What is Virgo Spirit Animal and its Meaning?

What is Virgo Spirit Animal and its Meaning?


The Virgo. The Maiden. One of the few Zodiac signs that are represented not by an animal but by a human being. Which makes it a little hard for the Virgos to relate to any animal as their spirit animal. The rationalists that they are, they probably don't even believe in the concept of a spirit animal. But every once in a while, they read about an animal, curious as they are, and think, "If that animal was a human being, we would surely get along". That's because they relate to these animals. And why wouldn't they? These animals share the same personality as them. While the animals portray their personality, what are the factors that contribute to it? A Zodiac personality is a confluence of the influence of the stars, but also many other factors. Things like ruling planet, element, symbol, all are part of the story of what makes a Zodiac sign.

If you wish to understand the rationalist Virgo a little better, here is everything you should know about the Virgo spirit animal and its meaning!

What does Virgo represent?

Virgos represent the human debut into adulthood. They have passed the starry-eyed phase of Leo and learnt a few lessons in the real world. the world has tainted their intellectual innocence with a few life lessons. So, they have become a little warier. But shouldn't the maiden signify purity? It does. It is their purity that makes them strive for an environment which isn't manipulative. They like all the cards to be laid out. This is what makes them so eager to dole out criticism. They are trying to correct the world in their own way. After all, the fire to make the world a better place is still in them.

The phrase, 'once bitten, twice shy' applies perfectly to Virgos. Having been through life a little bit is an eye-opening experience. So, they become rationalists. They stop believing in all the things they were told about how magical the world is. In fact, they take things a little too far. Which makes them a little hard to please. After all, everyone needs a little bit of magic in their life. It is equally hard to convince them to opinions which are different from their own. Which becomes another roadblock in their relationships with people.

What is the spirit animal for Virgo?

What often goes unnoticed and underappreciated about Virgos is their intellect. And this first spirit animal perfectly captures this problem.

The Fox is the first spirit animal for Virgo. Many of you will not be happy to read this and that is exactly what I was talking about. Fox is known are cunning and selfish animals. And the tales that we have heard since childhood only further these beliefs. What we forget is that foxes live in the jungle. The rules of the jungle are very close to the survival of the fittest. And it is their wit and intelligence that helps them survive. They are analytical and flexible. It takes them a very short amount of time to adjust to changes and new situations.

The next animal that matches the Virgo spirit is the Bear. Bears represent the Virgo tenacity and hard work. They don't usually trouble anyone around them. But if someone gets in the way of their goals, they can devour that person. they are known, minimalists. They believe in simple pleasures in life and material distractions don't mean much to them. But there is a flip side to these beliefs. This often leaves them alone as those around them don't enjoy their company as much. However, most Virgos can overcome their aversion to company and end up making lots of acquaintances. But very few friends.

The next animal, or rather a bird, that speaks to the Virgo spirit is the Tailorbird. Let's start with the key similarity between Tailor birds and Virgos: perfectionism. Anyone who has seen the Tailorbird meticulously working at building its nest knows what I'm talking about. And anyone who has seen Virgos at work will agree that the similarity is striking. Another factor on which they each match is the motivation that makes them work this hard. Tailor birds build their nests to attract females in an attempt to start a family. It is their way of showing their ability to provide. Much like the Virgos who are dedicated to providing for their family.

Which planet is Virgo ruled by?

Every Zodiac sign is represented by Greek gods and Roman gods in mythology. However, some planets that represent Greek and Roman Gods influence the growth and characteristics of the people born under the Zodiac signs they rule.

The planet that rules Virgo is Mercury, the Roman Messenger God whose Greek equivalent is Hermes. Virgos learn to stay abreast with what's latest and make very informed decisions. However, ones these opinions are set, it is very difficult to change them, even when they are proven wrong. It is mercury that rules their intellect and wisdom. Their drive to know more and learn more. it is because they spend so much energy in learning that they become very rigid in their opinions.

Mercury helps them overcome their tendency to stay alone. For someone who loves to stay alone, Virgos are surprisingly social. They will know almost everyone at the office. But would have really few friends. It is Mercury's influence that makes them so good at socialization. Their jovial and cheerful nature makes them such good company. But the reality makes it very difficult for them to make good friends.

What is Virgo's element in astrology?

Virgo is a part of the Earth element group along with Taurus and Capricorn. The element Earth imparts many of its defining characteristics in Virgo. It wouldn't be wrong to say that Virgos are 'grounded' in reality. They don't chase materialistic pleasures. They have ambitious goals. Never think they don't. But these are never materialistic goals. Even if they are it is probably because one of their loved ones is motivating them to. Earth also imparts the strength of character to the Virgos. They have very high morals and rarely compromise with them. They also expect those around them to subscribe to the same standards. Those who don't, never make it to their inner circle.

Earth signs are also very dependable. You might not be their closest friend, yet if you are in need, they will help you out. And along with dependability comes loyalty. Virgos are known to be some of the most loyal people. They rarely cheat on their spouses and the people they do make friends with stay with them till their last breath.


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