What is the Scorpio Man's Ideal Woman?

What is the Scorpio Man's Ideal Woman?


Are you in love with a Scorpio man and want to know how your chances are that he falls in love with you too? Or are you looking for some tips to attract, seduce and make him fall for you? What qualities and characteristics does a Scorpio man look for in a woman? What makes a Scorpio man attracted to a woman? What the the best love match for a Scorpio man among all Zodiac signs in astrology? What personality traits make a woman compatible with a Scorpio man?

Let astrology reveal us a few secrets about the Scorpio man, his personality and psychology, what he likes in a woman and what his ideal woman looks like!

What does a Scorpio Man Look for in a Woman?

The Scorpio man's dream woman should possess the following personality traits:

A girl who combines emotions with sexual intimacy

To a Scorpio male, sex is the ultimate expression of emotions. It is difficult for him to understand how sex could have a casual approach. Intensity and aggression merge with passion in bed for a Scorpio man. So, a woman who allows him to dominate and take charge (where the form of sexual expression knows no limits) is his ideal partner.

A woman who plays seductive games

The Scorpio man is crazy about women who are wild. Physical intimacy is limitless when the Scorpio man makes love. He would unleash his deepest and darkest fantasies, often to the stage of forgetting the value of respect and gentle lovemaking. He wants her to be immersed in the act, surrender to him, speak dirty and build anticipation like it is an addiction that both would never give up on.

A partner who maintains the trust factor

The Scorpio man is well-guarded. He is a mysterious personality who finds it hard to pose his trust on anyone. His emotions run so deep that it is hard for him to believe what others tell him. In his ideal woman, he is looking for stability and decisiveness. He wants no rush and let faith build over time.

One who can communicate patiently

He wants her to understand his silence and allow him the room to stay in touch with his innermost feelings. He needs a tolerant person who wouldn’t judge him for the spiritual beliefs that he adheres to. One who is patient enough to be all ears when he speaks will be in his good books. Scorpio men lead a private life and any form of chaos that arises out of ignorance and lack of focus is not worthy of their time and attention.

Scorpio man likes and dislikes in a woman

The mark of an ideal woman for a Scorpio man is her Intellect and ambition. He admires women who could challenge him and also let him take charge where its due. He is attracted by women with depth who can stimulate him physically and intellectually.

A superficial and shallow woman is his biggest disappointment. He may have a crush on an attractive woman but if she lacks depth, it won't last long and for sure won't become a love relationship. The Scorpio man is deep in his intuition and scared of an emotional crisis that stems from hardwired rationality. He is always on a quest to understand the darkest and the mysterious sides of everything around him. He expects a woman to have the patience to understand him and respect his beliefs even if she may disagree.

What do Scorpio men like in bed?

Sex with a Scorpio man is overwhelming to the senses. Their energy in bed is exalted, much to the point that they like to dominate and take the lead. They could pull off an all-nighter if you are game.

Being empathic and aggressive in bed at the same time, he is in tune to your needs so you could trust him to go on till you are satisfied. He will leave you exhausted and gasping for breath, tempt you keep coming back for more if you are equally crazy and wild.

What does a Scorpio man like in women of different Zodiac signs?

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Aries Woman

In an Aries woman, the Scorpio man appreciates honesty. There is no room for games. It is an all in or all out scenario in love where she draws well-defined boundaries. The Aries woman is possessive and obsessed about the one she loves and there is no fooling around.

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman believes in physicality as a true expression of one’s emotions. She is a sexual persona with an insatiable drive, one that is looking at exploring the world of pleasure in its entirety. Her happiness thrives on a rich sex life which to a Scorpio man is an opportunity to discover the plethora of sexual activities there is.

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Gemini Woman

In a Gemini woman, Scorpio man will be intrigued by her open mindedness. The Gemini woman wants to try everything and feed her curiosity. The lively nature of the Gemini woman brings in ripples of joy and positivity in an otherwise mundane routine.

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Cancer Woman

The Cancer woman’s kind, caring and compassionate nature is surely an asset to the Scorpio man who wants to have his emotions acknowledged and nurtured. Both are water signs who value honesty and want to share a life with someone devoid of lies, betrayal and jealousy.

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Leo Woman

The Leo woman’s natural ability to conduct herself regally is attractive to a Scorpio man. She is well- mannered and gracious enough to handle challenges and communicate in a way which preserves their royal image. Even when she disagrees, she will express herself with civility.

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Virgo Woman

The Virgo woman is intelligent, observant and dives into the quietness of the Scorpio man’s emotions. She doesn’t necessarily need him to communicate verbally to express what he feels. The perfect choice of words that respects individuality, and the interest to solve problems in the time of crisis makes her irresistible to a Scorpio man.

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Libra Woman

The Libra woman’s hidden desire for unlimited pleasure lets her indulge in the act of passionate lovemaking with a Scorpio man who himself is sex personified. Sexual fantasies make her animalistic, possessive and hungry for the Scorpio man who would be tempted to satisfy all her desires.

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Scorpio Woman

In a Scorpio female, the Scorpio male finds the perfect room to enjoy sexual pleasures exactly how he likes it. It is a tug of war where passions ignite and they leave each other exhausted but still hungry for more. Sex life is spicy and manipulation at its peak as they struggle to exploit each other’s vulnerability.

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman shares a passion for life that is uninhibited by fears and doubts. She is a progressive woman who finds a silver lining no matter how depressing it gets. She is ready to give in to the wildest fantasies of the Scorpio man, not hesitating to make love, anytime and anywhere.

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman brings in discipline and security with her presence in the Scorpio man’s life. She builds trust and prefers the same from her partner. Quite the conservative persona, she earns the respect of the Scorpio man with her respectful communication skills and composed demeanor.

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius woman is looking for change, excitement and is ready to communicate about anything under the sun as long as it’s not small talk. Taboos won't limit her. She stands out from the crowd with her unique ideas and a naturally rebellious character.

Scorpio Man Compatibility with Pisces Woman

The Pisces woman is devoted to her partner. She is usually found deeply occupied in thoughts that exist beyond what is tangible around us. The Scorpio man is fascinated by her depth and emotions. Both share beliefs in the underworld and can communicate about magic, truth and what daydreaming opens their eyes to.


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