10 Signs a Leo Man Misses You!

10 Signs a Leo Man Misses You!


The Leo man does not hesitate to showcase his love and affection for someone he likes. If your Leo man is away from you in a long distance relationship or is missing you after a breakup. He will make subtle efforts to tell you that he wants you back or wants to be closer to you again. How to know if a Leo man thinks about you and still has a crush on you? How to know if a Leo Man misses you and want you back? How does he behave when he is missing someone and still in love?

Here is what astrology tells us about the Leo man when he is in love and obsessed with your thoughts:

1. When a Leo man texts you everyday, you know he misses you

A Leo man is known for his warmth and generosity. If the Leo man likes you sincerely, he will remember every detail about you. When a Leo man makes an effort to text and call you to let you know what he is up to or wants to know how your day looks like, he is not just eager to stay in touch with you but it's a sign that he misses you and wants to be around you even if it is virtually possible for the moment.

2. A Leo man wants you to spend more time with him

When a Leo man wants you to be around him more or expects you to tag along wherever he goes, he is kind of obsessed about you. He daydreams about you to an extent that it messes with his plans. He wants you to do everything with him and is always available at your beck and call. This is a strong sign that your Leo man longs for you deeply.

3. A Leo man expects you to compliment him

Leo men aren't the easiest ones to open their heart out to you. They have a huge ego and pride and wouldn't do anything to jeopardize the tall image they try to build. If your Leo man wants to let you know he is missing you, he would try and speak fondly of you, complimenting you and making you feel special. This is a subtle sign of letting you know that you mean so much to him and that he regrets losing you. Your Leo man may not say he misses you but he will try to say it in his own words.

4. A Leo man makes plans with you

A Leo man is adventurous. He isn't a great planner but if he wishes to see someone or accomplish a task, he will do it effortlessly. He will manage his busiest schedule to be around you if he likes you enough and wants to have your company. He will make spontaneous plans with you because he thinks of you constantly and wouldn't waste an opportunity to be physically close to you if he can.

5. When a Leo man send you gifts, it's a sign he truly misses you

If a Leo man wants to express his love through grand gestures let him because that is how he wants you to remember him. He wants you to have fond memories of having done unique things with him, activities that nobody else could replace. If he makes an effort to send you flowers or random gifts that he knows make you happy, it's his signature style of making his presence felt in your life.

6. A Leo man posts on social media about you

Leo men like to glamorize and celebrate their accomplishments and life in general. They love to garner some praise, win accolades and validation for most things they do. If your Leo man tags you on mushy posts that speak of his love and admiration for you, you've got to be special and on his mind 24/7.

7. A Leo man gets emotional talking about you

The men born under the Leo Zodiac sign aren't the ones to display their emotions to anyone. They take some time to gauge and understand the other person well before they open up and share their deepest feelings. But once you've won their heart, they are all yours. They are fiercely loyal and can also get emotional when they make an effort to show you that they really miss you and care the most about you. You'll definitely see it in his behavior when he is in love.

8. A Leo man expresses jealousy when you are with other people

Leos can get quite jealous of others if they aren't the ones receiving the most of your emotions. They are sweet people but territorial too. They'll showcase their anger if they feel sidelined or neglected by the one they think of the most. If your Leo man changes his moods or reacts frustratingly to others who get to hang out with you more than they do, they actually miss you a lot. It hurts them to be away from you while others get to spend time with you.

9. Your Leo man gets angry when you don't pay attention

Leo guys are attention seekers. They love to take their person out and celebrate special occasions. They want to go out for lunch or dinners and make the most of the time they have with you. When your Leo man is away from you or in a long distance relationship with you, they would get irritated if you don't reciprocate their emotions. They'll need to share and showcase an equal amount of effort in being there for them.

10. A Leo man relives your memories

A Leo male can be a loner but once he finds his mate, he would want her around. He wants to share a special bond with someone for life. He'll keep special mementos that remind him of you. He'll preserve your gifts and even have special objects in his room that reassure him of your presence in his life. He holds them dear to his heart and often ruminates the best times he shared with you when you were in the same place or city with him. If he tells you about them fondly, you are deeply missed.


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