10 Signs a Cancer Man is Not Into You

10 Signs a Cancer Man is Not Into You


Cancer men are sweet and sincere when they fall for someone hard. He'll put in all his energy to take you off your feet with his tenderness, care and dependability. But what happens when he doesn't like a woman anymore? How to know if a Cancer man is not interested? If he doesn't like you more than a friend? If he's not in love? How does a Cancer man behave when he is done with you? What can astrology reveal about this male?

Here are 10 red flags you'll notice when the Cancer man is not interested in you or is pulling away from you:

1. He seems closed off

The Cancer man is very careful with his heart. He does not want to feel dejected by making a wrong choice in love. Unless he is convinced that you are the one he wants to see a future with, he'll be hard to understand. Your questions will remain unanswered or he could seem irritated when you interrogate to satisfy your curiosity. While you may be all over him, he'll seem guarded and standoffish. Though this could mean he is acting selfishly, it only shows his excessive obsession to maintain some control over his life and manage his insecurities.

2. He maintains a distance from you

The Cancer guy wants to stay away from complications. His mood swings mess his mind which makes him even more concerned about protecting his heart. If the Cancer man isn't serious about pursuing you, you'll notice his casual behavior. He'll excuse himself when you are around or he'll seem pretty normal showing no admiration or attraction towards you. He'll avoid getting physically closer to you, for he can open up only to someone who he could trust with all his heart.

3. He is eyeing other women

The Cancer man is sensitive but he is flirty when he is in the mood to just have some fun. He is likeable to the opposite sex for his acts of compassion and care. The gentleness of his nature quite easily draws those who crave for nurture and love. If he feels naughty and wants a partner without strings attached you'll notice a layer of his character that usually lies beyond plain sight. If he is in no mood to give away his heart to you, he'll be lusting after other women. He''ll show an active interest to be involved with them and take the partnership to a meaningful platform.

4. He keeps secrets from you

If a Cancer male is trying to conceal his feelings or struggles from you, he is yet to confide in you. He still doubts you with information that matters to him. So, he'll perhaps either keep things to himself or provide you with incomplete information and lies. It will be difficult to win over the Cancer man given his delicate nature. He needs to be reassured and comforted often. If the Cancer man is playing you, he'll hold himself back or withdraw from you completely, at least emotionally.

5. He never speaks about a family with you

When the Cancer man is deeply in love, he will have thought of walking down the aisle with you. If he has never told you about a stable future with him, he is unsure of you. Family means a lot to him. He loves his home which is his comfort zone. It will always remain his priority and he would want to see himself sharing a blissful relationship with the one he adores. When he withholds himself from sharing his hopes and dreams with you or never ever makes you a part of his community which he values so much, he is not looking for a serious relationship with you.

6. He is indifferent to your emotions

If the Cancer man pays no attention to your feelings or fails to reciprocate your emotions, he may not wish to be with you. He may seem inconsiderate and acting too pricey. That's just because he has other priorities in life which he cannot give up on just to be around you. He may have picked up on the clues that you don't fit the perfect image of the partner he wants or desires to have. So, he remains aloof or acts like he never notices the efforts you make to make him happy.

7. He appears flaky

He seems to be hot and cold. His inconsistency is disturbing for you as you just fail to keep track of his thoughts. He does not make concrete efforts to win over your trust because he does not find it necessary. He is inconsistent and unreliable. His behavior towards you is unclear and it totally confuses you. If the Cancer man was truly into you, he would clarify your doubts and take action to calm you down. When his presence in your life seems messy or chaotic and takes away your peace, he is only up for a non-committal relationship.

8. He is uninspiring

The man born under the Cancer Zodiac sign is a loyal lover. He would want to protect you and keep you safe always. He'll push you to become your best and stand up for you when you need his support, You'll never find yourself struggling with difficulties alone when you have a Cancer man who you mean the most to. He'll be your strength and help you overcome your troubles, often calling danger upon himself just so that you are safe. When the Cancer man takes no initiative to sweep you off your feet by revealing his caring persona, he is the least bothered about you.

9. He keeps ghosting and coming back

A Cancer man is dependable when he is courting someone he truly has the hots for. When he is all over the place and finds no happiness in being around you, he'll make excuses to just avoid being in your company. He'll never meet you. Sometimes, he may just go missing without an explanation. He may just cut you off from his life for a few days and come back when he needs you to stroke his ego. You'll only be his temporary mate until he finds someone who is his ideal match.

10. He has never introduced you to his friends

If your Cancer guy has kept you away from people he bonds the best with, he is unsure of introducing you to them. He is particular about his image and would want to project himself clean until he really wants you to be a part of his life forever. He wouldn't want to raise the hopes of those who care about him. He might just see you as a one-time affair and forget about you very soon. He'll wish to meet you at places where he won't be recognized. Such fishiness in behavior is clearly noticeable when the Cancer man is fooling around with a woman. He has a clear picture of what he wants in life and since he doesn't find you compatible enough, you are kept miles away from those he confides in.


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