10 Bad Traits of Taurus Men

10 Bad Traits of Taurus Men


Taurus men are rigid and stubborn. They could also depict extreme neediness when they are in love. So, what are the weaknesses, the bad qualities and negative traits of Taurus men? What do Taurus males struggle with? Why are Taurus so difficult and how do they act when hurt in love?

If you are looking for these answers, here is a list of 10 bad, negative personality traits of Taurus men you should definitely know:

Are Taurus men toxic?

Taurus men aren't particularly toxic. They are cool and easy-going. A Taurus guy is usually too involved in his own life to mess with someone else, unless they are being pushed or forced to react to a discomforting situation. Taurus men can be too self-absorbed at times which causes them to display a haughty attitude but in general, they mind their own business. On the negative side, if the Taurus man gets too attached in love, they spill some toxicity over their loved ones. In all fairness, this could be unintentional and a result of their ignorance.

1. Taurus man is selfish

Taurus is an earthy sign ruled by Venus. Despite the gracious qualities that the Taurus man is bestowed with, the earthy character makes them too rigid and unwilling to make a compromise and adjust. They hate giving up on their luxuries and comforts to accommodate the needs of someone else, especially if that person isn't special to them. You may often find a Taurus man highly concerned about themselves and their own kith and kin and least bothered about others. Their selfish nature's a vice that they fail to let go of.

2. Taurus male is proud

A lover and admirer of the best things money can buy, Taurus men have an expensive taste. They are classy and sophisticated which imparts a sense of haughtiness in their character. They love flaunting all good things they own and this includes the best clothes, perfumes, cars, shoes and even the foods they indulge in. They love to beat their own drums, making a crazy show of all the fancy things they have either gained through their hard work or inherited. This often makes them quite difficult to deal with, especially in romantic relationships.

3. Taurus man is possessive

The Taurus man is extremely dominating. He loves to control everything that he believes he owns and this includes his friends, family and partner too. It's either his way or the highway. He wants people to follow his lead and accept his whims and fancies. He struggles to let go or part ways when he is attached to an object or person he loves the most. Such possessiveness makes him quite needy or clingy when he is in love. He could demand more attention and a greater expression of love, often disregarding the opinion or convenience of his mate.

4. The man born under the Taurus Zodiac sign is lazy

The Taurus man is ruled by the bull and that brings up the image of someone who is indulgent and lethargic. While the Taurus man is hard working, he is also quite a procrastinator. He loves putting off things until tomorrow, letting his responsibilities pile up for a later date. This makes him quite annoying and frustrating at the same time. And once they are done with their daily routine, it's almost impossible to get active or pull them out of their comfort zones. In love, this could often translate to failing to stick up for their loved one or getting tasks done, especially those that demand immediate attention.

5. Taurus man has a bad temper

Usually known to be quite patient, the Taurus man can easily get irked if he is annoyed. He is sensitive and easily affected. His threshold of tolerance is high but fickleness or betrayal can push the wrong buttons and trigger him. Once a Taurus man is pissed off, he can cause irreparable damage. He'll be seething in rage and lash out unexpectedly, sometimes getting violent physically. Yes, they are strong and if taken advantage of, the Taurus man can choose to showcase his mighty power to wreak havoc.

6. Taurus male is greedy

Not a miser, but Taurus men love to possess things that pleases their eyes. The Taurus man loves to hoard and save for rainy days. However, his love for material possessions can drive him to want more and more. His needs sometimes can seem to be impossible to satisfy no matter what you do. This could have a negative impact on his relationships. If this habit of accumulation goes to an extreme, he may even try amassing wealth through immoral ways.

7. Taurus acts too slow

The Taurus man is steady and slow. He has a terrible habit of doing things at his own pace. It often leads to missed opportunities but he doesn't seem to care much. He loves his routine and sudden changes spoil his mood. That kind of snail-paced activity makes him quite boring and difficult to deal with. His rigidity is also a frustrating quality that often turns off people and causes him to be alienated.

8. Taurus males act pricey

Taurus men are blessed with good looks and affluence. They can act unavailable or it might be confusing to comprehend their emotions initially. They can also play excellent mind games with a potential mate. This can be highly frustrating and sometimes infuriating. They may want to be chased hard while putting little effort at winning over someone. The lack of initiative or the pace at which they initiate the chase can turn off someone or push a good match away.

9. Taurus men are reserved

Taurus men love to be on their own. They keep their circle small and are quite picky about who they let into their circle. In fact, more often than not they like being in their own company than a huge circle of friends. While this certainly has its benefits, it can showcase a thick-skinned or narcissistic trait. They like to keep things to themselves and can sometimes harbor secretive thoughts. The lack of openness makes them pretty complex and hard to mingle with.

10. Taurus men hold grudges for a long time

Taurus men are quite unforgiving. They may let go but forgetting the unfairness meted out to them is not a possibility. They'll let the resentment boil into something enormous, often bringing up older issues of the past. Such grudges often eat into the fabric of their relationship and may lead to unresolved trust issues. So, if you break up with a Taurus guy and expect him to be back, that's not happening, at least not any time soon.


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