15 Facts about Scorpios you probably didn't know!

15 Facts about Scorpios you probably didn't know!


You might think you know the Scorpio zodiac sign. But there is so much under the surface that does not meet the eye. And not all of that is bad. There is a really interesting side of this zodiac you are probably unaware of. It doesn’t end there either. No wonder there is so much about these people that we don’t even know. After all, they are oceans of mystery, with personalities that are deeper than the Mariana Trench.

If you are willing to dive deeper, I'm going to reveal many secrets about the Scorpio personality traits. Here are 15 facts about Scorpios and things worth knowing you probably didn't know!

1. Their first love will always have a special place in their heart

Scorpios can’t just forget about their first love. This doesn’t mean that they will never love someone more. It’s just that they cherish the feeling of falling in love for the first time. After all, that was when the mysteries of the heart first revealed itself to the Scorpio native.

2. With Mars as their secondary ruling planet, they don’t show typical water element characteristics

Water elements tend to be calm and composed. Going with the flow like their natural element is typical for water element zodiac signs. But Scorpio is the violent and aggressive form of water. One that we see during a rough sea night and on high tides. The form of water that is capable of consuming the world in its wrath. And a lot of this can be attributed to the fact that Scorpio was once ruled by Mars. Before the discovery of Pluto, Mars was the ruler of the Scorpio zodiac sign. The God of War certainly imparted some of its characteristics and personality traits to the Scorpio.

3. Scorpio zodiac sign is ruled by two planets

A lot of the zodiac signs have been assigned, two rulers. This is due to the discovery of their primary rulers at a later time. Similarly, for Scorpio, while Pluto is its primary ruler. Mars is the secondary ruler. You can see some characteristics of both the rulers in a typical Scorpio rising sign.

4. They are passionate lovers with a strong sex drive

Scorpios believe in giving 100% to whatever they do. This extends to their romantic lives too. they cannot half-ass any relationship. They might take some time to commit to someone. But once they do, they are all in. And I am yet to meet a partner of a Scorpio man who had any complaints related to their sex lives.

5. The emotional walls around them prohibit them from making strong connections

Scorpios won’t be the people with the most friends. This is because friendship, like all other relationships, is a two-way street. And the Scorpio men or women have a wall the size of the Great Wall around their heart. They rarely let anyone enter. And reject most applicants at the gate itself.

6. Most Scorpios have a widow’s peak

Some physical features are characteristics to the people who display typical personalities of their zodiac signs. For Aries, it's the arching eyebrows that come towards the nose to make the symbol for Ram. For Scorpio, whether male or female, it’s the widow’s peak. A widow’s peak is a triangular shape towards the middle of the forehead made by the hair. That's how you can spot a Scorpio Zodiac sign.

7. They don’t suffer from social anxiety or fear

When they want to, the Scorpios can get along with anyone. That’s because they don’t care about what people will think of their actions. They will do what they want to. They will hang out with whomever they want to. Their social life depends completely on their mood which makes them fearless. And so much fun to hang out with.

8. They can be extremely sarcastic and cynical

If you thought their jealousy and vengeful nature was their only negative trait, think again. When angered, Scorpios can be extremely sarcastic and hurtful. When they don’t like someone, they will be so cynical of everything associated with them in their attitude and behavior. All of this makes them extremely rude and hurtful too.

9. They consider being blunt to be a sign of loyalty and honesty

Scorpios are not rude. They just believe that being brutally honest will connect them to people better. What they forget is that they can’t tolerate the same amount of bluntness. And they often don’t take the other party’s emotions into consideration. All of this contributes greatly to their unpopularity in their peer group.

10. They will go to great lengths to avoid an activity they don’t want to do

You cannot force a Scorpio native to do something against their will. They will do something else that they hate just as much. But when they want to avoid something, they will go to the end of the world to save themselves. This becomes extremely taxing for their parents when they are young. You will rarely come across a Scorpio who wasn’t headstrong during childhood.

11. They can be easily manipulated too

Scorpio is known to be great manipulators. But they can be easily manipulated too. If you use a manipulation tactic that is new to them, they will easily fall for it. Of course, this means that you will have to know the Scorpio you are trying to manipulate, well. But the common misconception that they cannot be manipulated is actually false.

12. They are blind to their own faults

You will never find a Scorpio who is aware of their real faults. They might know some of their faults. But those will be very minor, non-essential things. This is because Scorpios seriously lack introspection. They will never look to themselves as a source of trouble unless the situation forces them to. So, don't expect them to know what they did wrong. And prepare for a heated debate if you plan on telling them.

13. Sleep is never a primary concern for them

Scorpios are extremely active and energetic. They are rarely those people who ask for 5 more minutes of sleep in the morning. They can pull all-nighters for 7 days straight. And fall from exhaustion only after their work is complete. Sleep appears to be a waste of time to them. When they have work pending, they won’t even be able to sleep. So, that evens it out.

14. Scorpios are most compatible with Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn

As you might have guessed, Scorpio men and women cannot get along with everyone. There is a select group of zodiac signs whom they are actually compatible with. Water signs like Cancer and Pisces, and Earth signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, are their most compatible combinations. They will, however, probably get along the best with another Scorpio Zodiac sign only.

15. Be prepared for bitching, fun times, and adventures

If you have a Scorpio BFF, you are in for an adventure. There will be some drama, mind you. There will be fights too. But if you learn to look past or live with these things, you will have an amazing friendship of one of the most loyal zodiacs. They will be up for all sorts of adventures. And you will never feel bored in their company.


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Sylvia Maloney

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