10 Things to Text a Leo Man (to win his heart)

10 Things to Text a Leo Man (to win his heart)


If you are a face-to-face kind of a person, you must hate texting. Believe me, I understand. There's just something so easy about having a conversation in person. You can read the other person's expressions and know what to and what not to say. Plus, there is usually no proof of how awkward the conversation was in case you embarrassed yourself. Thankfully, Astrology teaches us things we can use everywhere. It helps us understand behaviors that allow us to tailor our conversations according to what a particular Zodiac will respond to best.

If you are trying to impress a Leo man, attract him and make him fall in love with you, you are in luck! Because here are 10 things to text a Leo man to win his heart!

What to text a Leo man to get his attention?

You can always start with praise if you want to get a Leo man's attention. I'm not saying that they like bootlickers (or am I?). But showing any Leo some praise will definitely help you score points with them. If you really want to stand out, compliment something that he doesn't hear often. For example,

  1. Great game tonight! You were a lot humble in your speech than you should have been. You truly carried the whole team.
  2. That was an excellent presentation you gave today. I didn't even realize how quickly the time went by.

Things to text a Leo man to show him you care

Everyone needs some tender love and care during this horrible time. The end of the pandemic might be near, but the loneliness and helplessness that comes with it aren't gone anywhere. So, it would only get you more points if you show him some care. The key to this, however, is to be genuine, have healthy intervals and be regular. Make sure that you don't get too cheesy or clingy. Here are a few text message examples to help you out:

  1. Hey! Checking in to see if you are doing all right.
  2. Just want to let you know, that any time you want to talk to someone about random things I'm all ears.
  3. Good Morning! I hope your day is as bright as this beautiful day.

How to text a Leo man to win his heart?

Winning a Leo man's heart is the greatest battle ever fought for love. So many women fight it every day. But they do it because it is “Oh! So rewarding!”. I'm guessing you want to reap the rewards too.

Winning a Leo man's heart is a fine balance between making it known that you like him and not appearing to want it too much. It has to be a chase for him too. It definitely helps to like what he likes, but he has got to see you as someone extraordinary. He will never fall for a plain Jane. His dream girl is smart, sassy and accomplished. You cannot come across as meek, submissive or fragile around this guy.

How do you convey all that over text? Be bold! Know where the line is, but come close enough to it. Now, whether your Leo man likes the girl to be the one to make the first move or not will be unique to him. (Can't help you there). But here are a few texts that might nudge him in the right direction.

  1. Hey handsome, if I didn't know any better, I might have asked you out tonight.
  2. Hey cutie. Your face just popped into my head so I had to say hi.
  3. [Song title] just came on the radio and it totally made me think of you.

How to turn on a Leo man through text?

It never hurts to take your sexual relationship to the next level through sexting. You might not be there in person, but you can make sure he thinks only about you. Make him ache with longing for you. I don't need to teach you how to get wild. You can get there all on your own. My job is to get the text chain started so that all he dreams about is you.

  1. All I can think about right now is your beautiful body pressed against mine. Get over here and make it a reality.
  2. Tonight is going to be all about you. So let's get… creative.

Signs that a Leo man has feelings for you through text

I have so many friends who are afraid to make the next move because they are not sure how the guy feels about them. And we have already established how hard that can be when the only mode of communication you have is texts. So, how do you know whether all that hard work that you are doing is paying off or not? Here are a few signs that might help:

  • He talks to you about his feelings – It isn't an easy thing to do for the Leo man. He doesn't have a lot of confidants. But if he shares his fears and his worries with you, it is a positive sign that he might be interested.
  • He asks for your opinion – Not everyone's opinion is important to the Leo male. In fact, you would rarely see him asking for advice. He knows what's best. But if he's asking you, not only does it mean that your opinion matters, but also that he might think of you more than just a friend.
  • He pays you uninitiated compliments – If he compliments you without you having to fish for them, that is a really encouraging sign. Leo rarely takes out the time to pay someone enough attention to give them a compliment.
  • He asks you out – Now here's a sure hot sign that he is interested in you. And it seems like all your work paid off girl! Go get him!


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