12 Signs a Leo Man Secretly Likes You!

12 Signs a Leo Man Secretly Likes You!


The classy, regal and the brightest star that outshines all the other Zodiac signs in astrology is Leo. Super hard to ignore the grandeur that oozes in every move he makes, this Lion of a man is a force to reckon with. You have a crush on him and would like to know if your Leo man has feelings for you? How does the Leo man behave when he is in love? How to know if he is interested? What are the signs of a Leo man falling in love? What secrets can astrology reveal us about his heart, his personality and his psychology?

If you have these questions in mind, here are 12 subtle, but also more obvious signs that will tell you if a Leo man secretly likes you (more than a friend)!

1. The Leo man shows off the woman he has a crush on

The Leo man is a true king who knows how to treat the woman he likes like the queen that she is. If he is serious about you and has made up his mind to have you in his life, he would go beyond his limitations. He has a unique way of expressing his love towards someone. It surely is no ordinary gesture or behavior when the Leo man falls in love with a woman. It is always a little extra with him. He has his eyes only for you. There would be nothing that catches his attention when you are around.

2. He cares for the woman he likes

The Sun ruled Leo man’s aura is warm and will keep you away from any harm. He is a generous giver, always the provider when he steps into someone’s life. He attends to every call of yours, dropping everything else that he may be occupied with. Your comfort is the most important thing to him. The Leo man would always be on the lookout for you, his eyes following you like he is the only man you could depend on. If you sense a high level of his involvement in your life, it's a clear sign he really cares for you and has deep feelings for you.

3. A Leo man is fiercely loyal when he is in love

His sense of loyalty is questionable. He is a fan of PDAs. He is the kind of man who loves to tell the whole wide world that you are his. He values honesty in his interactions. The Leo man is too busy building his empire to play childish games with you. Although you may suffer the good and the bad in a close relationship with him, it is worth the ride. If he has buried his past and made you the center of his universe, he is secretly into you.

4. He remembers every little detail about you

The King never forgets. He will rule your heart if you allow him to. He will pick on all the hints and information that you share about yourself. Test it and he surely wouldn’t disappoint. His emotions are far from erratic. It's a dive right in or out. He is a responsible guy who wants to know you and invests his time and patience in learning all that he should to make you happy.

5. He takes charge

Once a man born under the Leo Zodiac sign decides something, it is impossible to change his mind. His confidence, the power he exudes and the regality in his demeanor makes him a loved leader. He admires your strength, playfulness and grace but at the same time takes the front seat to show off his sense of responsibility. He has got it all covered and you never need to worry when the mighty Leo gives his heart to you.

6. He is in awe of you

You mesmerize him. He doesn’t fail to point out the characteristics and personality traits of yours that leave him spellbound. It is usually difficult for a shy and insecure woman to handle the pompous nature of the Leo man. He chases you like a Lion chases his prey. His behavior and his gestures never fail to make you feel respected and admired for the person that you are and also for what you mean to him.

7. He appears more confident

Though he is misunderstood as an attention seeker and a superficial character always vying for self gratification, his shoulders bear the weight of responsibilities that only he knows of. The Leo man is not devoid of his own set of fears and lack of confidence from time to time. With you around, he is more comfortable sharing his qualms and setting out like he is ready to take over the world.

8. He supports you through tough times

He can’t see you fail. You are his muse. You are his support. He is your cheerleader. There is a highly positive exchange of energy between you guys that is difficult to ignore. A magnetic bond and attraction. In your highest highs and lowest lows, he is the Prince charming, always lending you the safety net in case you fall. He is your personal coach who wants to see you shine the brightest.

9. A Leo man in love is territorial, jealous and possessive

The Leo male wouldn’t hesitate to mark his territory. What’s his will remain his forever. When he is at a loss, he will cry in silence, away from everyone’s gaze but any competition will be dealt with an iron hand if the woman he has feelings for is threatened. This big hearted man is generous in all his givings but what he considers his own, he needs no permission to exercise his sole rights over it.

10. He showers you with grand gestures

Ask the Leo man for the sun, the moon and the stars and he wouldn’t think twice to bring that for you. As royal as his habits are, he wants to pamper the woman he likes will all the luxuries that money can buy. He wants the whole world to know who he is and sing his praise. He puts you on a pedestal, and worships you with adornments that add to your elegance and beauty.

11. He shares his insecurities

The Leo men could often become selfish and aloof when they are focused on their priorities. The Leo guy sees himself as the bread earner who wants to have at his disposal whatever he commands. Despite this loud and controlling persona, he fights his own battles without begging for help. However, even the mightiest kings need motivation. When he places all his trust in you, speaks about his struggles and has an open ended discussion seeking feedback, it means he holds you in high esteem.

12. He wants to build his empire with you

A surefire sign that a Leo man is falling in love with you is when he expresses his desire to build his future with you. He doesn’t have the time or interest in wishy-washy emotions that have very little chances of success. He wants clarity and transparency in his long-term goals. So, if this Leo male has shared his dream of making you his queen, there are no doubts about the sincerity in his feelings for you and his interest in building a long-term relationship with the woman he sincerely loves.


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