10 Signs an Aquarius Woman Secretly Likes You!

10 Signs an Aquarius Woman Secretly Likes You!

Eyeing an Aquarius woman and want to know if she likes you back? You’re not sure if she has feelings for you or if she just wants to be friends? What are the sureshot signs that an Aquarius woman is interested in you and even falling in love with you? This air sign is extremely unpredictable and loves her freedom like no other. So, here are all the signs you should be aware of to understand an Aquarius woman in love.

1. She will plan the most unusual activities with you

She is abhorrent to boredom in all forms. If you are the kinds who prefers being all alone, confined to your cocoon at all times, she won't be interested. Her love for freedom of thought and movement is unparalleled. She loves traveling throughout the length and breadth of a place, hitting the most unconventional locations, if there is nothing else occupying her mind. She doesn't really need anyone to entertain her for she herself is capable of making it all alone. So, when she is involving you in the most fun activities, going out with you far more often, you enjoy a soft corner in the heart of this Aquarius female.

2. An Aquarius woman in love will open up her heart to you

Let her be. Yes, that’s the mantra to enjoy her company and vice versa. An Aquarius woman is always fearful of people who try to force her to conform to their ideas and demands. She is not the one you can tame. She will rarely open up herself to tell you about her deepest secrets if she doesn't like you enough. But when she does, she trusts you. She is assured that she can confide in you. So, if you have managed to make an Aquarius woman bare her soul, you must know that she likes you.

3. She will stand by you

She will defend you when you need her but not if you are unworthy. However, don't expect aggressive behavior. Her rebellion is silent and often without a specific cause. She is always there for the ones that she is concerned about. An Aquarius female is naturally detached, unemotional on the surface and hence, she can indifferent when she has to be. She can see through people and understands deception at the first sight therefore, she is always there to protect the one who is dear to her. Her littlest care for the socially constructed taboos and norms make her a true daredevil who won’t worry taking u-turns if someone or something doesn't serve her right.

4. She will give you access to her body

While an Aquarius woman enjoys sex to the core, she is picky. She sets very high standards for herself and those that are able to bask in her gracious presence. Sex is incredibly mind blowing because of the highest levels of confidence that she is able to display at all times. She isn't afraid to demand what she needs. They have fantastic communication skills so dirty talking comes naturally to her because she loves keeping a man she likes engaged and open to experimentation. Her playfulness and amazing sense of humour makes sex an extremely fun experience. So, when sex is rampant and happening all night, you have played the right chords to your advantage.

5. An Aquarius female in love will be fair to you

This zodiac sign is known for her humanitarian qualities and ability to be fair to all, making everyone she knows enjoy equal importance in her life. While that might make any man feel less important, that’s never the case. She is a social butterfly, the one who people can count on. She won’t impose her decisions on you and will make sure you have a fair say during heated arguments. An Aquarius female will not mind bending backwards if you can satiate her rational bent of mind.

6. She will give you everything she has

Aquarius women are extremely generous. Stimulate her mind, inspire her and support her growth, she is all yours. When you demand nothing from her, she will give away everything that she has for you. When you place conditions on her, chide her and expect far too much than she is willing to part with, don’t be surprised to see her walk away in the blink of an eye. She is always looking for a friend in a companion who will stand by her and vice versa. You can count on her for the best ideas and advice you could find on a subject she is well versed in. So, when it is about standing true to her commitment to you, an Aquarius woman will not hesitate to prove it to you.

7. You will have her attention

At one moment she is somewhere, at the other, she is somewhere else. That’s how swiftly her mind wanders. It is difficult to get the attention of an Aquarius woman if you do not have the intellect that matches hers. She has a general tendency to be friendly with everyone but will always have a countable number of people she will blindly trust. She will decline all your advances towards her if you appear too clingy and controlling, but if you see her naturally inclined to your company, she definitely likes you.

8. She will shower you with romance

An Aquarius girl is far from predictable. She is someone you can expect to exchange gender roles with. Her true revolutionary character will always push her far from being the ideal woman you expect to make your home. Being far too pragmatic and stable headed, an Aquarius woman will weigh in all her options before she expresses her interest in you. So, when you find her going out of her regular ways making extraordinary efforts like planning a romantic date night with you, dressed all in her beautiful feminine self, cooking for you, you should know that she really likes you.

9. She has moved in with you

An Aquarius woman cannot be tied down anywhere. So, a legal marriage or courtship may never happen with her unless she decides otherwise. Being very rational and practical about relationships, she decides the most sensible arrangements that works for her without jeopardizing her independence. If she expresses an interest in living with you or asks you to move in with her, it's a sign she is serious about your relationship.

10. She is extremely loyal

She has a ton of admirers. While being naturally flirty with those of the opposite sex, she is at the same time loyal to the tee. She is capable of taking her loyalty and commitment to the man she sets her eyes on very seriously. There is no questioning it ever, because she is someone who values people and will always support what's right without biases. This level of devotion from her end needs to be reciprocated well. Whatever she promises to you, an Aquarius woman will always make sure she fulfills it at any cost.

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