. So, in case he chooses to stop conversing, it may be a warning sign that your Scorpio guy is over you.

He is playing hard to get

Scorpios can be competitive and project a sense of exclusivity. He wants to earn his spot in a person's life without giving away all of themselves too quickly. He wants to be the alpha, driven and dedicated to have the best. If he is acting distant despite being all mushy around you, it could be that the Scorpio man is trying to use you or test whether you still care to be around and chase him if he leaves.

He is hiding his true feelings

If your Scorpio guy is ignoring you, he may be obsessed about you but too shy to admit it. Emotions of a Scorpio man can be too messy to make sense of. His dark past and complex understanding of the human psyche can put him in a tight spot when he is trying to understand what he feels for you. He may just need some time to process and handle the emotional tide that he feels pulled into when he has fallen in love.

He wants to shut you out

He does not want you around himself for he has discovered an unpalatable truth about you. He is too irritated by a hurtful behavior of yours and is facing difficulty forgiving you. So, shutting you out or hurting you in return seems like an apt response for him. He leaves your calls unanswered or does not respond to your texts because he is too bitter and angry.

He is busy

Scorpio men can have laser focus attention towards their goals especially when they are firm about achieving what they want. He could be struggling with work or is dumped with too many responsibilities to make time for you. So, when he acts aloof he could just have zoned out under the stress or pressure of his professional life and you should stop taking that personally to avoid complexities.

How do you tell if a Scorpio man has feelings for you?

When he notices all the little details you share with him and opens his heart out to you, it's a clear sign the Scorpio man likes you. When a Scorpio man is trying to spend more time with you, being protective about you and tries to get dangerously close to you physically, you can tell that he has the hots for you. Scorpio's love language is physical so no matter how intellectually compatible, they will always be drawn towards someone who they feel a sensual connection with.

How do you deal with a Scorpio man being distant?

The men born under the Scorpio Zodiac sign build high walls around themselves even when they have fallen for someone because they tend to be suspicious of people. Being a highly intuitive sign, a Scorpio native can smell lies and deceit from a distance and this is why they need to be absolutely sure of who they let into their inner circle. If you have recently met this Scorpio man and can sense his closeness towards you, you'll need to be extremely transparent and loyal to him so that he can feel safe to open up. Act like you didn't realize that he is withdrawing himself so he knows that you are not too clingy or paranoid about controlling his life.

What does a Scorpio man want to hear?

A Scorpio man is deep and wants to build a meaningful bond with someone who can speak his language. They do not take their love life casually unless they make it absolutely clear they are looking for a purely physical relationship. He wants to develop a lasting relationship otherwise that's strong and free from doubts. If he senses betrayal, he could be turned off for good. This means that he would prove to you to learn about you, dig deep into your past so that he has a true understanding of who he is dealing with.

He'll want to know about your vision of life and your plans of the future. Your perspectives or outlook towards your experiences and the people you choose hang out with. He wants to know if your thoughts align with his because he cannot handle fickle people and make concrete future plans with you if he sees potential.

Sex for a Scorpio man is a deep expression of emotions and feelings for someone, so he would speak about his fantasies and explore yours without inhibitions. Scorpio men are not for the faint hearted. So, if you are too shy he might just be too much for you. However, regardless of what he needs he is respectful of others privacy as he is a pirate person himself. So, be true and honest about who you are and what you need to win over him.


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