12 Ways & Tactics to Seduce a Leo (Male or Female)

12 Ways & Tactics to Seduce a Leo (Male or Female)


Bold, attractive, passionate and flamboyant, Leo natives are a force to reckon with. Are you trying to attract a Leo man or a Leo woman? Know that unless your personality makes you stand out in the crowd and you leave a tasteful impression with your grace, charm and wits, seducing a Leo may seem like an uphill task. How to woo a Leo, win their hearts and make them fall for you? What makes a Leo male or female go crazy for someone? What can astrology reveal about their personalities and behaviors?

Here are 12 amazing tactics you must keep in mind if you want to attract and seduce a Leo man or woman.

1. Attract a Leo through text messages

Text messages can be a great way to initiate a conversation in case you are too intimidated by the Leo male or female. Make sure your timing is right and you have already sensed some interest from the other end. Use emojis conservatively so that you do not dilute the intensity of the talk. When in doubt, accompany a message with a simile. Keep it sexy and classy. Start with text messages like these to gauge her mood:

  1. Hey, beautiful! I have been thinking of you. I must say you looked stunning last night!\
  2. Just wanted to say that we had a great evening yesterday. <3\
  3. Did you cast a spell on me? I have been dreaming of you lately. ;)\
  4. Hi, I need your help. Suggest a dress you think flatters my body type, please? [Send some pictures wearing his or her suggested options]\
  5. Good morning, Gorgeous! I can’t help but tell you how ridiculously attractive you are!

2. Compliment them

The men and women born under the Leo Zodiac sign think highly of themselves. You will rarely come across someone who loves their egos like Leo natives. They enjoy it when you compliment them often, point to their strengths, motivate them and spread positivity. When you flirt, tell them which of their physical features you appreciate the most and what about their mannerisms turns you on.

3. Develop an amicable energy

Leos would plainly reject someone whose thoughts, ideas or values don’t meet their ways. They are very particular about who they are in an intimate relationship with. Don’t adopt a hostile attitude which easily repels them. Acknowledge what they tell you and pay attention. However, stay confident and upfront about your desires. Being shy might just confuse him. Stay friendly and choose the right moment to express your consent.

4. Analyze what they want

You need to be able to give a Leo man or a Leo woman whom heor she is seeking. More often than not, they may not be up for someone who dominates or overpowers them. If they are acting cocky, challenge their minds. Start with sharing your fantasies over a face-to-face conversation and see if they are opening up. In case they reciprocate, you have a clear signal that they wants to open up to you.

5. Play a game to woo the Leo

Set the right ambience, and try connecting in an informal setting in case your Leo guy or Leo girl is an office colleague. As long as they are uptight, none of your tactics may work. Play a game like a ‘rapid fire’, ‘truth or dare’. Ask never before known sexual secrets or make them do something as per your wish when they lose or vice versa.

6. Converse intelligently

Unless you are able to entice a Leo with your communication skills, you will never get too far in the seduction game. Leos tend to match perfectly with zodiac signs that are articulate and confident of themselves. Curiosity about the Leo guy or girl can make them feel important and prioritized. Just don’t stalk. Being able to add your inputs to a wide expanse of topics and contribute to their knowledge can leave an impression. Remember, sex appeal has a lot to do with conversation skills. However, keep the arrogance out of the door.

7. Dress elegantly to impress them

You do not necessarily need to expose parts of your body to really make an impact on the Leo native. There needs to be an element of grace and royalty in your dressing sense. Nothing over the top or shabby. However, you can definitely flaunt your assets with shorts that draw attention to long legs, a well fitted dress or suit that accentuates your waist, off-shoulder to draw attention to your neck. Play your strengths. Don’t forget those heels to define your legs and movement or simply wear his oversized shirt and nothing else.

8. Keep your promises

It is truly promising when you value a Leo’s time. There is nothing that frustrates a Leo more than someone disrespecting them or being very casual with their efforts. Deliver when you promise something or else don’t. They like it straightforward and blunt. While physical perfection may definitely seem attractive, in the long run, your intentions matter.

9. Non-verbal communication is key with the Leo Zodiac sign

The idea is to please or arouse his senses. Soft touches on the back and arms can reveal your sexual interest towards the Leo native. When the sexual tension is high and you are dangerously close, even a gentle brush of the hand can be sexually inviting. Make sure your voice is soft but assertive. Smell good. A mild, signature perfume or your distinct body odor can leave a mark which turns on the Leo partner.

10. Hold yourself back

Stay exclusive even when Leo has shown an interest. Let him chase you for a while so that he learns the value of what he earns. Understand that the Leo natives like feeling powerful when they conquer or achieve what they desire. Flirt with him in public, give him your time but selectively. While being unavailable will make him feel alienated, being forever available might not make you attractive enough.

11. Mind your body posture

An open posture that communicates confidence and strength is truly appealing. Unless he feels your energy, you may not be able to win over him. A long eye contact and then slowly moving your gaze elsewhere, turning away from his eyes to his lips can be truly sexy. Lean towards him when you communicate and pay undivided attention.

12. Be a nurturer

Being compassionate and caring can be a heart opener. Leos are too picky. They need to try and test and then prioritize people in their lives. Sometime, this could also extend to their sex lives too. Win over his confidence first and then try and convey your sexual desires.


Sylvia Maloney

Sylvia Maloney

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